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  1. Yeah I would just go with corsair or seasonic And if you are on budget, don´t get fully modular, or even semi-mod PSU, those cost extra
  2. Not bad Does anyone have trouble with loading photos here I couldn´t manage it thourgh ethernet with LAN just wanted to hear, if anyone else has the same problem I want to poist from my new builds with old hardware
  3. I listed it my profile, it is an old dell bussiness unit. sadly they don´t make such good keyboards anymore And docking it to my displays is very nice I just have to figure that keyboard thing
  4. so, yes all my Computers run i7 but that is a bad thing. becasue that sips my laptop battery empty too fast
  5. well, I bought it inside an old Lenovo low prof desktop, and originallt transfered from arock h77 pro 4 after that my motherboard died and I didn´t clear the CMOS. I bought an used z77pro with that i5-3570k with my phantecs focus g case
  6. nice, my current one i7-3770 16gb of DDR3 Asrock z77 pro3 radeon rx 5700xt phanteks focus g PSU seasonic Gm-650 core (it is the TUF alliance one) semi mod PSU
  7. If I can get my phone sharing photos here I would like to post amd fx6300 i5-3570 nvidia gtx 960 stirx nvidia gtx 660 ti Gainward nvidia quadro 400 and 410
  8. https://tietokonekauppa.fi/products/1068453/Komponentit/Keskusmuistit/DDR4_DIMM/F4_3200C16D_16GTZB/G_SKILL_Trident_Z_DDR4_16GB_2_x_8GB_3200MHz_CL16_harmaa https://tietokonekauppa.fi/products/1350402/Komponentit/Keskusmuistit/DDR4_DIMM/F4_3200C16D_16GTZKW/G_Skill_Trident_Z_DDR4_3200MHz_2_x_8GB_16_GB_CL16_1_35V Ok It would seem so that cl16-7 3600MHz is totally out of my budget Any idea if there is a difference between these two Apart from 11e price difference I acdentaly wrote cl16-7 1600Mhz
  9. Hi am doing research on how much I would have to pay to get that ryzen 5, 16gb of ddr4 memory and a new MB. But the thing I am most confused with is the memory. I couldn´t find any guide here, which would show how much speed I need. I am currently looking to buy G.skill´s trident z kit with 16gb (in two DIMMs) Ryzen feeds off fast memory, so what is the swwt spot for speed and price I am trying to do this on budget, so no over shooting. Oh, and I don´t care for rgb Those will be paired up with radeon rx5700XT oc gaming 8GB
  10. Ah. I didn´t see it on neither of my retailers sites, nor integrated to an machine with the pro on it
  11. And there is same kinda thing with ryzen 7 2700x https://www.3dmark.com/newsearch#advanced?test=spy P&cpuId=2410&gpuId=1285&gpuCount=1&deviceType=DESKTOP&memoryChannels=0&country=&scoreType=overallScore&hofMode=false&showInvalidResults=false&freeParams= Even thou it doesn´t even have scores
  12. I was doing research on whihc kinda cpu would be best for the buck on my graphics card. And I found that 3d mark search didn´t have it as ryzen 5 2600x but some "pro" version? Does this mean the ryzen 5 2600x or some other cpu? https://www.3dmark.com/newsearch#advanced?test=spy P&cpuId=2408&gpuId=1285&gpuCount=1&deviceType=DESKTOP&memoryChannels=0&country=&scoreType=overallScore&hofMode=false&showInvalidResults=false&freeParams=
  13. I was thinking more of an new keyboard, which linus covered in some video. Like having usb type c connection and swich for bluetooth, or are those totally crap?
  14. ok. So, better idea is to solve porblem by either a usb switch or some software?
  15. Hi, I am trying to look for a keyboard, which can be easily changed between two different computers without unplugging the cable and then replugging it to the other machine. I don´t want to get always in the back of my pc setup, when I want to use my laptop docked to my displays I am currently using cheap blakcstorm, so I really don´t have any idea which kinda switch would be good. Keyboard should be backlit, but RGB doesn´t really matter. This is for both gaming and writing. So, I would say, that as a budget under 200e. And I eally don´t have anything to integrate it with it, so anything good which you would recomend I live in Finland
  16. Okay. I checked the availlability, of those earlier recomendations, Wiewsonic, is not availlable, on my retaillers at least And the second one is VA But Look for IPS. Some models not to go for?
  17. What kinda difference it would make to my old lenovo L2250 wide.
  18. And most games I play, are space engineers, war thunder. Not really much of FPS games
  19. Yeah. I was looking actually considering AOC one Finland I can look at different stuff myself here.
  20. And 144hz refresh isn´t really useful for my use case
  21. Hi, I am looking for new monitor. I was looking at hardware unboxed, and I didn´t find, what I wanted. Problem with my old one was the horrible heavy look. Like when watching monitor, and looking away, I can feel my eyes hating me for looking at. Price range of about -200e, or close to it. But what does the eyecare mean at these, for example? https://www.jimms.fi/fi/Product/Show/136535/9h-lgdla-tbe/benq-24-gw2480-full-hd-monitori-musta