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  1. Most of the time booting up is no issue, but sometimes when i boot i'll get a VGA light on mobo, but no display. Usually restarting PC once does the trick to fix it and no problems from there, but the recent time it happened, i had to hit restart twice and now i'm worried. I'll know i'll get a VGA light/no post when i first boot on PC and MOBO LED light is on yellow (RAM) and the light on the GPU itself wont turn on past that point. When it doesnt turn on, it goes past red (CPU) and gets stuck on white (VGA). SOMETIMES if i wait a little bit, it seems to to go back to yellow (RAM) and GPU light will turn on and everything will post normally. I'm using a displayport cable and i can't confirm this, but i suspect it has something to do with that. I don't seem to have this issue with HDMI cables, but again, i can't confirm that since i've only used an HDMI cable briefly with this build. Is this a BIOS issue? Im on version 1405 ASUS X570 TUF gaming WIFI Plus RTX 2070 Super Ryzen 3700x Corsair 3600 LPX Vengence Corsair CXM750w
  2. Hmm, I do need to update BIOS.. Idk if this helps, but my gpu usually turns on when mobo code light is yellow (DRAM). Sometimes it gets stuck in yellow and doesn't post/ When it doesn't and i still don't get a display, it goes past yellow (DRAM), past red (CPU) and gets stuck on white (VGA). Computer appears to boot up normally past that, minus display.
  3. Sometimes when I turn on my computer, the gpu will look like its off but everything else is on. I know it's posting and booting up windows, i just have no display, vga light on mobo and the "gefore rtx" light on gpu will be off. It's fixed with a simple reset. Something to worry about? PC works fine otherwise. RTX 2070 Super Ryzen 3700x ASUS x570 TUF gaming wifi
  4. i THINK this happened to me twice, for sure just now when turning on PC before typing this up, but is it possible for a monitor turned off to cause your GPU not to turn on and getting VGA light on mobo? I'm using a display port cable. RTX 2070 Super ASUS TUF GAMNIG X570 Wifi ASUS VG24 something monitor lol
  5. Hello, i'm having an issue where i'll get a random no post when I boot up with the MOBO stuck on the VGA light. Usually a restart or two will do the trick, but it is a little concerning. It appears the the MOBO error code light is stuck on yellow DRAM light before stopping on VGA. This only happened twice after multiple times turning PC in the past couple days and problem only started to happen once I applied new thermal paste to CPU. DOCP is on. I just go this MOBO to fix a previous issue I've had with XMP and Ram not being compatible, kind of the same symptoms except BIOS will keep my RAM speed at 3600 this time instead of reverting it back to 2133. Help? PC runs fine otherwise, so i'm not sure how worried I should be. ASUS X570 Tuf Gaming WIFI Plus Ryzen 3700x RTX 2070 Super Corsair LPX Vengeance 3600 RAM Corsair CXM 750w
  6. I’ll try that, since pushing in the cables seems to fix it before when I had this issue after installing SSD
  7. So not a hardware issue? I’ve had this PC built for a month and smooth boots for first two weeks, until I installed my SSD. Seems like after that I’ve been getting this problem. It also seems to be mostly happening when I first turn the PC on after it’s been off for awhile. I’ll try resetting cmos and see if that helps. Also the CPU will spin really fast and loud for about 30 seconds before the GPU turns on, if it gets past VGA error.
  8. Hello, it seems like a 50/50 chance ill turn on my PC and have my GPU not turn on and VGA light on mobo on. One simple reset seems to fix the problem...but I don't want to have to do that everytime i turn on PC. I cant take GPU out of PCIe slot for some reason either, since clamp is stuck and wont push down. I tried reconnecting power cables, seems to help sometimes, but not always like right now. No artifacts or performance issues with card, but this weird boots are really worrying me...GPU or Mobo? Aorus B450 M RTX 2070 Super CXM750w Corsair LPX Vengence 3600 RAM
  9. So I can't really explain it well, but sometimes when I boot up my computer, CPU fan will spin loud for awhile and sometimes sound like it's resetting itself? Meanwhile no light in GPU and mobo error code looks like its stuck on VGA when that happens until it will eventually turn on and continue to OS. Seems to be more prone when cold booting PC or when GPU gets moved slighting in case (IE putting DP cable in). I'm worried it's maybe the PCIe connector on GPU or slot on mobo itself? Why else would it do that, right? Seems to be fixed when i reaffirm GPU is mounted and cables connected firmly, but i can't be sure since i think it happens even if nothing is touched on PC. Ryzen 3700x CPU RTX 2070 Super FE GPU Aorus B450 M Motherboard
  10. So no display was fixed, just normal issues with Display Ports and new GPUs i guess lol, but game is still lower frames. I guess i'm going to do a factory reset and see if it's maybe an update or something I don't know I downloaded thats causing the loss of performance for that particular game. It's really weird.
  11. No API, it’s a single player game. I’ve searched everywhere for a potential bug for that particular game that could cause FPS to drop so much....but nothing remotely close. Only thing else to concluded is faulty or dying hardware, right? now I have no display at all, but no VGA light on Mobo.
  12. So DDUing didn’t work. I’ve only tried it out with CoD Warzone and Insurgency and they seem to be running fine/normal.
  13. Hey, going to DDU it right now. Other games i THINK they run fine? COD Warzone runs the same and same with Insurgency, but I can't tell if GTA 5 is running as well as it should has SLIGHT frame drops in certain areas I believe it shouldn't be (graphic on max). I tested Battlefield 5 and it's really choppy at Ultra RTX on, when i fell like it shouldn't be since thats kind of the whole thing about RTX 2070 Super, being able to handle a game like BF5 on ultra settings above 60 fps. Ill let u you know how DDUing goes
  14. Sorry, I know this is long, but more detailed information is better, right? About three weeks ago i've built this rig and it runs pretty damn smooth, until about a week ago. Nothing really major, but whenever i turned on my pc, the cpu fan would spin loud with VGA light on mobo, no display and the "Gefore RTX" light would be off for about 7-15 seconds before turning on. Past that everything ran smoothly, but I didn't remember my GPU light not coming on when i booted everything up right away, so I figured maybe it had something to do with the connection cables since that was an issue before (not having them plugged in all the all or enough). I made sure i had all the power cables connected properly again and booted it up again and while the GPU light wouldnt turn on right away, it was much more faster and consistent, so i decided that was okay and to not stress, especially since game performance was the same too. So now, out of nowhere, my FPS is getting cut in half. Playing Warhammer 2 benchmarks onUltra gave me a 120 average FPS, now its at 65. It runs smoothly, temps are okay, but the FPS is much lower than it used to and I didn't do any changes to it. Yes, Vsync is off too. I put the in game FPS tracker in steam after i messed with the GPU cables and FPS was high then still, but not now. I've tried other games, but I can't say for sure if they've taken a hit too since I did had Vsyinc on with those, except for Warzone which i believe didn't take a hit at all. I've unistalled and Warhammer 2 and reinstalling it now to see if maybe that can fix anything, but I doubt it. Is there anything I should be worried about? GPU bad? Mobo? CPU? Temps are fine across the board, i recently installed Corsair LL120 RBG fans... maybe too much stuff for my micro atx mobo? Only chance i've made in BIOS recently was setting fan speed. Please help, I spent so much on this PC to not be stressed out this hard from it lol Specs: RTX 2070 Super FE Ryzen 3700x Aorus B450 m mobo Corsair 8 gig x2 LPX Vengence 3600 EVO 860 Samsung 500 Gig SSD Inland NVME M.2 250 gig Corsair CXM750 PSU