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  • CPU
    Xeon 2630
  • Motherboard
    Chinese x79
  • RAM
    32gb ddr3 ECC quad channel
  • GPU
    Rx 570 4gb, sapphire pulse itx
  • Case
    Handbuilt case by myself
  • Storage
    1tb wd blue
  • PSU
    Cooler master mwe 650
  • Display(s)
    Hitachi 4k tv, 43"
  • Cooling
    Chinese waterblock and res
    Ek ddc
    Xspc 140mm thick rad
    Xscp fittings
    Ek soft tube black
  • Sound
    Yamaha wy57800
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. Recently discovered that my matebook 13 has a crack through the middle of the display, unfortunately the only website I've been able to find selling my display is AliExpress and with the Huawei logo missing at the bottom I highly doubt it's an original and to the quality they claim, anybody have a link or company that sells official parts? Matebook 13 model HN-W19R Ryzen 5 3500u Dark grey Thanks
  2. If your feeling confident about it cleaning out is by far the better option, new thermal paste can help too, look for some decent paste in your price range like some kryonaugt, which is aimed at enthusiast for overclocking but should help somewhat with temps, those stands and lap fans and whatever else there is just aren't effective for lowering temps, just put the laptop on a hard flat surface and it will cool itself perfectly fine
  3. System specs, Ryzen 3 1200, 16gb ddr4 3200mhz viper, MSI A320-max, sapphire ITX Rx 570, CPU is under water, card is stock cooler and new thermal paste. After reapplying the thermal paste to some thermal grizzly my Rx 570 refuses to hit it's usual 1244 MHz clock which before was easy to hit where it would stick at, after my thermal paste reapplication however it refuses to go above 1000mhz often and increasing the resolution to 1440p makes it worse where it sits at 600-800mhz, so most games are completely unplayable at this point, the card won't even go above 55° under load and my cust
  4. One of the pull factors for PI is anybody can mine it, since it doesn't need resources to mine, just an internet connection, and anybody with internet and a phone/tablet/laptop etc can mine it Would it be worth buying some PI when it becomes tradable and then hoping it increases in value? I've seen some estimate it to be worth a few pence when first tradable?
  5. That's what I meant? When it peaks I'll get rid of half of them or so? It could be a while looking at how long other currencies took to get going would this be any quicker since crypto is widely accepted and used? Not much news about the project, they release articles though their app but it's just for online events and such that I've stopped joining now, occasionally there's an essay about upcoming features and developments such as pi wallet to test transactions or something like that but as far as actually having a value I've only seen a few estimate it's value for the next 5 years and other
  6. Well it's being mined from my phone which is how many do so, and since I need to use my phone anyway and I haven't noticed any battery draining issues it seems perfectly fine to at least give it a go?
  7. Sorry if this is the wrong topic, I'm just asking about PI network that I have been mining for 7 months or so, the only thing is it's currently not worth anything and I just want to understand if I'm just being cheated out of my time and how I can predict value increases and how crypto works in general, my plan should it become of any value is to hold onto it for many years because I've seen what rushing can do, is PI actually worthwhile and how the spot if another currency isn't looking like an honest scheme?
  8. Looking for a racing wheel to play fh4, but as I have a tight budget what wheel should I look at? I don't mind used and am looking to spend $100/£100 or so for a wheel and pedals, ideally it should have no less than 360° of rotation, paddles, force feedback if possible?
  9. Thanks again, but unfortunately the 360 wheel is an x input only device whatever that means, so attempting to remap the keys such as the paddles or the brake and accelerator mean they are being pressed at the same time or they can only be mapped to a single function, such as the paddles both having the same ID, it will only allow me to either assign a shift up or shift down, and when I press accelerate it also presses the brake, not very helpful unfortunately
  10. Ok so 500 series boards from amd have had issues, something that many users have claimed to fix these issues if changing from pcie 4.0 to 3.0, if you haven't done this already It may be worth a try, if you have another pc to test the drive on that could indicate if the drive or your pc is at fault, it may also be worth installing something like crystaldisk to get readings of your drives health, crystaldisk also tells you how long said drive has been in for etc, very useful for monitoring drives health
  11. I'd go for a 650w or so, in future you may want to overclock or more importantly upgrade your card, your cpu will outlive that card any day
  12. Quite a strange issue, my guess is probably something within the bios is preventing storage devices to be recognized/used through front io, if your attempting to boot from that drive it's possible by default that front panel connectors cannot be used to boot from and finally what usb ports are they? Could be a compatibility issue, such as usb 1.0 possibly not being friendly with a 3.0 device, or both your connectors aren't working? Next time please provide extra information such as specs, if you've troubleshooted, previous issue/modifications or if you're running a modded bios/made changes in
  13. No it will not, you will need a last gen board, forgive me as I can't remember the chipsets Intel keep releasing but the newest 500 series boards are for 12th gen only
  14. It's a pretty good list of parts, nothing seems to really be wrong, just make sure your memory has tight timings and is clocked above 3000mhz for best results with ryzen
  15. So I have received the receiver and it works great for my controller, however my 360 wheel is not being recognized, when I open the quick settings/xbox overlay think it won't let me select anything from the right of the screen, and the only button press recognized is the xbox logo, I can't remap wheel keys in horizon 4 settings and it doesn't seem to want to work with other applications? Edit: so I got the wheel working completely fine with the crew 2 and 1, fh4 is the only forza game I have on pc so I presume yet again microsoft has ended support or purposely removed support, anyw