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  1. What is this worth?

    I did similar building of it on PCPartPicker and came up with a higher number since I am in Canada as I think I made clear. So my build without the multicard reader, dvd burned or the custom cables is actually closer to $1800 than your USD pricing. I just switched the country on pcpartpicker and the build comes to $2071 with the exact same parts and that is buying each part from the cheapest supplier. I get selling below build cost but also I'm seeing prices around me much more than makes sense. Your $1000 point just seems silly since I am seeing fairly new builds of i5/ 8GB RAM and GTX 1060's going for more than that.
  2. What is this worth?

    New the parts are about $1800 but it doesn't make sense for it to cost the same as new when it is used. I was guessing I could get $1200-$1400
  3. What is this worth?

    Ops sorry Updated the OP What are you talking about? I already have it and want to sell it. Maybe late night for you or something and you forgot to read the whole thing.
  4. What is this worth?

    in CAD with the specs CPU: i7 8700k MOBO: Asus Tuff Pro (forget the exact model but was $200 new) RAM: 36GB total in w 2x 16GB and 1x 4GB config CPU Cooler: Hyper 212 Evo GPU: GTX 1060 3GB SSD: 500GB Samsung 960 Pro M.2 NVMe Case: Phanteks Enthoo Pro Black PSU: EVGA G650 fully modular Extras, Corsair non led fans, DVD burner, multicard reader What do you think I could get for this in CAD? I have seen prices all over the place on Kijiji, stuff worse selling for $2000 and stuff better selling for $1200. Is it just a matter of listing at a stupidly high price and working my way down?
  5. Using a laptop as a desktop

    Price isn't so much a factor for me as I am using this setup for my business and the difference of a few $100 or even $1k is not a big deal if it allows me to get more done. I have reconsidered the ThinkPad (no longer on sale) and going with an XPS 13 which I found a dock for $140 from Dell on Amazon. I am sure there are dongles that are cheaper just maybe not when I have to combine a bunch of them.
  6. Using a laptop as a desktop

    It had HDMI and USB-C/Thunderbolt for possible display connectors. And just using the displayport monitor isn't an option, I need more screens than that
  7. Using a laptop as a desktop

    I have 3 monitors and am planning to set up a ThinkPad T480s as a secondary desktop that I would like to connect to my 2-3 monitors and keyboard. I know for the keyboard I need a KVM but I am stuck on what to do about the monitor situation. Suggestions? All monitors support HDMI with one supporting DisplayPort and another supporting DVI/VGA
  8. LAN Dedicated Server Over Multiple Networks

    Can you give us a network diagram to work off? If not then first thought is do you have a local domain set up? If you do then you could do two nics with one going into each network and then run the web server based of local DNS records and pointing to the static IPs of the NICs. Not the best solution but could work. As for plug and play, haha you are really out to lunch on that one.
  9. That's something I hadn't thought of I will do that this week. Maybe just a site issue rather than a not offered. No clue on either of them. I have a surface pro 4 that I like the weight of and battery life is something you never can get enough of. So I would say a 13-14 ultrabook would fit the bill best for me but I am open to other options if nothing else is available.
  10. Amazon, Newegg, Canada Computer, Bestbuy, just the normal stores in Canada pretty much. I am open to any site just has to be Canadian Hmm when I looked I didn't even see an option to change the memory amount. Maybe that is a Dell US option, I am looking at it right now and no option for the dell XPS 13 Developer edition
  11. What do you mean? I am open to buying from any store in CAD that will not cause me to pay import taxes or international shipping. Damm that sucks since they seem to max out at 8GB of RAM I found them while looking, they look interesting, can you comment on the quality?
  12. I didn't look at that one because I just assumed XPS are over priced Just looked and they don't have near enough RAM, the highest is 8GB and I sometimes need more than that. It would work for an average day but would have issues on testing days
  13. I do DevOps stuff for work as well as at home. I also spend a lot of time coding and would like to look at getting a portable laptop to take with me for personal use when away from my office. I would love to sit in the back yard and work. My requirements are - 16GB of RAN - i5 or better processor - good build quality (I like my current surface) - small and light - can run Ubuntu without any issues unlike the surface pro 4 I don't have a budget for this other than I want everything on the list and am willing to pay within reason. I am in Canada so much be available here and not have to import it
  14. I am looking to replace my desktop with a simple mirco form factor computer. I need it to handle 3 monitors, 16G of RAM and at least 4 core with hyperthreading. Suggestions on what to get? I will be getting two of them so price should be fairly cheap too.
  15. Need a keyboard for work

    I don't think it has to do with it being a notebook, I have a surface pro 4 and it is okay to type on. Plus I would like Macos it would make like a lot easier. The keyboard angle is one issue but the switches and the small keyboard are my biggest issues.