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  1. I am in the market for an ups that can handle inrush current so that my mcb won't trip when i first turn on my psu. My mcb is 6 A with type C cable on a 230 volt circuit. According to pcpartpicker, my pc consumes 625 watt. However I am planning to buy a 3080ti and a wacom cintiq in the future.That's why i am looking at 850 watt -1000 watt psu. Please recommend me the best psu for my particular purpose.
  2. Hp gk520 has lightning zones and and really good for typing.
  3. If you are worried about getting kicked out, I think you should read redbubble's policy on dealing with copyright violations. Some pointers -Does redbubble issue a permanent ban after a grave violation. -Does redbubble have a three strikes policy -Does it has a strike removal policy similar to youtube.
  4. Personally i dont think it's stupid because people can accidentally cause fire.
  5. I highly doubt that a website/ software that can do such verification would be free. I think reading about your country's copyright law will be a good idea.
  6. I found that My circuit breaker is only 6 amp. 230volt 5(60) a, 50 hz. I have done a mini research on tom's hardware and techpowerup and found that 750w 850 w psus from seasonic and corsair have high inrush current on 230 volt. They have inrush current that are between 61-75 amp on 230 volt. Will my circuit breaker trip?
  7. When does psu usually fill its bulk caps? What triggers moment of high ampere load. Be quiet straight power 11 platinum 750 watt draws the same amount of ac input as the 850 watt version.
  8. Ryzen 9 3950 x( already bought) and probably msi gaming x trio. Msi listed x trio power consumption at 260 watt although pcpartpicker listed 300 watt. I am planning to upgrade to 3080ti next year, so my gpu's power consumption will probably be around 300-350 watt.
  9. After a check, turns out it's 1300 watt. My apartement uses 230 v, 5(60) a, 50 hz. I assume it was 900 watt because my breaker always tripped when my cooker and old air conditioner were on at the same time.
  10. Can a 1000/1200 watt psu be used when electric meter can only 900 watt? As fas I know, psu only draw power as much as the computer needs
  11. Thanks for the replies, I will test the rams, hopefully the are not damaged. Here is the pic
  12. I ordered a 4 modules corsair vengeance pro rgb from amazon, and it arrived in a damaged box. is there still any hope for my ram? i know Amazon has a warranty that cover packages that arrived in a damaged box, but should i open the box ? Will it void the wmazon warranty?