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  1. My first Ducati was a 749, fun ride for sure! Get out more than just a little trip down the road and back.
  2. You would be surprised at how nasty it gets behind the front sprocket cover. All that chain lub gotta go somewhere. That front sprocket of yours looked like a throwing star. I have seen them missing teeth and chains break and wack the side cover and some instances the case, which is not a cheap fix. Every bike owner should do regular maintenance to their chain and, cleaning and proper lubrication goes a long way, as well as getting to inspect those components often. I would recommend at minimum every 500 miles to clean and lub the chain, obviously the more frequently it is done the cleaner it stays and more life you get out of it. Cheers
  3. I love the hyper! Being a Ducati Technician I was lucky enough to get a lot of seat time on the entire line up! And by far the older hyper 1100, was my jam! Front end feeling was it's only down side in my opinion, I knew a lot of customers that wiped out from front and wash outs. The new 939 is a beast tho! Highly recommend anyone to go test ride that thing
  4. That v4 sound is hard to pass up! Have fun with it and ride safe out there!
  5. Nice! Super fun ride right there! I worked at a dealer but recently moved and switched up job careers, but prior to that we started carrying Triumph, I was impressed by those speed triples!
  6. Do the fans spin freely on the GPU? I've left a zip tie that I cut off in a case bc I couldn't find it and it found it's way in a fan causing it to stop spinning, which in turn made my pc actually brick, thank goodness for dual Bios! Just spit ballin here for ya man?? I would see if you have a buddy that has a different gpu to throw in there to rule that out. Or try your new one in another rig? You mentioned you gifted the old card to a family member?
  7. Yeah you will look like a bear on a tricycle on that thing. Well it all depends on how far your commute is as well. Pegging out a little 300cc bike for 30/40mins, the life of that bike will drastically decline. Pros and Cons to everything, cheaper bike overall, cheaper maintenance, cheaper tires/ oil changes than a bigger bike.
  8. Perfect starter bike! Do it! I love "social distancing" on my bike!
  9. I love my Multi Enduro! The multi is a beast all around all weather bike! I've ridden in rain sleet, heat! A big thing is riding gear.
  10. does the old card still work in that PCI slot?