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  1. I am thinking of going with the Trident Z Neo 3600mhz CL16 memory kit with the 5600x (once they come in stock of course). I'm basing this idea off the fact that it seems to have performed well in Steve Burks benchmarks. Of course, I understand that the purpose of this video was to compare a 8x2 to 8x4 configuration and showing the significant improvement when going with 8x4. I know that supposedly, the sweet spot is 4000mhz, but pricing is a bit of an issue. Is there any reason to wait for the price of ram to decrease for 4000mhz? I'm not certain if I will see much
  2. What about this primer that I already have? It's not grey or white.
  3. Well, I guess this person did it for the Noctura fans (except they painted them black), so I suppose it wouldn't be bad???
  4. I'm sure this is probably considered to be a bad idea given that spray painting could greatly reduce cooling performance. The reason for this is I want to use my existing case fans (Lian Li Lancool 2 mesh) which are black and spray paint them white so that RGB lighting would reflect better off of them. I know that I could get some of these. If spray paint is a bad idea, would anyone had suggestions on how to change the color to white for the fan blades aside from going out to buy more fans???
  5. I'm looking for a solid air CPU cooler that is both quiet and has solid RGB for a AMD 5800x build. I'll be putting an RTX 3080 in it once it becomes available. Right now, I have a Lian Li Lancool 2 mesh case. I was looking at the following article: https://graphicscardhub.com/rgb-cpu-cooler/ The only one that looked decent to me was the MA410M. However, it does run a little on the loud side. I do like the design of the Deepcool Gammaxx Gt RGB CPU Cooler, but I notice it only has a pull fan. Does only having a pull fan have poor impact on performance? I'm not
  6. I am currently in the market for an RTX 3080 build. Obviously this is dependent on if anything comes available anytime soon and whether or not AMD's "big navi" is really close to 3080 performance and the ray tracing and drivers aren't a problem. I do have my concerns about the 10GB VRAM for the 3080. However, I keep hearing rumors about a supposed 20GB model. Here's something I'm wondering about. Will RTX IO in newer games make up for the less memory? If data can be streamed over to the GPU on the fly directly from a high speed SSD, it would make sense that less memory would be used. On top of
  7. Do you anticipate stock issues with amd? Don't want to deal with another scalping disaster.
  8. I am planning an RTX 3080 build. Let's just say that multicore performance isn't an important factor. My primary purpose of the build would be for gaming. Should I get the intel 10700k or wait for the amd 5800x? From what I've seen in AMDs first party benchmark, the 5800x only slightly outperforms the 10700k in 1080p benchmarks. I will be primarily playing in 1440p on 144hz. Also, is nvidia rtx io going to be a big enough deal to want to try and future proof with amd to get the pcie gen 4? Nvidia did claim that it would improve frame rates, but I'm not certain what they meant by that. Maybe ju
  9. I am interested in possibly ordering the Gaming X Trio 3080 once it becomes available. Right now, I have the Lian Li Lancool 2 mesh that I bought prematurely when it was first released due to positive airflow reviews...maybe that was a bad idea. The outside length of the case is 19" to include the front panel. If I measure the length inside diameter of the case, it runs at about 17". If I were to add the space taken up by the front fans and the expansion slots, it's more like 15.5" on the inside. Now, the dimensions of the Gaming X Trio 3080 is 12.72" x 5.51" (Length x Height). It just loo