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  1. I'm so jealous of this thing... although my ideal Honda engine for this would be a J32 or J35 built to about 320whp (easily done). that engine is tiny, so if the rear of the engine is at the same place the front would be further back, so closer to centralizing weight. and I'm not sure if its lighter than a K20 but its definitely lighter than a K20 with a turbo and intercooler. and no intercooler means less weight hanging out in front of the wheels. but this is still awesome.
  2. I test drove a 2.7 turbo F150 when I was shopping for a truck, it made boost pretty much as soon as you were on the gas. After my dad's ecodiesel ram (which was dead off boost and took a while to start building boost) this was something I paid particular attention to. I mean it's no V8, V8 is still definitely better off idle. But there isn't a significant no boost from idle to whatever rpm to start building boost. That being said, I'm pretty sure they were limiting boost at lower rpm with the tune so that soccer mom's aren't lighting up their tires at every stop light. however, things may change with a manual transmission. auto transmissions do a good job putting load on an engine and can do that even before you're even moving, and you can enhance that further with a bit of brake torquing. And that loading up the engine will build boost. But with a manual transmission you can rev it up but you can't load the engine unless you're slipping the clutch. and you gotta be really good at that to slip the clutch just right to build boost and not move and then start moving smoothly while rock climbing... then there's the whole overheating and exploding the clutch in the middle of nowhere issue... you can always do the rev it up and dump the clutch thing, but that presents its own set of issues. I would have bought the truck if the pricing was more competitive, I didn't have any issues with the engine. But I ended up buying a similarly equipped Ram with a V8 for about 10k less.
  3. That’s pretty awesome! I remember seeing aeromotions had a kit like this like 10 years ago, they also had one that the wing was split in 2 so it can set different angles for the 2 halves of the wing. Kinda like lambo’s ALA system that does aero vectoring. But that setup was like 10k. I wonder if that company is still around... Flyin Miata also did some home brew testing with the setup, he said it was a huge difference in braking https://youtu.be/ISSUHwQiRl4
  4. I'm ok, lol, I haven't gotten it to the point where I thought it needed more rotation yet...
  5. hahaahha... I'm good, I don't need to turn my truck into an autox truck... I'm still getting used to taking turns sitting up that high...
  6. absolutely, anytime... (if any of you give this guy my number I'll kill you) <--threatening russian accent thanks! I dream to have a toolbox someday... and the mopar crazy purple is the first thing I thought too, haha
  7. I got a thing... sorry for the potato quality pics, still on an iPhail 6S (last one with a headphone jack) I really need to ditch the chromies... and step down to 18's... possibly black plastidip all the chrome badging... this is the first vehicle I've owned thats not black, white, or silver... its suuuuper red in real life @bcredeur97 @vinyldash303 @chaozbandit @vetali
  8. engine is a stock 2.5, they can handle up to 400whp so my power level isn't an issue I did... still actually have my 2007. I bought this one from a friend of mine for less than his last bill from the shop was... he tried it twice, and was having some serious cooling issues and didn't wanna deal with it anymore. So I'm changing some things around to hopefully take a big bite out of that. we also discovered the thermostat was stuck... so that could have really been the case for it. he couldn't even do a single hot lap... and yes 300whp is a lot for a car this light. I drove it in its 270whp tune and felt every bit as fast as my 350whp evo was...
  9. well there's only so much available for cooling parts for the NC... if I tried to do anything more than I already have I'd need to do custom stuff... like a custom radiator and custom fab to fit the custom radiator... I have some ideas for ducting that hopefully will help. if that doesn't work I'm gonna put a watersprayer on the radiator. considering that works for pikes peak cars, that should work for me. but I'm really hoping I don't have to resort to that. the turbo is a Borg Warner EFR 6758 with the low boost actuator so that I can turn down boost low enough for my track power goal. high boost should be 300-320whp
  10. yeah I'm excited about it too! just worried about cooling, boosted NC's have always struggled in that department. I drove it with the turbo before it went under the knife, its a blast! but I've never driven anything this fast on a track, so there's gonna be a little bit of a learning curve there. although my track tune will only be 230-250whp...
  11. this isn't an RX8... wish it was... but thats a much more expensive project
  12. some teaser pics... (that mishicrapo oil thermostat block is going away... but the mishicrapo oil cooler is staying) @bcredeur97 @vetali @vinyldash303
  13. y'all need to go back and read the OP... he has raid 0 now, he wants 1 nvme drive to get replace the raid 0 setup. and he repeated that like 3 times in later posts...
  14. warmmilk

    What is boomer?

    its a great comeback when boomers say something along the lines of "lazy millennial" but I've been seeing it used more and more as a trump card when someone is losing an argument... then its lame... but I love how offended the boomers are about it when they've been yelling for so long about what snowflakes millennial are being so easily offended... and here they are losing their sh*t about being called something that they've been calling themselves for decades...