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    AMD Ryzen 7 3700x
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    ASUS Rog Strix x570 -F Gaming
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    Zotac RTX 2060 Super AMP
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    Sahara P35 Mid Tower
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  1. you mean on pulseaudio? though, yes, i can see my usb sound card everywhere in all the apps i have (pulseaudio, jack and alsamixer)
  2. hi all! to better explain my situation: 1. i'm on manjaro (latest version on official website) the PC is an old thinkpad T61 2. i'm using an external usb audio device (tascam us-800) 3. i need to record my 6 channels using REAPER 4. i've already downloaded all i need (jack2 etc etc) 5. i've set already myself inside the group "@audio" and set the rtprio limit to 95 and the memlock to unlimited in the /etc/security/limits.cfg file 6. to start right the jackd server i use jackd -R -d alsa in order to "force" the server to work realtime using the alsa drivers 7. then i open the qjackctl and to swap the "default" alsa driver to dummy then back to alsa because it's "bugged", doing this swap it allows me to change the alsa interface from (default) to my usb card 8. i've set the priority to 85 in the advanced settings of jack, then set up the channels I/O to 8 for the imputs and 2 for the outputs, saved the profile and closed settings 9. restarted the jack server 10. then i open reaper and set jack as audio system, set my channels to 8 and 2, auto start jackd leaving black the launch command, enabling the "auto-connect jack audio channels to hardware", enabling "auto-suspend pulseaudio" and "disable power management if supported" and apply everything 11. when i add a track and select the imput reaper gives me the feedback of the internal microphone please help i'm going to bang my head against the wall soon if i can't find a solution -.- it's driving me crazy lol
  3. soooo i managed to make everything ALMOST work, i've swapped from KDA Neon to manjaro 20.xx (latest version from the official website)... now i need to understand why ALSA is capturing my internal laptop microphone instead of my sound card even though in JACK the settings is set to ALSA as driver with my soundcard as interface and i've even used the command "jackd -R -d alsa" to make the jack server work in realtime! though, when i start the software REAPER, i get only 2 channels working out of a total of 6 (+2 midi)
  4. i managed to make it work with rclone now i just need to make the startup selfmount stuff
  5. Rclone works amazingly! didn't know it was actually easy to config... maybe the craptop of code lines scared me hahahaha do you maybe know how to make rclone mount at startup my google drive to the designed folder? i can't find much online and i'm pretty noob about "konsole" stuff
  6. i was going to actually... though if i open a ticket they ask for an OS and there's no Linux... i guess there's literally no support for linux... i might be stuck on windows
  7. i've searched on google and ppl said that this specific card works without drivers on linux, though, they were all old threads (like from 2018 the latest) is there any way to fetch drivers from the terminal? EDIT: on the tascam product page there's only drivers for Windows and MacOS
  8. hey guys, i'm running KDE Neon on my thinkpad T61 (reeeeeally old laptop), i'm using it to record my band sessions using the software REAPER by cockos so i can then extract the tracks i need... the problem is that my tascam us-800 is NOT recognized by reaper and somehow i can't see any of the 6 inputs while on windows it should work fine... what can i do to solve the problem?
  9. i'm currently using linux mint but i'm downloading right now KDA Neon to try it let's see what happens! if it works you've saved me a huge headache hahaha
  10. hmmm i was looking at rclone a while ago while i was thinking about what to use on windows but it looked soooooooo damn hard to use can you help me just to mount the drive as a network folder? i don't understand much of "just code" stuff
  11. something that would be amazing to start with is a way to mount a teamdrive (that's a google drive) as a network folder, from there i can even begin with copying stuff with just copy paste at first without any automations... it still would be a good start
  12. hi guys! i'm on a teamdrive and right now to copy local folders to my teamdrive folder i use raidrive and a robocopy batch since i'm on windows 10... the issue is that now i have a linux system too where there's some files i need to copy to my teamdrive using raidrive (or any other way to mount my teamdrive to as network folder since raidrive doesn't support linux sadly)...is there a similiar software as robocopy in linux? right now i use files like: robocopy *local directory* *teamdrive directory* /mir /xo /xx /fft i'd love to do the same on linux cause it would be slighty boring to make a dual OS and switch os everytime i need to sync stuff with my teamdrive ^^"
  13. that's something i didn't consider at all... my PSU is pretty old, i think it might be 4yo, for how long are PSUs still reliable? it worked a tons of hours for sure
  14. it might sound like a stupid question but... is it actually worth to swap from a semi-modular power supply to a full modular power supply? i own right now a CX850M from corsair that actually never failed me, it's old though and was thinking about maybe replacing it with a full modular corsair RM650X (or a full modular of any other brand), my setup is listed here, you'll see 3600MHz ram but on my system there's actually 2x 3466MHz 16gb kits overclocked to 3600MHz via D.O.C.P, but i don't think it affects much of the total wattage needed tbh... the question is: is it actually worth to swap to a full modular power supply coming from a semi-modular one? i was thinking about to try to overclock probably the GPU a bit in the future, so 650W gives me a bit more of wattage room (still never overclocked anything, so i guess having around spare 200/250W on my power supply sounds good?) my pc setup right now: PCPartPicker Part List Type Item Price CPU AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 3.6 GHz 8-Core Processor $279.99 @ Newegg CPU Cooler Corsair H100i RGB PLATINUM 75 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler $159.49 @ Newegg Motherboard Asus ROG Strix X570-F Gaming ATX AM4 Motherboard $299.99 @ Newegg Memory Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3600 CL18 Memory $97.99 @ Amazon Memory Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3600 CL18 Memory $97.99 @ Amazon Storage Samsung 840 Pro Series 256 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive $278.89 @ Amazon Storage Silicon Power A80 512 GB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive $69.98 @ Amazon Storage Western Digital Caviar Green 2 TB 3.5" 5400RPM Internal Hard Drive $77.70 @ Amazon Storage Seagate Barracuda 1 TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive $44.50 @ Amazon Video Card Zotac GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER 8 GB AMP Video Card $458.71 @ Amazon Case Sahara P35 ATX Mid Tower Case Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts Total $1865.23 Generated by PCPartPicker 2020-07-19 19:52 EDT-0400
  15. thanks so much i'll read everything as i have some time ^^ if i get to acutally realize this project i might even make a guide about what i did