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  1. Question about servers 'n stuff

    Just rent storage online like Drop Box,Google Drive, One Drive ect will be much cheaper than building your own. Remember they only make money because of scale, you will not save money by building your own. If you want a fun project go buy a Dell R710 LFF with a H700 RAID controller and put in 6 drives. Set up Next Cloud I think it is, and that should give you what you want but for ~$750
  2. Nginx set default catch all server

    Please post the config file for anyone who happens to search and find this thread. Add it to the OP if you could, others will thank you.
  3. Nginx set default catch all server

    server { listen 80; server_name ""; return 444; } I think what you are missing is the server name needs to be "" not _ far as I can tell that is the only thing you have wrong. Try that and report back, I will look and see what else is out there. I typed that by memory though so google should yield some results.
  4. Nginx set default catch all server

    Okay I missed the 444 part. And those files will tell way more than you are. So you want to return a status code 444 when a user hits any subdomain that you currently don't have?
  5. Nginx set default catch all server

    Okay I am more confused now than before, the only file that should matter right now is /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default FAIK there is no default.conf file unless they changed it in the past week or you are referencing a file in a completely different directory. If your file is not the one I said above, please post the url path and either way show us the whole file. As for SSL certs, you need to run something like certnot with letscrypt or go but a SSL cert. Just using HTTPS doesn't make the site secure.
  6. How to advertise with LMG?

    I wish that was my company, way more profit currently than what I am making.
  7. How to advertise with LMG?

    Sent one over, look forward to hearing back and hopefully doing business with you.
  8. How to advertise with LMG?

    The second email only got sent because I realized that the first one was from my personal email. It was sent maybe 5 minutes after the first. As for waiting, I sent those emails back on January 8th So would have expected an email by now or at least something acknowledgement.
  9. How to advertise with LMG?

    I have tried that email, twice granted the first time was accidentally from my personal email but the second was my business email.
  10. How to advertise with LMG?

    The reason I said it would be good for those with 1 computer is that many here will expand beyond that as well as software licenses are on there too. I know Steam is a big software 'repo' of sorts but there are tons of other things I/we pay for and keeping track of those in a safe place that is off site is great. You see one of the exact points behind this site, to save companies money on lost assets. There are a bunch of other reasons too but that list is long and would take me forever to type up correctly. Haha that boat is not that expensive costs maybe $5k a year for the one in my profile pic. The others cost way more lol The money for the boats don't come from the site linked it comes from my MSP.
  11. How to advertise with LMG?

    I have a company that I would like to advertise to the LMG viewers, I can not find a single email address that they reply to for such inquires. Suggestions on how to contact them professionally? I think the LMG viewers would benefit from my service quite a bit both those with 1 system to those who work at IT companies.
  12. Nginx set default catch all server

    This guide should help you a bit. https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-set-up-nginx-server-blocks-virtual-hosts-on-ubuntu-16-04
  13. Nginx set default catch all server

    I have used Nginx lots before and never seen a server block inside nginx.conf Are you sure that is where your server block is? Should be in one of the sites available As for the links, each to their own. I like my way since I just use my users ~ to put the files I don't need anymore in. I find it much quicker to work with than the links.
  14. Nginx set default catch all server

    Is this in the /etc/nginx/sites-available/default file? If not then have you checked /etc/nginx/sites-enabled to see if the symbolic link is there? You can change I believe it is /etc/nginx/nginx.conf where the line is something like /etc/nginx/sites-enabled change that line to /etc/nginx/sites-available and you will be good to go, saves creating the symbolic links each time you need to do anything.
  15. How do i acces a SMB share

    Okay try it a different way, go to network in the file explorer and find the server. Click on it and it should show your shares.Be fair warned SMB shares are nightmares to get running right then even the moon in the wrong spot causes the damm things to fail... Yes I just spent a day on SMB shares issues.