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  1. Okay. Pretty sure at this point my motherboard is dead. I've tried just about everything, but I figure I'll list what I tried below just incase someone else has the same issue. I tried: Reseating the RAM Reseating the GPU Reseating the CPU Reconnecting the VGA power cable (plus moving its psu slot) Removing the CMOS battery and resetting the cmos by bridging the pins while there was no power connected to the system at all. Trying a different PCIE slot Trying an older GPU If anyone has any other ideas let me know
  2. Yea in general, a pea or a pea and a half sized amount is good.
  3. Short answer is yes. It can bottleneck both depending on the mobo
  4. You can pick up relatively cheap fan coolers and some good thermal. Compound for 50 euro (or local equivalent) noctua are good if you don't mind that god awful color. And any decent thermal paste is better than stock/bulk applied paste. Also when you end up changing the cooler. Double check the amount of past you use. Too much damages heat spread
  5. I did, I disconnected the psu from the wall socket, set the power switch to off, pulled the cmos battery, then left the entire system alone for 10-15 minutes.
  6. I didn't. I assumed leaving the cmos battery out for a while would have reset the settings
  7. Clearing the cmos isn't something I've ever done but have heard of. Do I just remove the cmos battery?
  8. @skiiwee29 I can't access bios. I can't even post because there's no onboard graphics and I need to access the gpu for its video output
  9. So far I've tried: Reseating the ram. Reseating the gpu Reseating the vga power cables to the card Moving the gpu to a different pcie slot Trying my old gpu (gtx 1060) in both pcie slots And also testing both hdmi and dp to see if it can get to post Removing the cmos battery and leaving it disconnected for 30 seconds
  10. Hey so first time posting here but I'm out of ideas. My system specs are : Mobo: Asus Tuf x570 plus Cpu: ryzen 9 3900x Gpu: MSI rtx2080 super RAM: GSkill ripjaws v 3200 Psu: evga 850 platinum 1 nvme (boot drive) , and 3 Samsung ssds separate drive running raid 0 So recently I got myself an upgrade to the system above. And at the time when I put it together I had an issue where the VGA light on the motherboard came on and I had no video output from either the dp or HDMI ports on the card. I did some troubleshooting then and it ended up that a simple reseat