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  1. Maybe I'm not even asking the right question lol. I'm looking to buy a large display (40-45") to replace my 10+ yo Samsung TV that is slowly dieing. I have a 27" BenQ XL2720Z 144hz, but it's too small to game on for now. My needs have changed and I want to combine TV and monitor as the same display for computer and entertainement needs (Netflix, Youtube) instead of a separate desk with monitor/computer. I think buying a monitor will do better in the long run, like pixels that are always lit the same (I think of Windows taskbar) and its better suited for computer/gaming
  2. Sorry this post a bit old now, but I wanted to thank you for the idea! I actually bought that and made a great little PC for him. Even tried gaming on it and it works like a charm. Great price, great little machine. Thanks a lot!
  3. It looks like the only options are the 43.0" Asus Rog Strix 120 hz and the Swift 144 hz but on Asus website they only sell 65.0" now... Are there new unheard options available or coming soon?
  4. He has an iPad and hates it. I really try to make him love it, but in vain. That's exactly what I planned at first. As I was planning to make him a PC build and find him great quality peripherals to go along, I thought it would be the perfect budget. I really want him to have a nice monitor with a sharp display and at least 27". I also missed to tell that I'm in Canada and electronics costs twice as much as in the USA. Do you have an exemple of the build you're suggesting? I wanted to make him a mini ITX PC, but I find there is not much mini ITX case for sale in Can
  5. At first, I was planning to build my father a new computer, but I have experience only with gaming computers and, as silly as it seems, I feel a bit lost with all the choices for a lower-end PC. I'm not sure what's enough and what's overkill for his needs. He currently own an old laptop. Therefore he also needs to buy a keyboard, monitor and speakers. He also plan to put his desk in the middle of his living room. It's gonna do quite a bit of cables. That's when I thought about an all-in-one PCs but this is a market I'm really not familiar with. Is there an recommendatio
  6. I went to Staples and it was very disappointing... Overall quality was so cheap, even the gaming chairs. Most of em cannot be customize (seat angle, backseat, armrest angles and length). Is there an other place where they sell good quality chairs? For me a chair is like a pair of shoes. I like to try them before buying, so buying online before trying isn't really my thing. Are there any store other than Staples where to sell a good choice of chairs? Forget IKEA... I'm in Quebec, Canada (Estrie). Thank you!!
  7. To answer if my partner is torrenting, yes he is. He uses NZBget. I just found where I can set a download rate. But how much should I put? Because we're told that we have 120/20 mBits of download/upload., but in reality this isn't exactly true. So how do we know or true download power and speed and what could be a good number to put in there? I also looked at my router's settings and I found QoS. But if setting the download rate in NZBget, should I use the router anyway?
  8. Hi! I need some help with managing my bandwidth. We have a 120 mBit/s download connection. My life partner downloads a ton of stuff which takes all the connection and I'd like to fix that once and for all. I don't know if it is possible, but I'd like to have a portion of the bandwidth always available so the internet is not all sucked up to one place. I have an Asus rt-ac66u router. I don't know how to measure this, but I'd like the equivalent of both of us playing moba of free bandwidth, or watching 1080p/Netflix/Plex/Youtube. I just want to make sure that even if we are downloading, our
  9. I'm currently looking for a used phone, because it makes no sense to me to pay over 500$ for a phone. Koodo is offering the Pixel 2 for 480$ over a 2 year contract (Large Tab) and the cheapest used Pixel 2 I found was 650$ and 2 hours drive away. I'm not really keen about contracts either, but I could actually take the contract and pay the phone right away. Is this really a good deal or there is something I don't know? (I'm in Québec, Canada) https://www.koodomobile.com/phones/google-pixel-2
  10. I'm not dead set on an other HTC, not at all, but I've got 2 HTC in my life and I've always been very satisfied. So going else where is just new to me. I find the Pixel 2 a bit to light for my taste. And I can't find a used one under 600$ and less than 2 hours drive away.. How does the Samsung Galaxy compare? And how the Pixel 1 is compared to its successor?
  11. I usually use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to print 11 x 17 documents. Its engineering documents so it needs to be printed real size, with automatic portrait or landscape orientation. The thing I totally hate with this program is that you can't change the default paper size. Letter is set as default and I very rarely use it. I'd like to have the paper size set to ledger (11 x 17) permanently, closing or shutting down the PC. Couldn't find how yet. I have Foxit Reader, but I find it confusing. There is so many options and its not very clear weither I'm printing true size or not, and
  12. Hello yall! I currently have a HTC One M8. Its getting very old now, but I'm not really aware of what phone is out there. I'm so in love with the quality of the screen (you can't see the pixels, colors are so vivid, never seen a screen comparable), its sturdiness, its perfect weight, its size, its stainless back, etc. But especially the screen and its for that reason I haven't changed yet. My bf has the new Pixel 2, and its nothing like the M8 imo. Its too lightweight and for some reason I can't keep it in my hand lol, i'm having a hard time having a good grip... Anyway, the M8 has served m
  13. I wish to have internet at my future place and can't really find my answer. Ebox offers me 120 Mbit/s with cable (for 69,95$/m (Quebec, canada) and free installation) or Videotron offers 120 Mbit/s with optical fiber (for 80,95$/m and 60$ installation). Is there really a difference in speed because the 2 have a limit of 120 Mbit/s? and what justify the price? We download a lot and stream a lot of high quality content on Plex. A bit of insight could be much appreciated, thank you
  14. I bought exactly the one you suggested, arrived today. Works perfectly! A big thank you for your helps and your advices
  15. Wow thank you!! How do you know if the item is in Amazon's warehouse?