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  1. Update, Got off the phone with Alienware because they still hadnt contacted me back after i provided the requested information for the return They told me hopefully 1-2 days and ill get a response. I made it pretty darn clear that im not very happy about nobody contacting me in the specified time. The good news is they're gonna dispatch the replacement with the label supposedly, so i get the replacement and send the original one back at the same time which sounds a lot better than shipping it back and waiting who knows how long for my replacement to arrive.
  2. Yeah... I'm not sure where. The closest noise I can think of (Which is showing my age) was when my 52X CD-ROM drive blew up my starcraft brood war CD, i thought maybe a fan blade was broken loose inside there or something. The obstruction could be on the other side of the fan, but that would require pulling the motherboard out to investigate which is way more disassembly than I'm doing on a brand new laptop. Given the other reviews for the GE75 I think its just a very popular configuration, its very well specified for its price. Seems I've just been unlucky.. the M15 on the other hand the Alienware Reddit is full of people complaining about delay delay delay, I'm lucky to have gotten one, its just unfortunately not right
  3. Finally decided to up and replace my old GS73VR which just doesnt work for me anymore as a late birthday gift to myself somewhere around the end of April. This is as TLDR as i can make it Ordered a GE75 Raider, one of the nice new ones with the 10750, 2070 Super and 300hz display Received it mid-may. Boot it up and the screen has a fairly rediculous and unacceptable amount of bleed/flashlighting in 3/4 corners extending halfway through the panel (Probably one of the -worst- LCDs I've seen quality wise, it affected everything) Go to return it, cant do an exchange because they didn't have another one in stock and they couldn't like, reserve one from an incoming shipment, No ETA on when theyd get one back in stock (and for the record, I havnt seen it come back in stock at Newegg since) Given the lack of any ETA and such I looked into alternatives. Alienware launched the new M15 and M17 and they offered some good deals on them, Cool I think, I had an awesome Alienware M17x R4 that I adored. This should be great. Plus I can spec it the way I want with Win 10 Pro. Pick out an Alienware M15 R3 with the 10750/2070 Super/300hz display, its about $80 or so more than the MSI because of some deals but came with Win 10 Pro and some other niceties Received it the 11th, which was when Dell said id get it when I placed the order. Awesome. Boot it up, screen looks nice, start setting it up...and it starts buzzing. Loudly. Very. Very. Loudly. Mess around with it for a while trying to trace whats going on, trace it back to the CPU fan, sounds like something is stuck in it. Try looking into the vents but cant see much of anything, thinking maybe one of the fan wires is hitting the blades or something. End up in a semi-painful series of phone calls with Dell that ate 4 hours of my night. Now waiting on my exhange to be finalized and to get the shipping label and everything. Pretty sure its not a coil whine problem, the noise is directly related to the CPU fan speed. The CPU fan also seems to not be moving as much air as it should and when I ran Dell's diagnostic thing it said something like 1800rpm which sounds low for a laptop style fan (My old MSI was like, 5k-6k) The box also had a good hit on the corner that corresponds to the CPU fan side which I feel might be the reason. I cant stand the noise however and given its present any time the CPU fan turns on, even at what would be a silent/barely audible speed (IE you fire up youtube or something very minor) its not exactly something I can live with. And I'm just gutted and annoyed and disappointed. I have no idea when I'll receive the replacement M15 either, I'm still waiting on the shipping label. -edit-To be clear, my frustration is less with the supply issues due to human malware and that and more to "buying 2 laptops and getting 2 duds that had to be exchanged" the wait times suck, i wont lie, but it feels so much worse when you're waiting a week+ for shipping something back, more time to get a refund, a lot of time on the phone and are now sitting here wondering if you're going to get a third dud... -edit 2- and yes I took the bottom panel of the Alienware off to check and i could not see anything in the fan and the wires were not hitting the fan blades, I did not feel disassembling it further was a great idea given its a brand new laptop under warranty
  4. Normally i go for 1440p in most titles, it just doesnt help the abysmal pixel response times unfortunately... Yeah I kinda thought after "yeah this is probably a thing" the question is going to be how to even get in there and whether theres a ton of glue and stuff.. it might be better to simply leave it untouched and sell it to someone else to fund a laptop better suited for myself rather than brick it lol But I like considering options -edit- Wow a quick search and i can get the panel for $68! That...really seems like its worth a shot.....
  5. I have an MSI GS73VR which unfortunately was configured with the 4k display option... Now, its a beautiful display for say, watching youtube or TV or something, but its absolutely terrible for gaming (Terrible pixel response times, even for a 60hz display) and the 1060 is just not up to the task of delivering playable framerates in most titles, not helped by the fact it just runs very very hot even after I fixed it It was also available with a 144hz 1080p display option however, and while I'm PRETTY sure its not possible I figured I'd ask anyways if it would be feasible (and not horrifically expensive) to source and trade out the 17" panel. I'm not terribly fond of the laptop mind you but I figured if i can -cheaply- (Say under 200?) trade the panel out then maybe its worth hanging onto a bit longer... Otherwise just going to hold out to drop the cash on something newer and better suited for my usage
  6. This was a ton of fun tbh... Still running my system folding at the moment I might keep doing this I'm not sure
  7. I'm still folding away for now I do need to pull inari apart and give everything a good clean though...
  8. Side note, the Kshatriya is easily one of my favorite mobile suits Man the FX 5600... thats an oldie
  9. Yeah with the current..situation health wise im really not going out anywhere. I went to best buy twice to try a couple headsets from what they had in stock to try to get up and running for now.. Im absolutely -spoiled- by audiophile stuff it turns out...
  10. I'll add it to consideration then I know itd be a nightmare in terms of sterilization and stuff but youd think thered be a place you could rent out a set of cans to try them.. our ears are all different after all
  11. I heard they can be extremely bright and fatiguing.. Or was that the 770s?
  12. And boy is it hard! They suffered an accident last night and finally bit the dust after a very long period of service... Im running a Schiit Audio Vali 2 tube amp right now. I also have a pair of Philips Fidelio X2s. Outside of gaming I listen to music, mostly rock and metal. I dont feel I have the ability to setup an arm and everything for a USB mic like a streamer type microphone, ie Audio Technica. I'm afraid if its on my desk it will just pickup my keyboard. I know i find Grados to be annoying after about 20 minutes. Even if they sound really good with some things. I kinda want suggestions ASAP because I have no actual backups for a microphone on my desktop at the moment, Im trying to stay $200 or under total... Right now looks like I have a few options: 1. Buy the PC37x at Massdrop, Ok thats really not a bad idea, I guess its just ive had the Game Ones for so long I figure maybe time to try something new. But these are the same thing. 2. Buy HiFi Man 4XX, Sennheiser 58X or AKG K7XX for the sound plus a microphone, The 58X will take a bit to get here however... Modmics are also not easy to get right now either so the issue with this option is the timing right now. I dont really want to play the exchange game too much right now. I already tried to just get "something from best buy" to hold me over..it didnt go well. Im kinda leaning towards grab the Sennheisers for now and use them and figure out an upgrade later on once the covid-19 has passed
  13. My stats last night were terrible.. i didnt get any WUs it seems
  14. I very much like to play at the best quality most of the time within reason, The reason is if i cant at least achieve 60... BFV is one game i play at 1440p for example (or whatever 85% scale of 4k is) because while a lot of the time 4k runs pretty ok when it decides to take a dive it runs into the ground. Fast. The other game I did that with was Jedi Fallen Order where honestly, yeah it didnt look as good, but the wildly swinging framerate was murdering me as i was playing it on my OLED TV which has no variable refresh or anything... In MW ive been pretty lucky playing it at full 4k just fine