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  1. https://postimg.cc/68QMjDZR https://postimg.cc/QKsbpPsF https://postimg.cc/sBhqmkFm here you go
  2. i was just playing injustice 2 and streaming at the same time using streamlabs obs, when suddenly my pc simple shut down with no meesage nothing, just black screen on mymonitor, but the pc was literally shut down. when i turned it back on and i checked event viewer this is what came out from it. https://postimg.cc/ns6vpWPX https://postimg.cc/0MD7QCTc so idk whats up here, what could have triggered this? my monitor didnt turned off just the pc. my system gtx 980 reference edition ryzen 5600x motherboard aorus elite b550m 2x8
  3. yeah thought so too, im getting the xpg 550w, thank you so much for your time
  4. how is this one? the 600w version, is this better in terms of quality or they are almost the same in comparison to the 550w xpg? the sharkoon would cost me 75$ https://en.sharkoon.com/product/SHPBRONZE#specs
  5. yeah i think im gonna get the psu tomorrow, what surprise me is the post above that says i should have 700w for my system, specially for the cpu.
  6. hi, could someone tell me if this is a decent psu for my system? i currently have an evga 500 80+ white my system: ryzen 5600x motherboard aorus elite b550m xpg 2x8 3200 ram crucial 500gb ssd seagate 1tb hdd gtx 980 4gb cooler master elite 430 case my case has 2 fan coolers so far my system havent had any power down, or any issue that i can think of, but this psu will have almost 5 years since i bought it from my old system, i recently upgraded my system and well i just took my psu for the new one since it seemed to be working fine.
  7. hi guys, so yesterday i got this displayport cable https://www.argomtech.com/products/displayport-to-displayport-cable-m-m-6ft for my aoc 24g2 144hz monitor that i recently obtained, i noticed that when i turn off my pc, and i turn it on , the beep sound from the motherboard is no longer beeping, and my monitor screen is black not even able to reach bios logo,case fans are spinning, gpu as well, cpu fan too, my turn off button doesnt work , reset button the same, so i gotta power it off from the psu, and if i turn it back on the problem persist, so what i gotta do is turn it off from the
  8. ah i see, yeah im very new to ips so thats why it has taken me by surprise and also getting a really hard time to get used to this monitor. thanks so much guys at least i dont gotta go back to the store and request warranty. ps: is there any other thing i need to keep an eye on about this monitor?
  9. hello guys, im new to ips monitors, and i recently got this one, i went to this site to check if i had any dead pixels http://lcdtech.info/en/tests/dead.pixel.htm which i dont, but i then noticed when i closed my windows courtain that theres some "white glow" as you can see that comes from the screen, is this normal? or does it means i have a bad panel or whatever this is. i have warranty so i wanna know if this is fine or i need to take it back. thanks for the help.
  10. will this cable support 1080 resolution with 144hz? https://www.argomtech.com/products/displayport-to-displayport-cable-m-m-6ft thanks for the help. ps: this is the only model they have in my country atm.
  11. have a sony XBR-55X805E, and i recently noticed how whenever i try to cast something from my desktop to my tv, the cast mirroring quickly gets disconnected on my tv, and i have no idea whats causing this, i already uninnstalled and reinstalled my chrome on my desktop, did a manufacture reboot on the tv as well, updated it at the same time and the issue persist. if mirror something from youtube from pc to tv it works fine, but if i try to cast something else like a soccer game i get this problem, any solution to this?