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  1. I have a laptop from 2010 that has its ssd from 2010. I am going to replace it with a new ssd. Since my old ssd is sata 2 (3gbps), and the motherboard also supports olny sata 2 (3gbps). Will the sata 3 ssd increase my laptop performance?
  2. Cool, my current ssd uses 60mw when idle. 0.06 W. So will the new one make my battery way less, or just a little bit? My laptop has 80 Watt hours
  3. It says it uses 1W of power when idle. Will my laptop battery be reduced?
  4. I have an intel D3-S4510 datacenter SSD that has more storage than my current SSD. I know it works when I put it in my laptop but will there be any problems if I trade it for my boot drive? My laptop is thinkpad T510 with a 3GBps sata.
  5. What are your specs? And how much free space do you have. When it is acting up, tell me what %memory is used, CPU%, disk write% and cpu speed. Those should be avalable in task manager.
  6. I am using a minnowboard turbot (kind of like a raspberry pi, except its x86_64) When I boot it, the led connected to the gpio pins is normal brightness. After i create the gpio pin by typing echo [pin number] >/sys/class/gpio/export it turns off. This is normal. After I change it to out and changing "value" to 1 by using echo 1 >/sys/class/gpio/gpio[pin-number]/value Then the led is very dim thus representing a lower voltage. I am using ubuntu 20.04. I did the same thing in a previous os (Linux mint), and everything worked as expected. How can i make
  7. In videos comparing the cpu temperature under load of different thermal pastes, cpu's,etc, Linus uses a software that graphs the temperature over time. What is that software, and where can i get it. If it is not free, is there something similar that is free?
  8. I have an old laptop that i want to reapply thermal paste to. What is better, Arctic mx 2 or 4? I have never applied thermal paste before, so i want whatever one will have a less chance of breaking my system. Are the other thermal pastes i should use?
  9. billhelm

    WINDOWS 10

    Windows activator programs are usually viruses
  10. billhelm

    WINDOWS 10

    Most of the customization can be done with command line. I think that if you right click on a photo on unactivated windows, there should be an option that says set as desktop icon.
  11. I have a Thinkpad T510, and the speakers do not work most of the time. Sometimes they do work, and most of the time, they don't. Headphones do work however. As the photo shows, the computer does not think that the headphones are plugged in. I tried reinstalling the driver, and windows troubleshooting, but those did not work.
  12. Im guessing that either DHCP wasnt working on your router, or somone else had the same ip as you. Im glad it worked!