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  1. Have you tried enabling your gpu? go to device manager locate your gpu right click and press enable. if its grayed out then its enabled
  2. Let me refraise that, I meant Tighter i got them mixed up
  3. my command rate is 2 and the timing for my ram is 19, 26,26,46,747 for my 2666 ram oc at 4266 the max my mobo will allow me to go. Can anyone help me tighten up my timings to achieve maximum performance?
  4. https://imgur.com/ocwwQcA and F:
  5. But it’s not my boot drive
  6. I have 2 2tb hdd and on 1 of them there are 2 letters g and f and also I have reallocated sector count so I need a new hdd but is it common to have the system reserves drive on the same hard drive?
  7. run windows memory diagnostics. Go to start and type Memory Diagnostic. But i would recommend Memtest86 first
  8. Also you don’t need 3200mhz right off the bat. Start with 2400 and Overclocking it up to what it can go because my ram is running at 3600 mhz
  9. The only thing you can probably run with decent frames is plays vs zombies because you only have integrated graphics