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    Intel i7-6800k
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    ASUS 1060
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    Phantrks Enthoo Pro
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    250 GB 840 EVO
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    EVGA G650
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    Logitech G710+
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  1. I currently have a Logitech G710+ that's a bit old and seeing as my work will now be in an office - not remote all the time like it is now - I am looking to buy a new keyboard either for the office or at home. My current switches are MX Brown, I have the 6 G keys though am unable to use them due to Linux not supporting it - at least that my limited research has shown. I'd like a full sized keyboard with full 10 key and all. An included wrist rest would be really nice as well. I don't have a budget exactly however I'd like to keep it on the cheaper side of things since I'll only be using it once or twice a week at most, say maybe $125 CAD if possible but willing to go above if need be. I looked at getting another G710+ but wow they are pricey now compared to the $100 I paid before, I can't justify double that now - CAD.
  2. You can post what ever it is, just have to spend the time to redact the private info.
  3. I have an idea 9 drawer thing full of cables plus a few other things around. I bundle them up and strap them together. Label the drawers and you are good to go.
  4. I am looking for a KVM or switch for USB-C, so I currently have a X1 connected to a ThinkPad docking station and I want to be able to plug in another laptop so I can switch between them. My use case for this is I have a work laptop and personal one. I work from home in the same office as I spend my nights so I'd like to not have to physically switch the USB-C cable. I want something simpler for this where I press a single button and it switches. My cavat that I can't seem to solve is I still want to use my docking station. If I had to put a budget on this it's probably be $250 CAD shipped with a huge prefernece on Amazon over other places (prime :D)
  5. KirbyTech

    Ultra wide

    That one is a bit more than I was hoping I think I will order the one I found. Thanks for the help and comparisons
  6. KirbyTech

    Ultra wide

    For HDR does it not require OS support? I know that I have heard a lot of issues with Ubuntu and HDR. I am using a laptop with a USB C docking station.
  7. KirbyTech

    Ultra wide

    Thanks that one looks pretty much what I was hoping for, I was doubtful I could find a fully adjustable one but was worth the ask. Is this one worth the extra $90 after shipping/taxes? LG 34UM69G-B
  8. KirbyTech

    Ultra wide

    I'm wondering what a good/cheapish ultra-wide of 2560x1080 or better. I don't have an exact budget but I would like cheaper if possible. Requirements: 2560x1080 full motion stand - tilt / swivel / height adjustable DVI or able to handle converted signal from DVI Doesn't matter response time as will never be used for gaming it is productivity only I am in Canada so much be available on a Canadian site. I have no brand preference either but do like the look of some of the Dell regular 16:9 professional ones.
  9. Agree with what the other guy said mostly. I'd say build a NAS, they are not hard to build and you could do a FreeNas install. I currently run a non critical NAS with 4x6TB on FreeNas. I am using a server case but you could use a Fractal Define R something and that would work for your needs. No need to go all out for what you have. My main network storage is about ~90TB across multiple servers in a way more complex and unneeded setup than you have. If you want to a prebuilt NAS go for Synology they rock but as super basic software wise compared to Linux or FreeNas
  10. Recently I have come to hate using my monitor(s) at home how they are to do work (I work from home 3-4 days a week). I do DevOps/SRE work so I am on google lots along with both visual studio code and atom. I have a Samsung SA650 that I still like and would like to put as a secondary monitor. For a new primary, I was thinking 21:9 under $500 CAD. Requirements are at least 1080 and must be fully adjustable and VESA compatible. Also needs to have HDMI as that is the only connector I can use with my docking station. Using adapters seems to cause issues so native HDMI support is needed. I don't game so any gaming features don't matter to me. Based off that what would you suggest?
  11. I am looking to replace my two 16:9 monitors, I am looking for a 2560x1080 monitor that is IPS and has a fully adjustable stand. Must support display port or HDMI. Suggestions? I don't care price just want something that meets what I want and price is not a factor in my choice .
  12. Depends on what you do, some might ask why I need 6TB of RAM in my servers. Everyone has different use cases on things.
  13. KirbyTech


    I am looking for a USB-C KVM that has thunderbolt. I have two laptops that I connect to a USB-C dock with a single cable and I want to have it so that I can press a button and it will switch between them while not having to switch out cables. For price point I really don't care the price as long as it works and is not stupidly expensive like $1000 CAD on that thought it needs to be available in Canada on Amazon or NewEgg would be ideal
  14. Ultra wide.. that's the term I could not figure out. Still any suggestions on models? I know within certain brands series there are decent and shit ones.
  15. I am looking to replace my two aging 1080p panels which one of is fine and the other sucks and always has. I would like to go to a single extra wide model. I don't know what price I should be looking at, I want up/down/left/right and tilt. I also need to power it off a pluggable usb-c dock using HDMI, it says it supports 4k but never got that port to work on either of my two docks. A few other things, I don't care about refresh rate as I do zero gaming I solely do productivity stuff like email, word, web, coding, and API testing. IPS panel is preferred for viewing angles and colors. TN is not an option unless they have improved a ton in the past 3 years. Also a matte finish would be a huge plus but not required. What monitor would be best for me?