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  1. Looking to replace my desk

    I am looking to have the short side on my left both because of my office space and it is nicer than the right since I am left handed. I will watch out on pre-built one though, ty.
  2. Looking to replace my desk

    Sit/stand is not stupid at all, I have it at work and love it. It is not something I am going to give up. If I am going to spend $100's or more on a desk then I would like it to be perfect.
  3. Best Service for...

    How good are you with Linux? If you are even half decent you could do Digital Ocean, they are great. I run everything from my personal backup site (if my home server goes down it spins up a DO instance) and a bunch of other services that I want to have available all the time like my status application.
  4. Looking to replace my desk

    If I was to go custom built, what would be the best sit/stand frame to go with considering I want L shaped?
  5. Paid Hosted Email With Custom Domain

    Gmail for business is great, I have it for my businesses and personal email. It is great and pretty cheap at $5 for the basic plan. I think I am on the $10 one but that is because I wanted something, can't remember what. I was happy with the basic for a while though and you likely will be too.
  6. Looking to replace my desk

    Currently have a mix of the ikea tabletops and legs/cabinets as my desk. The desktops work fine but I am thinking I would like a standing desk, I want to to be L or U shaped and be able to hold 3-4 monitors. If it had built in power or some way for me to add power/usb power that would be cool too. Suggestions? I am thinking I will be hard pressed to find something that meets all these desires, so I might have to go custom?
  7. Comparing two Dell monitors

    I have narrowed my search for 3 new monitors down to two options. Both are similar in price (Less than $50 difference), they are Dell SE2416H and the Dell Professional P2417H Which one should I get? I am not sure the major selling point differences on these models. Also no I am not interested in other models.
  8. Idealy Free Database Service?

    Navy Cadets? If so awesome! As for a DB service, you mention SQL, would you be open to NoSQL? If so mlab.com would be a great free choice assuming you don't need a big DB. Their sandbox plan is decent IMO. I use it for development use and love it. Though I work in Node.js If you want help (assuming it is for Navy League shoot me a message and I will see if I can help out more)
  9. Recently my whole computer seems to have died and testing shows a dead mobo, cpu, psu, gpu but ram seems to be working just fine. I don't have much for requirements for a new build other than needs to run at least 3 monitors and be able to run a basic node/mogodb server and atom IDE. I am in Canada and the only parts I can reuse is the RAM and case as well as a NVME M.2 SSD Suggestions on parts?
  10. Modem suggestions

    Rogers I have Rogers internet via cable no fiber sadly but 500 / 20
  11. Modem suggestions

    I am looking to install my own modem, I am in Canada. What modem should I buy? I am hoping cheap as possible that can handle a gigabit connection.
  12. Web hosting/email/media server build

    Best way to do this is using a hypervisor like ESXi and then run 3 VMs under that and route the traffic with your router and maybe add in a reverse proxy too.
  13. NAS set up help

    You will want to run the OS on a small SSD (120GB or so) type doesn't matter much and then get a server case like the Rosewill RSV-4500 with the 15 bays. Works great and is a cheap case too.
  14. RAID rebuild time

    There is no real way to know for sure, partly depends on your OS and tons of other things. When I calculate it, I generally go with SIZE/(SPEED*0.75)=TIME
  15. Comparing Samsung 960 EVO M.2 and 860 EVO SATA

    I used to use it as a scratch disk but don't anymore and just use a HDD since my SSD is nearly full with I think less than 10 gb left on it. The new SSD will be doubt the size.