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  1. Temps will reach 75 degrees max at all times. My temps will often drop down under load to around 68-73 degrees, Is that alright?
  2. Im getting the most fps without stutters at +125mhz core and +350mhz memory i think, is it a good idea to keep them on there or will it break my gpu in the future?
  3. I currently have a Seasonic Focus GX-850 My GPU temps under load are around 65-73 degrees Are you sure my power supply isn't good?
  4. What are signs of it being unstable? I have never crashed before at +125/+130 core
  5. OC scanner in afterburner is telling me its unstable for some reason, is this normal?
  6. I have been trying to overclock my RTX 3080 Suprim X for a while now and today i have tried out the OC seeker in MSI afterburner, it told me the most stable overclock was +99MHZ and +200mhz on the memory. I have tried running my card at core +125/+135 and +500 memory, this gave me more FPS ingame and was working fine, but what is different between my manual overclock settings and the most stable overclock according to the OC seeker? What will happen when i go over the most stable settings, will my card break or slow down or cause stutters? Specs: RTX 30
  7. How strong is the light effect, i feel like it might fade away because its not bright enough.
  8. Nope, cant look right now, but i have read that the commander core has 4 pins.
  9. Im not so sure.. Where can i check this? I have have a commander core i think it'll be fine.
  10. I have noticed that there are holes in the bottom of the case, so i thought it would look pretty cool if a rainbow effect would glow out of there, but how would i achieve this effect? RGB strips have dots and no ambient glow for this big of a surface. Specs: 5900X MSI X570 Unify RTX 3080 Suprim X DDR4-3600 32GB H150I Elite Capellix Phanteks P400A
  11. The only way i can make them show up is by creating a shortcut manually and moving it to a folder in documents, but then steam will be above the actual game im searching for, is there a way to move steam down in results?
  12. Yes, it still doesn't get added to the search bar. The shortcut works now, but it doesn't show in the search bar.