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  • CPU
    Xeon 2630
  • Motherboard
    Chinese x79
  • RAM
    32gb ddr3 ECC quad channel
  • GPU
    Rx 570 4gb, sapphire pulse itx
  • Case
    Handbuilt case by myself
  • Storage
    1tb wd blue
  • PSU
    Cooler master mwe 650
  • Display(s)
    Hitachi 4k tv, 43"
  • Cooling
    Chinese waterblock and res
    Ek ddc
    Xspc 140mm thick rad
    Xscp fittings
    Ek soft tube black
  • Sound
    Yamaha wy57800
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. I'm in the uk so rural may have a different meaning, I am around 2 miles fr the nearest village but around 38 miles the nearest city, I'm surrounded by farms with a few other houses, from my understanding the town near me has generally good speeds but that's had a lot of work done prior to me moving here about 4 years ago
  2. So looks like I'm stuck with these speeds until the new lines are in use, thanks for the info
  3. There is new "gigaclear" fiber-optics being installed but won't be ready until 2021, no month given just 2021, so I presume it's old cables like you suggest causing interference and signal degradation, my isp said it was 11 MBps, I made sure it was a usable speed, I live at home still and don't pay for the internet so my parents of course weren't looking to spend a fortune for something they don't use often, thanks for the reply, was most helpful
  4. Isp uses phone line I believe? I plug a small ethernet like cable into a filter that plugs into a phone socket, rated speed is 11MBps
  5. My internet is rated for 11MBps and I'm using the router they provided, my internet is internet? What do you mean "kind of internet connection"
  6. i was misinformed my bad, i was told the 260x can take 200w under load buts its half that
  7. bandwidth meaning speed? ive done it on my desktops through ethernet and its 3.5/4.5Mbps about 600KBps
  8. for around $60 you could look at be quiets system power series, their 400w/450w models can be had for that price or around and they offer dual rails, full set of safety features, very quiet operation and are pretty reliable, just keep in mind youd be close to maxing out its output in load so make sure it has good airflow and it may limit and future upgrades, may be best to attempt to save some more for a higher output and if its a decent unit (always research in depth a psu model) then and changes you make to your system will be ok, hope that helped
  9. my wifi currently is very very slow, around 600kbps wired on a good day, would a new router help improve this speed? i understand a new good router will improve wireless strength and range but anything to the actual speed of the internet? my wifi is rated for 11MBps but being in a rural area speeds are badly affected
  10. Oh, ok well that explains it, why do two different speed measurements exist with the same abbreviation? Thanks anyways
  11. To be honest you have made a really good build and everything seems completely fine with it, I would've looked at getting a 6800xt because of the larger heatsink and people overclocking it to 2.7ghz stable, but your build is perfectly fine, you could maybe look at some "better" memory with tighter timings, but that won't really make a huge difference in performance, enjoy your build, one of lucky few to get a 6800 and hope you get the 5600x, but 3000 ryzen is still a good buy if you can't
  12. As the title suggests, my internet is saying 4+ Mbps but when actually doing a download I get 600kbps at most, I'm using an Ethernet cable, so why is task mngr reporting faster speeds than what I'm actually getting? Even though its a small performance leap it would change my current situation of around 12hr=24gb downloaded to 2hrs 30 or so, and downloading updates ect means I can't use my PC for the rest of the day or days sometimes
  13. I'll probably pick one up then, hopefully the headphones work because I like to sit on my sofa, but my desk may have to do, thanks for your responses
  14. I don't have a ton of desk space and never really bothered to learn mouse and keys, I switched mostly to play games like siege but not have to pay that silly $60 a year for your own wifi usage, I get on pretty well with controller and got pretty high ranks on apex legends which is a completely different play style but that can be pretty competitive, I'm just relearning all of siege since I got back into from a 2 year break