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  1. I Have an iPhone 7 that currently doesn't boot, it first displays an image asking me to restore the phone which I have done multiple times, I have reinstalled iTunes, tried numerous cables and USB ports and nothing works, after the restoration is finished it goes to an endless boot cycle of the apple logo for a few seconds powers of and repeats, apple support is a joke and basically suggested I upgrade to a new phone, anybody have this issue or know how to fix it?
  2. Was maybe planning a rig upgrade later down the line to x99 based system when the prices of boards drop a little more hopefully
  3. Thought I mentioned it? As low as possible, don't mind paying around £30-£40 for one
  4. Glad I could help, ask if you have any other questions
  5. Is used a good option? Because I don't want to have to upgrade next year
  6. So what am I supposed to be looking for? My budget is limited so I don't have the £100 people are saying
  7. Item has since sold but I think it was this one: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/264738446357
  8. I found two different laptops I think will be, one being budget oriented and one that is pretty expensive but doesn't compromise of too much The budget laptop: https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/asus-zenbook-14-um431da-14-laptop-amd-ryzen-5-256-gb-ssd-blue-10194537-pdt.html It's a good overall laptop and if you needed more storage swapping out the SSD inside and selling to buy a new one can be done pretty easily, I would definitely go with no less than 8gb of ram, 4gb will work but you'd struggle to have multiple chrome tabs open with a big app also running, 8gb will help keep everything smooth The expensive laptop: https://www.dell.com/en-uk/shop/laptops-2-in-1-laptops/new-xps-13-laptop/spd/xps-13-9300-laptop Thus does pretty much every right, it has dual channel ram and supports up to 64gb If such an upgrade is required, it's got a powerful CPU although graphics are intergrated, since now heavy tasks like gaming will be carried out not an issue, however it does have thunderbolt meaning you can add an external card to play on, it also has many display types to choose from, such as a well praised 4k display or a 1080p oled which also has good reviews If you want to save money older Dell XPS can be had for a little less but they hold their value quite well You didn't give me a budget so if these don't work a budget would help me find the best option
  9. Of course, there's lot of options available so do you mind giving me a budget and what you intend to use it for?
  10. I'm not kidding myself on the performance, my mate has a 6700k and gaming was identical at my stock speeds on some games, other games that favor fast cores clearly won because my current CPU is running at 2.3ghz Motherboard is a Chinese x79
  11. That 430w was still £50 and was an 80 plus silver
  12. What brands or models of PSU do you recommend, looking at even the cheapest new psus and they are costing over a 1/4 of my whole build, around £50 for an evga 430w psu
  13. 2650v2 performs very similar to newer CPUs like the 6700k, I've got 32gb of ddr3 in quad channel running at 1866 so it performs about the same as dual channel ddr4 at 2133, people have easily got the 2650v2 running at 4.2ghz on all cores consuming around 140/150w at load, don't really want to upgrade the entire system when what I currently have still runs everything fine and has newer features like an nvme gen 3 so there's no need to really spend the extra yet, I bought the system about 3 months ago and the entire build came to less than £180 here in the uk so it's pretty good value in my opinion
  14. It's a sapphire Rx 570 pulse itx, pretty sure it's 150w and I'm running of 2 molex connectors, not Daisy chained molex 2 separate lanes