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  1. cant i stack them and do 1mm on everything?
  2. hi there, would this work for a gtx 980 reference model? kind of thinking of doing the replacement.
  3. yeah sadly thats what it is, because i tested scarlet nexus when the monitor was connected directly to the power outlet that is not on the ups and the pc continued on. meaning the monitor adds too much wattage from what im already using on the ups. well ill see if i return this one and get another with at elast 600W ups, that should be okay at least. either way thanks for your time and helping me understand how this works because i literally had no idea.
  4. yes to both scenarios, since this is a .50 and not .60 which would be 600w right? thats why under heavyload the pc just "turn off" even if it has some energy still, and same goes for the monitor. i just tested the psu again with more gentle gaming like games that doesnt require much wattage from the gpu and the battery holds up fine. but when gaming something that actually puts the gpu to work, then it happens what i described earlier. i also just tested plugging the monitor in an outlet outside the PSU under heavy gaming load, and it the computer continued to be
  5. to your first question, i was playing a game so it was under load, im gonna assume that the system (desktop and monitor) exceeded the wattage that the ups can provide? even if i have the gpu power limited as i mentioned above to 135w max. yeah thats what i meant the front button of the ups, because i keep getting told that should be on even if im not using my pc (being turned off) if you go under and check products specs , click on runtime, it says how long it gives you when the battery is on use depending on the watttage. https://www.forzaups.com/products/internal/NT-1
  6. i just put my brand new UPS to test just to see that something didnt went as expected. i unplugged the ups from the outlet, made a beep guessing it was using the battery, the thing is that while the monitor and the pc still had "power" it looked like it actually turned it off, monitor was on "no signal" mode and the desktop was with energy but i could tell it was just that. plugged the cable back in the outlet, and the pc booted from Bios. what went wrong? btw this was under load (playing dead by daylight on lobby) my system: evga 500w white plus ryzen
  7. thank you for letting me know, i really wanted to be sure it wasnt something toxic, which i hope it isnt. it has been charging for at least 3hours and a half so far, the smell is still there so just wanted to make sure, the ups its not hot to the touch btw just warm.
  8. Hi I recently got a new ups forza nt-1011 https://www.forzaups.com/products/internal/NT-1011-eng Now, I've never used a ups before until now so I followed the instructions that are in the manual, pretty much just plug in the ups to the outlet and leave it charging without anything plugged in the ups for 6 hours at least, which is what I plan to do, but one thing I noticed is a peculiar smell, it's like" new plastic" , not exactly burn but it's odd, is this normal? also can i turn off the psu when i no longer use it during the day ? or does it have to be "o
  9. hello there, i just noticed this "issue" when i was gaming i decided to browse some videos on youtube, and i noticed while scrolling down that the text or images seemed to be a bit blurry or tearing a bit, which seems odd to me but idk if t his is normal since the gpu is under load while im gaming, it doesnt feel as smooth as it should when im not gaming at all. if it isnt normal , what can i do to improve this ? cause its a bit annoying. if i close the game and i decide to browse on youtube or anywhere else, no more blurriness/tearing feeling feels smooth as it should (cant be sure
  10. it has happend only once, and it was with the hdmi cable that came with the monitor that was brand new, very odd huh. anyways changed to a "cheap" displayport cable, so far no more of that.
  11. hello im wondering if this info is right, since i just got a displayport for my gtx 980 reference model, and the 24g2 aoc monitor with displayport capability of 1.2 according to the monitor OSD i pretty much had to do this because when i installed the displayport cable on my monitor/gpu and turned on the pc, the screen stayed black until OS showed up and i couldnt get into bios anymore, so i knew something was wrong and i came up through a post in another website that mentioned the same problem, and saw this firmware update for the displayport issue and decided to give it a go
  12. sometimes? i installed this, and restarted nothing bad happend to me thank goodness. i have no idea what went wrong on your end tbh, i used this updater on a gtx 980
  13. this fixed it for me too, i just got a displayport cable and i wanted to try it, and i noticed how my motherboard was doing some beep sounds and im like wtf? then got into windows but never able to get into bios. found this post saw this and decided to give it a go, i had no idea it was dangerous to try due to the warning it says that if power is lost it may ruint he gpu, thank god nothing bad happend on my end.
  14. Hi there, i was just playing star wars battlefront 2, and out of nowhere i experienced a random black screen on my monitor like it powered down, but the monitor light was still on like nothing happened and my PC was still working and I could hear the game sounds as normally would, and then the screen went back to normal this was like 2 seconds at best or so, went to check event Viewer for errors but i found none, is there a particular situation to trigger such a random black screen ? Monitor aoc 24g2 24 inch with HDMI cable on a GTX 980