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  1. or that thats how corvette's do it... and its still not enough for the SC'd ones...
  2. having owned an RSX... they should do that same stuff on some other car that doesn't have minivan front suspension that being said, I dig the RSCamino
  3. thats cheating... a friend of mine has a stockish Viper who's goal is a 42 which would make him the fastest door slammer... or at least that we can find vids of... there are a bunch of GT3's and GT2's that go that never post up their vids so we're not sure how fast they run. his current best is a 44. and I'm struggling in the 2's... current best is a 2:01 same viper guy did a 1:58 on a very similar setup on his NC... but he did have stickier tires... so thats my excuse... also he's been tracking and racing a lot longer than I have viper vid
  4. Hey, just got around to watching the vid and realized it’s at the ridge, my local track (somehow missed the part where you wrote that the first time I read this post). I’m always surprised how much non regulars like the track... of the 4 tracks in the area I’d rate this one 3rd best... I also wouldn’t call it easy on brakes, it’s not particularly hard on brakes either, I just would call out easy on brakes as one of its features. the track is killer on your front right tire tho... any by chance you know what kinda laptimes the owner runs there? The guy in the vid was obviously taking it easy, so not really curious about his laptimes
  5. it gets bad here this time of year too, but it usually doesn't last too long, so its bearable... but overall I agree, AC is da shiet I seriously thought that was an Evo X... then I looked at the rest of the profile and its an STi... suby really ripped off the Evo... Like I said its for when you need every last ounce of cooling... if you get too hot in 3 laps you've got bigger problems. on some cars its also a space thing, depending how other heat exchangers are arranged...
  6. with a leak in my AC system... sometimes you needs to eek out every last ounce of cooling you can for a track car... removing the AC condenser allows air to get to the radiator easier. but if you can get away with having AC on your track car, its the best thing ever.
  7. I just bought this https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07T9M8HQM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  8. is it still awd? its cool, but I don't think I'd wanna own one..
  9. dude... you're just ruining all my splitter hopes and dreams! what the hell... lol
  10. thats kinda what I like about it... its small enough to be streetable, and still enough to balance out that pretty big wing
  11. IIRC MCS has a lot of people that were at Moton when it originally started, but Moton is now owned by AST (this part I'm sure about) personally I'm a big fan of this Spage splitter @bcredeur97
  12. looks pretty sick.. curious if it'll give CanJam a run for their money... looks like everyone in TA is getting a Spage Sport splitter, at least it looks like a Spage splitter so you say its running MCS dampers, but those are clearly Moton canisters under the hood...?