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  1. I currently have an oculus quest but I'm planning to upgrade to either a rift S or the new HP headset depending on how it does at launch.
  2. Hey I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a Graphics Card that is affordable and will run VR games well. I'd preferably want something $400 or less. You see my friends not everyone can afford a 2080 ti. Right now I have a 1050 ti which is below spec for all major VR headsets which is why I'm looking for an upgrade. Comment your suggestions please.
  3. Hey my pc currently has a Nvidia GeForce 1080ti. I have recently gotten very into VR games on my PC and wonder if I should upgrade to a newer model like the 2060 or 2070. Graphics mean a lot to me and my experience and wonder if it could be better Should I stay or should I upgrade? I also play normal PC games btw.