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    Physics, comics, sci-fi, fantasy, gaming.
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    Father of two and physics student.
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    Sales and Tutoring


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    Ryzen 2700x
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    ASUS ROG X370 Crosshair VI Hero
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    GTX 1070
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    Corsair Air 540
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    Samsung 960 NVMe M.2 SSD, 2 TB WD Black HDD, 3TB WD Green HDD
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    EVGA G3 850 watt
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    Wraith Prism Cooler
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    Corsair K95 Platinum
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    Logitech 5.1
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    Windows 10

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  1. I'd much rather prefer a large heatpipe. I'd understand if that was the case for the higher end boards. But from low to high, they almost all use shitty fans.
  2. If there isn't a date and it's not compatible, I don't think it's an options for something to use nowish.
  3. So if I don't have a pcie gen 4 device in use, it probably won't turn on?
  4. I wouldn't want to go that far. Just software so it'll turn on when it gets way too hot, should it
  5. I am curious. I am still on the hunt for a motherboard and I had been avoiding x570 due to the fan. However I realize it's probably the best choice, seeing as I already have a 2700x and want to upgrade to 4th gen ryzen when it comes out. The alternative would be going b550, grabbing a 3600 and flipping my 2700x. However that's more hassle and will probably make the performance gain of a 4600 less appealing going from a 3600 to 4600 instead of a 2700x to 4600. I just really dislike having a small fan in my system. Hoping it can be turned off or curve changed to such a degree that i
  6. I remember being very interested in this board back when x470 launched. My current x370 board is trashed. Thinking about going with that since one at a decent price became across my attention. There isn't a lot of info on it post launch, so wondering if anyone here has any opinions on it?
  7. I havne't tried to OC Ryzen. I've seen it removes the single core boost too much. I've heard OCing intel is easy, as it just changes the multiplier. Maybe I'm wrong on this. I just figured if I get Ryzen, I shouldn't OC and if I get Intel, I should OC.
  8. I'm looking at this: https://www.gamersnexus.net/hwreviews/3489-amd-ryzen-5-3600-cpu-review-benchmarks-vs-intel I imagine an overclock would put the 8700k much higher.
  9. The R5 3600 is on par with the i7-8700k? I thought the 8700k at stock was still beating all of Ryzen in gaming?
  10. Help me understand this, please. For the z390, I can upgrade to a 9900k in the future, if I want more performance and more cores. So I have an upgrade path. Also, the 3600 would just be upgraded to a 4600. Then after that maybe a 5600 if its supported and probably anything beyond that won't be supported. But unless the 4600 or 5600 surpasses the performance of the 8700k or 9900k, it doesn't wouldn't matter about the age, just performance. In any situation, I am locking myself to a platform. How is it being alive or dead an issue if performance is what matter
  11. Oh. I thought those used lanes to communicate with the cpu. Thank you. Another question, if you all don't mind. Due to price, I was about to grab the 3600 with that gigabyte board, but I found a deal for an i7-8700k with a z390 Taichi board. It would be about the same price as the 3600 cpu and board. I imagine I could get that to 5ghz, having better gaming performance than the 3600, even if I eventually grab a 2080, 3060 or 3070 in the future. But not sure. Was hoping to get opinions on that board, cpu and price.
  12. Know anything about the EVGA z490 ftw? I am a fan of how easy their rma process is (dealt with a GPU and PSU). That and several connectors that are normally straight, are right angle on that board. Connectors that I've always said should be right angle like front I/o.