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  1. I bought inspiron 15 5000 and it come with a qualcomm qca61x4a 802.11ac wifi adapter. I have uninstalled the smartbyte app and it had made a surprising difference. Still im facing issues when i turn on my laptop the there is no wifi. I have to restart it again to get it working. Then it works just fine. Im on windows 11 with latest wifi drivers and i faced the same issue with windows 10.
  2. I was hoping to upgrade to win 11. But i have TPM2.0 missing. i have checked my bios of Colorful A320 M.2 Pro motherboard. There is no option to enable TPM. What should i do?
  3. no i had the product key for windows 10. I never used windows 7 as i built my system this year
  4. I cant activate my windows. My windows was working just fine but a month ago a message appeared in the settings . 'ACTIVATE WINDOWS' and it should a code' 0x80070002' .along with this it also says connect with your internet( My internet is connected and working fine). I have even tried a different Key which belonged to my friend but it keeps on displaying me that code. What should i do?
  5. How can i delete IDM completely. i downloaded a cracked version of IDM recently. It was working fine until i accidently pressed the option to update the idm. Then IDM satrted to ask for registration. I tried to uninstall it by all ways. -Going in safe mode -going in control panel -by choosing the uninstall folder in the idm folders -by deleting its registry in REGEDIST
  6. it wont even show up in playstore. Even if u find it there it'll say 'This app is not compatible with your phone'
  7. Any good sites from i can download Netflix for my s9.? I have tried many sites and even shareit but i have failed to download something stable.