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  1. Yes, but I would reccomend an entierly different setup. Something more along the lines of this would get you better performance, with a much better psu, since the one that you selected is notoriously bad. You could do with a 650w corsair, or a 550w and maybe get an RTX 2060 Super if you go slightly overbudget.
  2. I would try to repaste and clean out any dust, but I dont see any way to open it. Also, if this helps it idles at about 85 C, and I've already tried to remove any bloatware(which didn't do anything because I dont really have any), change power plan, but that didnt do anything.
  3. Hey everyone, I currently own a 2018 13 inch HP Spectre x360 that I've owned for about 8 months. I know that it's an ultraportable, so the cooling isn't the best, but I used to be able to get about 8 hours of intensive use before I risked it overheating, now it overheats on minecraft with its "recomended settings" in under 15 minutes. I installed throttlestop, and that prevented it from overheating past 90c and locking, but my performance is garbage even in things like chrome. What mystifies me is that it started suddenly, when I booted it on one day, and I don't remember changing any settings that may have affected this. Any help is greatly appreciated, as it's becoming a large annoyance with online school, as it overheats during zoom meetings.
  4. Maybe 16 gigabytes? Also its gonna be helpful to OC the memory to 3600 since youre using a Ryzen CPU, and if its just for gaming then a 3300X would make more sense, and with that money saved a larger SSD or maybe a better board like the tomahawk max
  5. Just practice jitterclicking or butterfly and its cheating technically. You can butterfly click really fast if you practice, I get 16 CPS if I really tryhard and I have a razer mamba wireless.
  6. Thanks so much! I get a sold 144fps now! I can't say how grateful I am!
  7. @PorkishPig I'm really sorry to bother you again, but after closing minecraft and restarting it it went right back to 4330x2245 and my display turns off when I close minecraft and the only way for it to work with windows is to restart my PC which is very annoying to do everytime I want to do something else and not leave minecraft open.
  8. It worked, I put it at 720p and Im getting more like 45-50 FPS in bedwars, I feel like a clown not thinking about doing this lol, thanks so much.
  9. Sorry I forgot to mention that the 15fps part was with two mods and I should have been specific and said the the average FPS I get is 15, I will get a screenshot in a minute if you'd like as proof but forge really doesnt want to start up so I'm troubleshooting that rn
  10. top one is integrated display, 2nd one is monitor and the lower FPS on that may be due to MC thinking its more like a 4k monitor than 1080p, and Lunar client is less laggy than badlion but I prefer badlion due to it not hiding far entities in lobbies which makes dragon bossfights very annoying if you can't see it from more than 3 chunks away.
  11. i actually got his GPU wrong, its HD 4000 sorry I just checked with him.
  12. Hey everyone, I've been getting terrible FPS in minecraft java edition(13-35, highest ever was 100 staring at the void with lowest possible graphics) and lag spikes which get unplayable with 2 mods that aren't even that intensive(orespawn and better enchanting 1.7)I have graphics at fast, and all animations off, FPS capped at 60, I've done a fresh install of windows which helped a small bit, reinstalls of MC, setting priority to real time, even putting render distance to 2 chunks, using different MC clients, many different versions of optifine although I have yet to try fastcraft. My laptop is 4K, but it makes no difference when using my 1080p monitor. The main isssues seem to be loading chunks and entities(i.e. on a large server like Hypixel on which I spend most of my time), and my GPU usage from MC is 70-100%, whereas CPU and memory are at about 20 percent, and I get normal performance in other games such as roblox(there are half decent FPS games on there) so its not something bottlenecking my performance.I get more FPS in windowed mode and before the fresh OS install playing without windowed mode was near impossible(5fps) In addition, my friend who has a bit of a potato of a PC(I5-3300S and HD 2000) gets 80 on average with a much higher render distance and fancy graphics. My specs are Laptop: HP Spectre x360 13t 2018 model CPU: Core i7-8565U)1235 in cine r20) GPU: UHD 620 RAM: 16 gigs of DDR4-2400 sodimms 2x8 Win version: 1909 64 bit 19363.959 My laptop has pretty bad cooling due to it being very thin and it most likely thermal throttles. Any help is extremely appreciated, since me and my friend have been trying to fix this for weeks now, and I can't really play a lightly modded survival that I've no joke wanted to do for 6 years.( I was like 7 and didnt have a computer nor any knowledge of computers beyond using a browser)