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  1. Didnt wanna lift the pc while it's on, but I felt the airflow under it so pretty sure it was spinning And update: After gaming for 1 hour followed by downloading for another hour, it didn't turn off with the window open. Could've tested it for longer, but Its 1 am here in Germany and I need sleep
  2. While I touch the cpu, it feels the same to the psu
  3. Now, I switched the old amd e350 with a kinda newer a6 5400k, 8gigs of ddr3 ram and the fm2a75 pro4-m motherboard. Now the pc suddenly turns off at either being on for long or just some gaming for 1-2hours. It's pretty hot after it turns off. The cpu is at 50 degrees celsius, so it won't be the cpu which overheats, there is no graphic card installed, but the Psu (Aka the Corsair Vs350) is kinda hot, would say its like 50-60 degrees. I think the Psu is overheating, what do u think? I'd like to get every information, u know. PC MB: Fm2a75 Pro4-M CPU: AMD A6 5400K Not OC an
  4. Should I try installing the MB drivers without a complete os reinstallation? Don't think I'll trust myself reinstalling windows complete all over
  5. I don't think that's the issue, it worked fine, I'm using the latest version of windows 10 activated. It only got problems after the hardware change. I changed the MB with cpu one time without issues. But that was when I didn't have that new wlan stick
  6. Thing is, i don't have the key. I'm using windows activated yea. But I don't have the key anymore. Cause i lost it. I installed windows like 7 years ago on that ssd
  7. I don't think it's necessary, the wifi adapter works fine on a different system. I tried another wifi adapter, which doesn't work either. But that one works with the other system as well. It must be a problem with some other component.
  8. I am using a wifi USB adapter, ive got another pc on which the adapter works, and another adapter that doesn't work either on the told pc. The link speed is at 100mbps but I don't know the signal strength The ssd wasn't changed, so the driver must've been already installed. On the previous build it could run. I installed the driver again, with no luck or sign of success.
  9. I'm using the same as before, yea. If u meant it that way, I tried 5ghz and 2.4 both are the same
  10. I switched my MB/CPU/RAM in my pc and since then my download rate with my wlan connection (Lan not possible here) went down to 0.4 mbps, it was at 80 before. Anybody know what's going on?
  11. No, actually the pc is not fine. I used my ssd with windows, that still works, I use it everyday. With it plugged in, it doesn't boot either. Like I said, it bootloops. And I don't even get into accessing the bios.
  12. Now, here's the deal. I've got a MB and a CPU, and don't know which one of em is broken, cuz when I tried to boot, only the fans started spinning but nothing else happened. A while ago, I accidentally ripped the cpu out of the socket (pga, amd a10 7860k) no pins were bent or broke. So I thought it would be fine. I got an other used motherboard and now I got a screen, which only said the name of the bios. it seemed like it tried to boot, but then it got in a bootloop. Now I got an internal speaker, and it said a short beep, indicating, that everything's fine. Now I have literally no idea what's
  13. BTW, here's the image, I see during the bootloop for a few seconds