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  1. You will be surprised how much you need sometimes, but in this case it looks much more than enough. Recently cleaned up an old gtx 470 and gtx 480 reference model, the coolers don't come close to touching the die, I spread a thick layer of paste on and found no contact with the cooler, terrible cooler, thought it might be a thermal pad issue, but it was the same results with no pads.
  2. So what cards is it running? Does it run cool enough or are you break out a fan and some zip ties? I see, hot pc, flammable materials and hash browns, isn't there an easier way to make breakfast?
  3. You should have experienced the performance jumps in late 90s and early 2000, tech moved so fast. I first started with 4k back in 2012 using gtx 680, of course I had to lower the setting, but I always preferred and enjoyed a crisp image over realism, I was also able to enjoy older titles in 4k. I just expect a card to stay the same, so over the life of the card the visuals should stay the same. A basic way of looking at it is high settings today is tomorrow medium, and there's no guarantee I will be able to play tomorrows high, but my card hasn't got worse. I'm trying to power a 120hz 4k display, that's why I ordered the 3090, but I don't mind playing on low settings. I usually end up doing a cpu upgrade every 4 years and a gpu every 2 years.
  4. Well it's happened before many times, the classic is when crysis was first released. Many games over the years have pushed graphics to max, this means even higher settings can be used in the years to come with even more powerful gpu's. The requirements of a game don't soley determine it's worth, worth is subjective, for me its based on age, warranties and it how it performs compared to others cards, just because games get more demanding it doesn't make the card worse.
  5. Exeon is right, a lot if not all of the AIB's made changes to the cards, but promotion material show the old cards and many reviewers also received the original model.
  6. A 3070 looks to have similar performance to a 2080ti, I wouldn't pay more than 400 euros for a 2080ti if I could get a new 3070 for 550 euros, of course you might have to wait a while to get one. It depends on the game, but the 2080ti hovers around 30% faster than the 1080ti Well the 3080 is around 20% faster, so its up to you.
  7. New market little change, second hand market decreasing more once the 3000 series is widely available. Would it, I never like sli since its conception. Sli and crossfire was never good, surprised it took so long to die. Wait for 3060/3070, personally wouldn't pay more than 400 for an old 2080ti.
  8. Thats cool where abouts? Yeah, but they are really reliable with shipping, even to me in Tenerife and it hard to get stuff imported to here because of not being in the EU tax, IGIC instead of Spain IVA. Sure hope not, the 3090 FE is the same as the 3090 ventus 4 POSCAPs 2 MLCCs, so hopefully its ok.
  9. Its possible the site I purchased from is using the wrong image I guess: https://www.pccomponentes.com/msi-geforce-rtx-3090-ventus-3x-oc-24gb-gddr6x
  10. I have an Msi Ventus 3090 on its way. On the product page it shows this pic But all the unboxing videos I've seen show 4 POSCAPs 2 MLCCs, so I hope mine is also.
  11. Yeah I've watched both. People having been testing trying to confirm that this is the cause of the issue, but so far no results point to this being the reason for the issue, lets hope this isnt it and instead something simple. I suspect that most of the cards out in the wild (including AIB models) are 4 POSCAPs 2 MLCCs or 5 POSCAPs 1 MLCCs, so if this is the issue hopefully its limited to the POSCAPs only models, and hopefully they aren't making any more.
  12. You have conclusive proof that this is what is causing the issue, if so I would like to see it. Also, many 3000 series reviewer cards and cards used in promotion material seem to have the 6 POSCAPs, but I've watched many unboxings and see mostly 5 POSCAPs 1 MLCCs and 4 POSCAPs 2 MLCCs cards. The msi ventus I ordered is one on the cards that is shown to have 6 POSCAPs when looking at pictures of it, but I haven't seen one in an unboxing, so just the msi ventus has at least 3 different power delivery configurations, its likely other AIB's do also, so I guess it another lottery finding out what power delivery you have. Its possible that all models are now at least 5 POSCAPs 1 MLCCs Msi ventus before Msi Ventus retail unboxed
  13. I assume you mean in gaming performance. Compute performance and gaming performance are two different things. I dunno why the 2070 is 17th on that list and slower than a 2060 with only 1.2mil ppd, my little asus dual mini 2070 does between 1.4-1.8mil ppd.