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  1. @kodan - thanks for your input, maybe I will do that later this year. @Stahlmann - I currently have a Arctic A30 mounted on my ryzen 5 3600, would that qualify for max air cooling? Also I think spending money on a watercooling defeats the purpose of having a bang4buck cpu since instead spending it on a bigger cpu gives more then ocing the small ones.
  2. that fan runs at 1500 rpm at Idle - basically the power is only needed if the PC heats up which currently only cpu benchmarks do.
  3. So I salvaged some 120MM Fans from a older workstation/server and finally took my time to get them running on my testbench. This fan does 5000 RPM @ 12V/3.3A (thats the reason for the molex connector) and feels like its lifting off if its by itself. I have 2 of those and a different one with less RPM currently attached to my cpu cooler. So any suggestions what to use these for? Currently im either thinking of either doing a airduct for the cpu cooler which just blasts the air for maximum air cooling (maybe I'll increase my OC with that) or trying to get a cheap watercooling and slap the fans onto that.
  4. Everytime we get used laptops I test them for thermal throttling, if yes I slam some arctic MX2 onto it. Mostly the thermal paste is all dried up. PS: thats a thinkpad, there are official manuals from lenovo: https://download.lenovo.com/ibmdl/pub/pc/pccbbs/mobiles_pdf/63y0536.pdf
  5. sometimes you really get old original stuff...
  6. Hi there, short note, but it appears the USD and CAD Ram Price in the Video is flipped therefor messing up the calculation and Linus saying its below 600 bucks is correct. (You had one job! - btw you could do a sanity check on ur values there by checking if the summed up price equals the currency change.) Also I bet you can dump the price even lower if you don't spend more then 20 bucks on a case (seriusly, anthony did so in the super budget build) and pick up a used gpu - gpus tend to loose 50% value within 2 years. Basically do a scrapyard video next time where you get max bang but you have to spend like at least 200 or 300 dollars.