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    Run a SaaS and MSP
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    computers, technology, boating, firearms


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    Intel i7-6800k
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    32 GB
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    ASUS 1060
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    Phantrks Enthoo Pro
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    250 GB 840 EVO
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    EVGA G650
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    Logitech G710+
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    EVGA Torx
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  1. KirbyTech

    Ultra wide

    That one is a bit more than I was hoping I think I will order the one I found. Thanks for the help and comparisons
  2. KirbyTech

    Ultra wide

    For HDR does it not require OS support? I know that I have heard a lot of issues with Ubuntu and HDR. I am using a laptop with a USB C docking station.
  3. KirbyTech

    Ultra wide

    Thanks that one looks pretty much what I was hoping for, I was doubtful I could find a fully adjustable one but was worth the ask. Is this one worth the extra $90 after shipping/taxes? LG 34UM69G-B
  4. KirbyTech

    Ultra wide

    I'm wondering what a good/cheapish ultra-wide of 2560x1080 or better. I don't have an exact budget but I would like cheaper if possible. Requirements: 2560x1080 full motion stand - tilt / swivel / height adjustable DVI or able to handle converted signal from DVI Doesn't matter response time as will never be used for gaming it is productivity only I am in Canada so much be available on a Canadian site. I have no brand preference either but do like the look of some of the Dell regular 16:9 professional ones.
  5. KirbyTech

    So, I am not sure about getting a NAS

    Agree with what the other guy said mostly. I'd say build a NAS, they are not hard to build and you could do a FreeNas install. I currently run a non critical NAS with 4x6TB on FreeNas. I am using a server case but you could use a Fractal Define R something and that would work for your needs. No need to go all out for what you have. My main network storage is about ~90TB across multiple servers in a way more complex and unneeded setup than you have. If you want to a prebuilt NAS go for Synology they rock but as super basic software wise compared to Linux or FreeNas
  6. KirbyTech

    Need a new work monitor

    Recently I have come to hate using my monitor(s) at home how they are to do work (I work from home 3-4 days a week). I do DevOps/SRE work so I am on google lots along with both visual studio code and atom. I have a Samsung SA650 that I still like and would like to put as a secondary monitor. For a new primary, I was thinking 21:9 under $500 CAD. Requirements are at least 1080 and must be fully adjustable and VESA compatible. Also needs to have HDMI as that is the only connector I can use with my docking station. Using adapters seems to cause issues so native HDMI support is needed. I don't game so any gaming features don't matter to me. Based off that what would you suggest?
  7. KirbyTech

    Cheap ultra wide

    I am looking to replace my two 16:9 monitors, I am looking for a 2560x1080 monitor that is IPS and has a fully adjustable stand. Must support display port or HDMI. Suggestions? I don't care price just want something that meets what I want and price is not a factor in my choice .
  8. KirbyTech

    Cool stuff I will never afford

    Depends on what you do, some might ask why I need 6TB of RAM in my servers. Everyone has different use cases on things.
  9. KirbyTech


    I am looking for a USB-C KVM that has thunderbolt. I have two laptops that I connect to a USB-C dock with a single cable and I want to have it so that I can press a button and it will switch between them while not having to switch out cables. For price point I really don't care the price as long as it works and is not stupidly expensive like $1000 CAD on that thought it needs to be available in Canada on Amazon or NewEgg would be ideal
  10. KirbyTech

    Replacing two 1080p monitors

    Ultra wide.. that's the term I could not figure out. Still any suggestions on models? I know within certain brands series there are decent and shit ones.
  11. KirbyTech

    Replacing two 1080p monitors

    I am looking to replace my two aging 1080p panels which one of is fine and the other sucks and always has. I would like to go to a single extra wide model. I don't know what price I should be looking at, I want up/down/left/right and tilt. I also need to power it off a pluggable usb-c dock using HDMI, it says it supports 4k but never got that port to work on either of my two docks. A few other things, I don't care about refresh rate as I do zero gaming I solely do productivity stuff like email, word, web, coding, and API testing. IPS panel is preferred for viewing angles and colors. TN is not an option unless they have improved a ton in the past 3 years. Also a matte finish would be a huge plus but not required. What monitor would be best for me?
  12. KirbyTech

    X1 Carbon 6th gen mic icon flicker

    Sorry for trying to resolve the issue without contacting support that if they are anything like Dell or HP will take a long as time to respond.
  13. I recently got the Lenovo X1 Carbon 6th gen and I am having an issue where it will show the mic icon and flicker the screen and all connected devices. This is particularly problematic when I have it in my docking station. How can I fix this? Pretty sad to see on a laptop I paid over 2k CAD for....
  14. KirbyTech

    All ports are suddenly closed

    Add rules to the router, also check you can SSH into the server. If you can, any chance you enabled ufw or iptables that might be blocking connections? If the rules on the router don't work and and you are sure they are right, and also SSH doesn't work then I would just restore from backup. Its things like this is why we have backups. Well I sure hope you were not stupid and forgot backups.
  15. KirbyTech

    Need a wireless mouse like the EVGA Torq X10

    That looks pretty good, thanks I will take a deeper look into it.