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  1. probably nothing happened. synthetic benchmarks push things harder than you will see in the real world. if your system runs fine while you're using it, your hardware is totally fine. enjoy your computer.
  2. did you OC your system? what's your system specifications?
  3. as is stated in the name, it is indeed 80+ platinum
  4. I daily drive the MSI GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER 6 GB VENTUS XS OC Video Card and I'm super happy with it. I've also been able to get a stable OC on the card of about +150mhz, so you can get even more out of it than they give you
  5. I'd recommend getting a better PSU. the wattage is totally fine for your build, but if you can front the cost now you'll save a bit long-term in your power bill with an 80+ gold PSU
  6. a lot of the reviews of the expansion card you linked talk about unreliability. it might be a faulty card
  7. what's your budget? the great thing about a PSU is that you can reuse it in builds, so if you can afford a titanium / platinum PSU, that might not be a terrible idea.
  8. those thermals aren't great, but 5.0GHz is a pretty hefty overclock, and considering it's a small formfactor case, I'm not terribly surprised that's it's hot. if it isn't throttling, it probably isn't a huge deal
  9. @ANTHEMBUILDSbadly made or old PSUs will often break. it sends a giant voltage spike to your computer and destroys everything.
  10. the technician really doesn't sound like he knows what he's talking about. the reason why you have a secondary connector is if your CPU is demanding more power than 1 connector can handle, it can draw from both. but if you don't hit the limit of 1 connector (which realistically you won't unless you're on LN2), then the 2nd connector is redundant. I have my 2nd one plugged in and I'm well under the power limit of the primary connector, and I'm using air cooling. so although the secondary connector is made for extreme overclockers, it won't brick your board if you plug it in.
  11. Jedimaster99

    I'm new

    Welcome! it's a very enthusiastic forum, and we talk about nearly anything technically related.
  12. I agree with boggy77. you got a cheaped out on the PSU and you got what you paid for.