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  1. This headphone is an old model. Originally released almost a decade ago. I bought it because the price was too good to not get it (only £30 on ebay with free delivery, closest thing to it was those cheap generic headsets from Amazon), it was recommended alot on audio forums for entry level studio headphones, and because they're semi-open back they are amazing for gaming. They have a wide sound stage, which will be even better if you use it with a decent DAC/Amp, and the positional tracking (imaging) is very good too, a good budget option would be the Fiio E10K which would make these sound louder and clearer. It would be like you're almost cheating. The treble is a bit harsh, some people may find it tiring and might give a headache so I suggest use an equaliser and lower some of the higher frequencies, that makes it more enjoyable. To me the treble isn't that bad. They have good bass, not too overwhelming but they are semi-open back so don't expect too much bass. The mids and highs are clear and crisp, just tame the treble with an EQ. The stock pleather pads are pretty bad, they irritated my ear and got hot, replaced them with some velour pads that are meant for the AKG K240 and they fit perfectly and they're much more comfortable and increase the sound stage slightly too. The clamping force is a bit too much, i left them overnight on a box that is wider than head width, around 20cm wide. It helped alleviate some of the pressure. I've read that people have done some mods which make them sound even better, like putting 2 or 3 ply tissue paper under the foam on top of the driver to help reduce treble. Some have done resoldering of the cables, and others have replaced the cabling for some higher quality which apparently makes them sound better, but I'm not sure about that one. For gaming these are amazing! That's the reason I bought them. The positional audio cues are accurate and the wide sound stage lets me hear enemies coming from a good distance away, it has definitely helped me improve in shooter games since I used to use my stereo pc speakers to play. Conclusion: Other than the treble, the stock earpads, and the clamping force(all of which can be fixed relatively easily), this is a great value headphone. Cheap and made for mods. Great all around value for gaming, music, movies. Pair it with a modmic or any USB mic and you will have an amazing audio experience. The HD681 Evo from Superlux is also worth looking at, they are a slightly newer model and look better, but I have heard that the bass isn't as good. And the Samson SR850.
  2. I recently got a pair of the HD668B because they were recommended to me and they were very cheap. I've never used headphones/headsets with my pc, I've always used my stereo USB powered speakers that are plugged into the rear 3.5mm jack on my motherboard, I play games and consume media with them. I'm trying to get used to these headphones to get the most out of them ie listening for footsteps, but the pads are pretty uncomfortable, my ears get hot quick and also get irritated, like an itch but not exactly. I've seen people say to replace the pads and the headphones feel completely different and much more comfortable. I was thinking about getting the Cosmos Velour pads for the AKG K240. Can anyone here attest to the difference of comfort and heat by switching the pads? Do they really improve the headphones as much as people have been saying?
  3. I need an AMP for my Superlux HD668B headphones. I currently just have them connected to my PC case jack. I read that they sound much better with an AMP. I don't want to spend too much on one so I've been looking at budget options. I will only be using this for my desktop so I would prefer one that has a 12v power connection, not portable. I have come across this: Sabaj PHA3 Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier 2X6J9 Low Ground Noise Integrated Stereo Amp Audio HIFI Output Protection for Headphone It is only £40, but is it enough to drive my HD668B? Will it make a difference in sound? Is it worth buying? Theres also this thing I found, not sure if it's even worth looking at but I'm a noob at this audio stuff: Behringer MA400 Do you guys have any other recommendations for less than £50?
  4. What do you think about the Superlux HD668B? I know they are quite old but are they better than the K240?
  5. It's a hot seller because theres a lot of ill informed people who buy water coolers because they look cool. For $80 you're MUCH better off with a Noctua NH D15. Itll last a lot longer and performs much better than a 120mm water cooler.
  6. the rear fan supports 120mm, so a 120mm radiator will fit. but i would stay away from cheap watercoolers, especially 120mm. they wont cool much better than ur hyper 212 and have a chance of pump failure or leaking. you may want to get a better air cooler instead, such as the dark rock pro 4, or the noctua nh d15(this would be my choice). just make sure u check ur case website for cooler height clearance.
  7. do u really need a 110$ case? and do u really need 1tb of nvme storage? also you wont get silent with the stock cooler.
  8. Not necessarily. it just means Asrock didnt test it. I have a kit of corsair rgb pro 3200mhz that is not on the QVL for my motherboard but i enabled XMP and it works perfectly fine. this doesnt mean yours will 100% work, but it also doesnt mean that its not compatible.
  9. yes the 3900x is matisse. usually am4 motherboards need the ram to be in the 2nd and 4th dimm slot from the cpu. that is, keep the dimm slot closest to the CPU socket empty, then put one stick of ram in the slot next to that, next one empty, and another ram stick in the 4th slot
  10. this isnt normal behaviour for a ryzen 3600 under a third party cooler, it wouldnt even reach those temps with the stock cooler. check if theres any overclock settings in the BIOS. maybe the whoever built it did an overclock or overvolted? im really just shooting in the dark. My first thought wouldve been to reinstall the cooler, but if u cant then you are going to have to dig in the bios in search for any settings they changed in terms of voltages, core clocks etc.
  11. matisse, pinnacle righse and so on are the names AMD give to each family of processor. Matisse is Zen 2 Ryzen 3000 desktop cpu pinnacle is zen+ ryzen 2000 picasso is the zen+ APU line up. what cpu do u have?
  12. since its very low load with high temps i suspect bad contact between cpu and cooler or no thermal paste. reinstall the cooler and reapply thermal paste, be sure to install cooler applying even pressure to every corner, ie screw in a star pattern but dont turn the screws all the way until theyre all seated.
  13. The MSI MAG271CQP is a nice one. ticks all your boxes, except it is a VA panel so it is subject to some ghosting. I dont have the monitor myself so i cant tell you how bad or good the ghosting is but there will be a little bit guaranteed. You are after good colour so your choices are VA or IPS. This MSI one has really nice vibrant colours and the best contrast. BUT they arent the most accurate, for accurate colours you would want to go with IPS. For an IPS i would recommend the AOC 27G2U. it is an IPS so colours will be more accurate but less contrasty than VA. There are also some TN panels that have decent colour reproduction, but these are usually the more expensive out of the TN ranges. What is your budget?
  14. Thanks for the reply. Im not really planning on buying an AMP right now. maybe in the future, right now i just want a decent pair of headphones just to get my foot in the door. im a very casual gamer so i dont want to spend too much on headphones. I understand it doesnt have a mic writing headset was a mistake. Are there any others I should consider under £50?
  15. Hello audiophiles, I am new to this forum. I am in need of a good pair of headphones to use for gaming. So far my research has led me to studio headphones instead of typical 'gaming' headsets. I am on a budget which is why I have selected the AKG K240. I am not dead set on this yet but from reviews it looks good. Also apparently open back headphones are better than closed for more of spacial awareness for footsteps and such. I read that to fully experience the true performance of the K240 an external AMP would be required but not necessary. I have no idea what to look for so if anyone could recommend a cheap one in the UK I would appreciate it. I searched headphone amp on amazon and was hit with either £30 portable ones, or ones worth hundreds. Idk what I'm suppose to use. Is this headset a good choice for primarily gaming and some YouTube? You guys can also give other recommendations, preferably around or below £50.