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  1. Yes, you need to make sure that your case's IO, your motherboard has the connections for your case's IO and for any other things like fans, RGB, etc. Make sure your motherboard has the right number of USB connections, RGB headers, fan headers, and any other things supported by your case that you will use. Remember, 1 usb header supports two usb's on the case's IO if you use a usb splitter, and same for fan headers As far as choosing a case, I really like the Thermaltake V200, and it's just 80 bucks, and a really good case. If you are a bit lenient with your cash, the MSI Gungnir 100 costs 110 on amazon, and is also very very good. Both of them have RGB. I personally don't like RGB because I use my PC as a workstation, but those are great RGB cases for the money. Get the Thermaltake V200, as you want something under 100
  2. Great build, but try to get an at least 800 watt psu for that rtx 2060. Also, what are you using this build for? You may want to consider also getting an HHD for storage of files, and use the SSD for your operating system and programs on your build. Just get a better PSU, corsair is a great brand, but maybe a little more wattage on the PSU, and try to get an HHD and SSD in your system, and download windows and programs on the SSD
  3. Because well, yes, kids break the stuff, and because they want to save money. My school has intel i3 windows 7 pc's for college prep CAD and video editing classes. I use my Ryzen 5 PC at home to do CAD and video editing. Those school pc's are slow, but the school has to get pc's for hundreds of kids, so they try to save money by getting cheaper pc's, and because they use less power too
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    I'm new here, and I want to say hi
  5. Hi, 

    Thanks for liking my reply to your post. It means a lot to me. Thank you so much for liking my reply. It made my day. Stay safe and stay blessed  : )

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      No worries man, stay safe!

  6. For an old core i7, I would say try a gtx 1060, and if you are overclocking, you could go up to gtx 1070, but if you aren't overclocking, use a 1060.
  7. It's perfectly fine to turn off your phone at night. It clears the RAM, cools the CPU, and the phone is disconnected from cell towers and wifi, so there is no danger of radioactivity if you keep your phone near you in bed, and best of all, at least you won't get annoying notifications to disrupt your sleep : )
  8. I have a 1080p monitor. I edit my video on that. Will my videos on Youtube be available in 4k when I export them if I edited on a 1080p monitor?
  9. How should I compare the color accuracy of monitors?
  10. I will use my monitor for video editing and daily office work, like using Microsoft Word and Excel
  11. Which of the following monitors is best Samsung LS24F350FHNXZA LG 24MK600M-B BenQ GW2480 HP VH240a Acer R240HY
  12. Hi. Please rate the track records of each of these monitor brands: Samsung LG BenQ HP Acer Asus Which one is the best for reliability and has the least problems? Which brands are known to have reliability problems?
  13. Can I unplug HHD's from my PC, will it lose it's data? If not, can it keep the data on it forever?
  14. What CPU is good for a storage server with 250tb storage? I will use my server to store my finished videos, but will also use it to transport videos from my camera to PC via thunderbolt 3. I will have 250tb hhd's and 1 500gb m.2 for transport my video projects from my camera to my PC, but I will store my finished edited video on the 250tb hhd's. How is an i5 for this server?