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About KirbyTech

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    Run a SaaS and MSP
  • Birthday August 29

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    computers, technology, boating, firearms


  • CPU
    Intel i7-6800k
  • Motherboard
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    32 GB
  • GPU
    ASUS 1060
  • Case
    Phantrks Enthoo Pro
  • Storage
    250 GB 840 EVO
  • PSU
    EVGA G650
  • Keyboard
    Logitech G710+
  • Mouse
    EVGA Torx
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  1. KirbyTech

    Need a wireless mouse like the EVGA Torq X10

    That looks pretty good, thanks I will take a deeper look into it.
  2. KirbyTech

    Need a wireless mouse like the EVGA Torq X10

    Oh yeah people pay more because it claims to be for gaming. I just need a mouse that works, I could care less about RGB or what ever the trend is.
  3. KirbyTech

    Need a wireless mouse like the EVGA Torq X10

    Damm wasn't expecting it to be that expensive, thought my $125 CAD budget was pretty high already.
  4. I currently have the EVGA TorxX10 mouse and I love it, however I want to get a mouse similar in shape and feel to it that is wireless. I am left handed so please keep that in mind, with that said I also switch my mouse buttons around to the right click is the normal left click. The X10 can store this setting on the mouse and work with any computer like that and I'd love if I could have that in a new mouse. As for budget, I don't want to go above $125 CAD for it as I just want it for on the go.
  5. KirbyTech

    Building a workstation around a laptop

    I ended up with 2 monitors and the laptop screen since my laptop doesn't support any of the 3 monitor docking stations (well out of 6 I tried none allowed more than two) And yes I need 3 monitors even that is a bit low for what I do. I don't game at all and I mostly do work with code as well as system administration. I have a home lab and I also do DevOps work at home so having more monitors is nice.
  6. KirbyTech

    IPMI Help

    That board does not support IPMI so no options for you. Buy a proper server motherboard that supports it. Or even better buy a Dell R710 and use iDRAC
  7. I am looking to get a new laptop and am considering the Asus ZenBook 13 UX331UA which has HDMI and USB-C on it. I currently have 3 monitors that I'd like to be able to use. I also have a keyboard and mouse I would like to hook up. I am looking for the simplest solution to set this all up. I would ideally use 3 monitors but at the least 2 (not including the laptop screen which would be closed when docked). I also would like it so that it is as few cables to connect to dock and un-dock. Suggestions on how I can do this?
  8. I am trying to work with consul 1.3.0 and have ran into an issue where anything I do is met with a error 403 using the API or the consul binary. Suggestions on what to try? I have tried way too many things to list them all here.
  9. KirbyTech

    Looking for a render server

    I am looking to either build or buy a render server. My budget is $750 CAD and that must be rack mounted with rails. I was thinking of getting another Dell R710 to add in and then create a cluster of two of them since I have one not in use right now. I'm not sure how VMware would handle a large VM that has more resources than a single server would have. Well I am not even sure how possible that is. I am sure it is but what license required is scary
  10. KirbyTech

    My pc wont let me use my monitor?

    If you have another connection option test that first. Provided that doesn't work I would look at display settings. Is it just this monitor or another one?
  11. KirbyTech

    Backup FreeNAS Server Build

    You gave almost no details, go back and rewrite the whole post with more details. Exact requirements. VMs range a ton in uses, I have some that are 1 vCPU and 512MB RAM and then some that are 20vCPU and are 128GB of RAM
  12. KirbyTech

    Poor Wi-Fi, now 100% packet loss

    PCI card with external antenna is the way to go, less than $100 also putting in your own SSID would be good. I would say get a Unfi AP Lite and run a 5GHz connection just for yourself.
  13. KirbyTech

    replace 6600k-based Plex server?

    Coverting to a more usable codec is almost always a better solution than throwing money at the problem unless you require certain codecs for different reasons
  14. KirbyTech

    Editing instability while editing of NAS

    Looks like you might want to move to NVMe SSD based or at the least 2 arrays of SATA SSDs. I know you said you don't have the budget for things but maybe you are best off just paying for a server upgrade away from Synology to something like FreeNas or CentOS. just saw you mentioned you found something NVMe compatible locally for cheap, buy it now.
  15. Nginx reverse proxy https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-configure-nginx-as-a-web-server-and-reverse-proxy-for-apache-on-one-ubuntu-18-04-server