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  1. yes there is, i even updated that driver and the ethernet driver
  2. just my mouse is plugged in, ill try without it. I jusr tried and the speed is still slow.
  3. cant be, i used it on my switch since it supports it and it works perfect there.
  4. according to speedtest by ookla 193.61 mbps download and 5.77 upload. for ethernet it varies and is around 30-50 mbps with the same upload.
  5. So yesterday I bought a Ethernet to usb 3.0 adapter for my laptop and when I do a speed test on Ethernet as soon as i plug it in i get 200 mbps but then over time in like a minute it just starts to decrease down to the lowest I have seen as 17 mbps but my upload remains the same. I tried updating the Ethernet driver and nothing changed any help? Im using the same Ethernet cable i use on my play station and i get around 150 to 180 making its fine there and my laptop has a usb 3.0 port. I also used the adapter on my nintendo switch and it works there at its max speed.