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  1. Cpu:I7 9700k GPU:Evga GTX1070 RAM:PNY 16gb ddr4 2666 oc to 4000 Mobo:Msi z390 Gaming plus Resoultion I play games at: 1080p 60hz (planning to get a 1440p 120hz monitor) Games I play: Minecraft, The Division 2, Just Cause 4, Crysis remastered, Steep, Subnautica, Watchdogs, Hyperscape, Cod Modern warfare, Later games I would like to play in the future Why I would like to upgrade to a 3080: So I can play new releases coming out such as Resident Evil 8, Cyberpunk2077 ect.
  2. If this helps i got a ATNG 800W psu Model Number ATA-800FB-B
  3. last christmas i got new components because my mobo died, now i have a msi z390 gaming plus board, i7 9700k, 16gb gddr4 ram 4000mhz everything but the drives and gpu is replaced and my gpu is a 1070 by evga
  4. I really dont know the model but the wattage is 800
  5. I've been thinking about getting a RTX 3080 fe but I saw 2x8 pins for it but I have a 6+2 pin and a 6 pin and the fe card has a 12 pin connector so will i be able to use it?
  6. Dont know anything about your problem but holy crap u have a God of a pc
  7. Yes ik my Toshiba drive is bad ill replace that sometime and im making overclocking settings in the bios directly
  8. here is most of your info i bumped the voltage up to 1.38