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  1. The Non Critical Block 2 of my BIOS has been corrupted meaning I no longer have functioning keyboard backlight. And I did not make a backup of my BIOS prior to this issue. Resetting the CMOS or flashing a new BIOS from my notebooks drivers page also does not work. If you are willing, I really need a BIOS dump from an Asus ROG notebook with currently working backlit keyboard so that I can reflash the Non Critical Block 2 of my BIOS. NOTEBOOK MODEL DOES NOT MATTER, ALL THAT MATTERS IS THAT YOUR NOTEBOOK IS FROM THE ASUS ROG SERIES If you do not know how, [Link Removed by Moderation] will allow you to save a dump of your BIOS as a rom file. Download, extract, and run "AFUWINGUI.exe", Click "Save" at the bottom of the program, and upload your BIOS dump somewhere I can download it. If anyone is willing to do it, I would really appreciate it.
  2. Except this was never a problem until today. The CPU *will not* go above 3.08Ghz when a game is running regardless on if temps where 50c when before it had no problem going to 3.5 when called for. After more looking around it seems Throttle Stop did change something stopping the CPU from reaching max clocks under certain powerstates after seeing other people have the same issue.
  3. So (seemingly) out of the blue, the boost algorithm decided it no longer wants to go above 3.08Ghz on all cores when under load. If this is a driver issue, would a complete windows reset remove the current drivers? and revert back to basic drivers since this was not an issue until today?
  4. Temps stays under 76. This happens regardless of temp range. Only when I start playing a game.or attempt to benchmark in XTU. And it only started happening today.
  5. After trying out Throttlestop to undervolt and installing an Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver, I noticed that my CPU now downclocks and stays pinned at 3.08Ghz during games but not during regular use as I've seen it at 3.30Ghz. The CPU in question is a i7-6700HQ. I doubt the driver should affect the CPU. But even then, I don't even know which driver to uninstall. And Throttlestop was only temporary. I've already deleted the .ini related to it and restart my system, but the problem still persist. And made sure that Windows is set to High Performance mode. At this point I'm thinking of just doing a full windows reinstall.
  6. This whole problem actually started after updating to a more stable BIOS (I cannot role back the BIOS update to see if that fixes anything). Not sure what happened but the 860 in the system just got corrupted and stopped working after that. And I've tried MBR, legacy, and bootable USB. I can actually boot with the SSD plugged in via USB now, but its still not usable in the machine(s) and I still get hung during post when its in a SATA slot.
  7. Unfortunately, this PC doesn't seem to have a Boot List option to change to UEFI mode, or legacy ROMs. It seems Asus didn't want you to run anything besides Windows on their laptop. Which also explains why I was never able to get Linux to run on this.
  8. The drive is a Samsung 860 Evo 2TB. I was able to format it in another machine and it works in Linux, but I cant get the drive to work properly when I plug it into a machine when its running windows via sata to USB connection. And in the main machine I had it in, for some reason the PC will not boot past the manufacture logo when it detects this specific drive in the sata slot. I'm sure this has something to do with secure boot or legacy BIOS settings, as disabling/enabling those got it to work in the older laptop, but changing the former didn't do anything, and I can't find the latter anywhere in BIOS settings. Plugging it into a Windows machine makes it show up as a 0 byte drive I cant access (in Windows explorer that is). I'm currently reformatting it while also wiping all data in linux on the older laptop to see if that fixes anything. I'll try the command again if this doesn't work and post the output logs. Edit: It should be noted, I was able to install Windows on the drive, I just cant use it on another machine for some reason when its not the boot drive. Along with the problem of not being able to boot into Windows if Legacy BIOS settings is not disabled Edit 2: I'm not sure if the output is supposed to display more than this, but this is what my console says after fragging the drive: 1+0 records in 1+0 records out 512 bytes copied, 0.00243022 s, 211 kB/s which I assume is completely normal
  9. Hello, the console was able to frag the drive (it seems) as I had no errors and was able to attempt to format it, only I was met with an I/O error presumably because Im doing it over a USB connection. However, I cannot attempt to format it through a pure sata connection as keeping it plugged into a sata connection during post keeps every PC I plug it into unable to boot past the manufacturer logo screen. So close yet so far. Edit: It didnt work on my main PC, but on one of my older laptops I was able to mess around in the BIOS settings and got it to work
  10. I've tried Linux and that didn't work. It just reads it as an unrecognized PMBR partition and is unable to touch it
  11. I guess the drive is dead then, I've tried Linux and Windows boot installers, third party programs, nothing has worked. I'm able to recover data off the drive, but I cant actually reformat it back to NTFS.
  12. I've tried linux. When I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING outside of professional equipment. Linx is unable to even format the drive as it just says that its an unknown memory tyoe "PMBR"
  13. My SSD got corrupted and nothing I've done has been able to reformat it. I've tried literally everything besides trying to do through a partition manager off of a live USB. But everything I've seen is asking for a $60-300 license just to be able to do that.
  14. I tried the Linux method before but no success. I'll try using a third party wiper like the other person suggested