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Conor Keating

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    Boston, MA
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    Student/Aspiring Freelance IT Tech


  • CPU
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    MSI X570-A Pro
  • RAM
    2x16GB CL18
  • GPU
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    Cooler Master HAF XB EVO
  • Storage
    1TB Gen4 NVMe (Corsair MP600) + 2TB WD Spinning rust internal (Black RE2) + 1TB WD Spinning rust external
  • PSU
    750W Silverstone (~10 years old)
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    Dell 1907FP & Acer S220HQL
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    Logitech MX Master 2

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  1. Man I knew I wasn't gonna be in the lead but man I was hoping for being more than barely being above the 99th percentile point-wise lol
  2. I actually wouldn't mind having to rent my modem if it meant that Comcrap owned up to taking responsibility/ownership of the screwy firmware on it. (also, actually renting just the modem, not modem+router+AP AIO) I meant I hadn't bothered to look 'cause of the privacy and other concerns mentioned at the beginning of the video.
  3. Ah well, that's about what I figured.
  4. The way I see it it's less than a $10/mo subscription would be for 2 years, and it's your own hardware for the foreseeable future (Edit: I should mention I've never considered using Ring so I have no idea what their rates are)
  5. While there's a dedicated thread for open source equivalents of proprietary programs there's no real FOSS hub for the LTT community as far as I can tell, would be nice to see a subforum section wherever you think would fit best, whether programs and software/maybe a dedicated Linux section in the OS section, I dunno. (or with how Linus was complaining about Discord last night on WAN show, perhaps an LTT Matrix server is in order )
  6. Some things I'd love to see: Vivaldi (the browser) on LTT or Short Circuit Matrix/Element as an open source (& optionally self hosted) alternative to Discord & IRC I'd even enjoy seeing a FOSS series or spin off channel/podcast 1usmus's Ryzen Clock Tuner 1.0 release video
  7. OK, so I'm trying to set up my Google Domains records so that *.ddns.mydomain is privately resolvable inside my network and publicly to the A record associated with the bare ddns.mydomain FQDN set up with Google Domain's DDNS synthetic records. In theory, all I should need to do is create an appropriately formated CNAME record for the * subdomain right? 'cause I've done that and I can't get it to resolve from querying the Google Domains nameservers. Fixed: had to have the CNAME for *.ddns to point to ddns.mydomain
  8. Right, but again, I was querying Google Domains' nameservers directly, where the update was made directly with them is what I'm trying to get at.
  9. That's what I thought (re: the 48h timetable being to propagate through the whole DNS infrastructure). Still though, even when I've pointed drill at the IPs of the Google Domains nameservers, drill hostname.ddns.mydomain doesn't return either a CNAME record for the subdomain or the A/AAAA records for ddns.mydomain. Edit: So as a workaround I've changed wordpress's config to use ddns.mydomain instead of hostname.ddns.mydomain and I'm able to load the demo site outside of my own network.
  10. So I just earlier tried adding a CNAME record or two ({*,hostname}.ddns.mydomain -> ddns.mydomain) to my Google Domain, and when I saved the GD page said "Up to 48h to take effect". Is it typically that long of a wait for that info to be up on ns-cloud-c<number>.google.com , or is it (hopefully) less?
  11. Yeah, now that you mention it I think there might be enough room to toss a couple SSDs in there and populate all of the SATA ports on my motherboard.
  12. I will be populating the 5.25" bays too though they're currently empty. Gonna do a Blu-Ray burner and a card reader I think.
  13. Well I intend to keep the front sleds open just in case I need to transfer data to/from other drives for file recovery among other things (sneakernet/station-wagon-full-of-tapes-hurtling-down-the-highway transfers, someday getting a proper NAS setup rather than my 1TB WD USB3 drive with the weirdo double wide micro-b connector hooked up to my Pi4). I don't exactly have money to burn so I'm not looking for the absolute most storage I could possibly fit in there/the fastest money could buy, just trying to figure out what would make sense as an upgrade path.
  14. So while 3TB of storage is nothing to scoff at necessarily, I'm starting to feel a bit constrained by the storage space I currently have in my system, that being: A 1TB Gen4 Corsair MP600 2TB WD Black RE2 2 small SATA SSDs (previously functioned as boot drives for my FX-8350 and my old Eee 1018P) I've got a Cooler Master HAF XB EVO, and while I love having the front drive sleds, I misinterpreted the spec sheet and thought I'd have more drive bays to work with inside the case. Knowing that I can only use the internal bays in either a 2x3.5" or 2x2.5"+1x3.5" (or possibly 4x2.5", though I don't think I have/recieved another bracket for that) configuration, which of those do people here think would work best for a workstation, and with what size drives? I also have another Gen3 NVMe slot on my motherboard that I can populate so as to have at a minimum 2 SSDs.