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    Zoinkys reacted to pstarlord in New Gpu, Barely any increase   
    Sounds like a bottleneck to me.  
    What Refresh rate is your monitor?  If you're trying to run that GPU and CPU at 1080p, then my best guess would be the CPU is holding you back.  
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    Zoinkys reacted to aDoomGuy in New Gpu, Barely any increase   
    Set Afterburner OSD to display CPU&GPU clockspeed/load/temp (for each core). See if any clockspeed is lower than it should be. See if CPU load is 100% while GPU load isn't. Just run around in game with OSD on and see what the PC does.
    3133mhz oc on the RAM is that XMP profile or manual. Is it the same behavior with stock settings?
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    Zoinkys reacted to RadiatingLight in New Gpu, Barely any increase   
    What is your friend's CPU?
    AMD 1000 and 2000 series CPUs aren't that great for high-refresh-rate gaming, so while they'll churn out 60-100 FPS without any effort, they struggle to create a large number of frames due to latency and complex inter-core communication stuff.
    the good thing to know is that this is primarily a problem with creating a large number of frames, so in a more demanding game in the future, you should still expect about 130fps (or more, depending on the game). It's not a problem with the raw power of the CPU.
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    Zoinkys got a reaction from aDoomGuy in New Gpu, Barely any increase   
    its manual oc to 3133... i'll look at the overlay with all the info soon... game is in maintenance till later tonight. i know the usage of just the cpu not the cores etc doesnt go above 50, hovers a bit below the gpu usgae, but i will look at all core clocks and usages soon too.