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  1. No, actually the pc is not fine. I used my ssd with windows, that still works, I use it everyday. With it plugged in, it doesn't boot either. Like I said, it bootloops. And I don't even get into accessing the bios.
  2. Now, here's the deal. I've got a MB and a CPU, and don't know which one of em is broken, cuz when I tried to boot, only the fans started spinning but nothing else happened. A while ago, I accidentally ripped the cpu out of the socket (pga, amd a10 7860k) no pins were bent or broke. So I thought it would be fine. I got an other used motherboard and now I got a screen, which only said the name of the bios. it seemed like it tried to boot, but then it got in a bootloop. Now I got an internal speaker, and it said a short beep, indicating, that everything's fine. Now I have literally no idea what's going on. The MB: Gigabyte F2a88x-d3h I already tried clearing the cmos, but it didn't help. The rest of the components of the pc work perfect. Any help?
  3. BTW, here's the image, I see during the bootloop for a few seconds
  4. I could reinstall it, if I could get to the bios or boot options, it even bootloops without ram, drive and only with cpu and mb
  5. What I meant is, that windows on the drive works, but not with that MB, cause of the bootloop
  6. Uhm, it is. But I still have a pretty old system, which can't even run office fine
  7. Oops, accidentally made this the best answer. But what do you mean with the OS? Windows or the bios on the MB? Cause windows still works fine. Ure kinda confusing me tbh
  8. Also, I could send u a video in a few hours, it's 1 am here in Germany, so I can't do it now, cuz my parents are asleep. If u want one, I would record one on like 10 hours
  9. Sorry, if I got it wrong, but u mean, to boot it from another setup, right? If so. Yes, I can. I actually just used that ssd yesterday. And a lil question: I saw a video on someone, who shorted out the first bios and he had the same problems, but after the shorting, he was able to use the MB again, he said its risky, but is it something, to give an opportunity?
  10. I said the wrong name of the MB, sorry, it's actually the ga-f2a88x-dh3
  11. I noticed, yea. I tried the thing with the power button as well. I'm just so angry at this whole situation. I'm just 15 here in Germany. And it's hard for me to earn money. Jobs are not available for 15 Yo most of the time, that begins with the age of 16. I just wanted to play some esport games again, after the first MB broke and I saved up like 30bucks in 2 months and bought a used MB. It's so stressing, this whole situation.
  12. It's the old amd a10 7860k apu and the gigabyte a88x v-lx, I think
  13. It's the old amd a10 7860k apu and the gigabyte a88x v-lx, I think
  14. Yup. That's it. I think it should be a problem with the MB, I bought it used on a platform in Germany called "eBay Kleinanzeigen" where u can see the trustworthness of a person, and he had it on 100 percent. The thing is, I bought it because the one before didn't work. Either that or the cpu, but now the cpu doesn't seem to fail, I disconnected everything except the mobo and the cpu, still the same bootloop. In the internet I don't find any solutions. I'm not sure if it still can be a cpu problem, but it's more likely not to be.
  15. Now I did both with no success, I removed the battery an hour ago, to be sure