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  1. CPU will not change much things on power supply demand. Don't worry about it. Afterall it's basically the same CPU that you already have, but 8 threads instead 4 threads. Which is enough to massively improve frames and GPU usage on every modern game. About CPU, i7 880 is the best you can have on this motherboard indeed. But any i7 Lynfield would help a lot. Don't worry to much to buy the best, the difference is only few Mhz on the base clock. i7 760 have only 0.2Ghz less. It doenst make any real difference.
  2. Well, for sure thats a problem. What about CPU and GPU temps??? GPU probably low since GPU usage is low. Have you already install AMD Ryzen Chipset Drivers? Try to update BIOS too, usually it helps a lot Zen2 CPU. Lot of improvements.
  3. i5 7500 represents a massive bottleneck in any AAA modern game for anything better than RX570/1650 Super. So I can't recommend to buy anything better than these cards or it would be only money wasted in most games at 1080p or 1440p. 4k is completely different story. Take a time to plan upgrade. Maybe with $700 you can buy a GTX1660 Super and upgrade platform to Zen 2 architetury (maybe Ryzen 3600 or if you cant afford it, Ryzen 3100). You will have MUCH MORE frames and better performance than i5 7500+5700XT in any modern games that really matters. I read that you have a 1920X. Like people have said, sell it and move to modern CPUs.
  4. 100% CPU usage? Task Manager is not a reliable source of data. Use MSI Afterburner. Anyway, 100% CPU usage on 9700k is not expected at 1080p.
  5. Sorry, SO (sistema opreacional) means OS (Operational System) in portuguese. Do you use some reshade or these image filters from nVidia? Fast Sync was not to solve the issue, it's just a feature that can make you play above 144FPS on 144Hz without tearing.
  6. You can always rely to nVidia Fast Sync to go further than refresh rate. So it's not impossible and it's a very valuable tip to have a better performance since every FPS count on these games. Anyway, a new mobo shouldnt help you, but who knows, right? Maybe it's a faulty one. But it could also be SO, drivers, HDD, memory and even PSU. How much frames do you have on Apex@1080p? Very low or low??Sadly this video is capped, but surely you should easily could keep 144FPS all the time with your system.
  7. Basically same performance according to Techpowerup (that actually made tests, it's not a synthetic result). I would buy Vega 56 not because it's a little more faster, but mainly because Windforce models are terrible and suffers a lot with thermal throttling. It's a nightmare. If you can find another 1070 model and cheaper like you found this Windforce, maybe it worth the money saved. https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/radeon-rx-vega-56.c2993
  8. 150~200FPS is expected, some drops here and there which is expected for Apex. CPU usage means nothing about CPU bottlenecing GPU. See FX8xxx series. Huge bottleneck on modern VGA, most of games at 50% to 75% CPU usage. I don't think you should change AMD for Intel. Very close performance, only 10% of difference between them on games. Lets find whats happening before change the hardware. It's expected 150~200FPS at 1080p@Very Low. That the FPS you're getting right now? Do you have two memory modules or jut one 16GB size??
  9. 3770 is a very old CPU and it lacks some modern instructions that are used on new modern engines and have very low IPC standards too. So you will need to upgrade platform to have better frames on Fortnite and increase the GPU usage. Not only Fortnite, but other modern AAA games too. 3770 is just very very very weak for 1080p gaming on GTX2070 Super. 3770 can't even handle with some old midranges on modern games at 1080p. Overclock will not improve much. Overclocking memory speed, otherwise, can help you more. I had a i5 2500k@4.6Ghz for too long to notice that memory speed running at 2133Mhz + stock i5 was much better than 2500k@4.6Ghz + 1600Mhz on memories. Both help, but memory speed helps much more. Anyway, OC or memory speed will help, but you will need to upgrade it anyway.
  10. Reading again, what you mean when you say high fps usage. 100% CPU usage or 100% GPU usage? Or high fps?
  11. You can upgrade it to a i7 870 if you dont want to buy a motherboard and it's enough to keep GTX970 at 100% GPU usage most of the time even on modern games. If you're not sure about it, a Core i7 2600 or Core i7 3770 would do the same. If you want a new system, Ryzen 3100 or 2400G would do the job, same for Core i3 9100F. Forget about these bottleneck calculatores. It just doesnt work. It's a generic recommendation that most of the time it's just wrong.
  12. You have a very balanced system. FX8350 is perfect for GTX1050TI and vice versa. But sadly GTX1050TI is the maximum that FX8350 can handle without some noticeable and annoying bottleneck. Of course frames would be better in some parts of the games, but in general the overall performance wouldnt improve that much on many modern games. Not every modern games, but the games that really matters like Valorant, Warzone, Breakpoint, The Division 2, etc. I wont recommend any VGA upgrade. You need to upgrade both, CPU - motherboard and memories too, off course - and VGA to have better frames. It would be irresponsible recommend any VGA to you. I don't do that with my clients and I wouldn't do it here either.
  13. I think he was talking about PS4 Pro that, in fact, have better performance than your system due to 1050TI limitations. Afterall, it's a downclocked RX480 GPU on PS4 Pro, which performs in something between 1050TI and 1650.
  14. Wow, really exotic system. Love it! But sadly on AAA modern games (Warzone, Breakpoint, Odyssey, Valorant, Fortnite, Red Dead Redemption 2, etc), buying anything better than GTX1660 Super or 1660TI you will have some noticeable bottleneck here and there, wasting GPU potential. So if you're not planning upgrading the system to a modern platform (new Intel or AMD) in any moment of the next years, my advice is to buy something like 5600XT, GTX1660 Super or 1660TI. More than that without any upgrade would be just waste of money since 3820 would bottleneck it anyway. With these VGAs, you will be able to play anything at 1080p@High@60FPS (depending on game much more than 60FPS). If you're planning to move to something new like Ryzen or new Intel, go and buy the best you can with 500$.
  15. The difference between them is something about 15~20%. It's a good upgrade. But If I was you, I was looking for GTX1650 Super. It's 40~50% better than 1050TI and a proper upgrade for it.