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  1. Alexa privacy policy said they didn't store your conversations and it only computers listened to what you said... and that was a lie... privacy policies sometimes right out lie and sometimes cleverly lie that they can technically claim isn't lying in court. Overall I don't put too much stalk into what a privacy policy says because nobody knows how much of it is actually true.
  2. this is where you have it wrong, Honey needs to show proof that they don't do that. How many times have companies claimed to not sell/record/generally abuse user data only for it to come out later that they did do all that stuff with user data. This isn't court, they're not innocent till proven guilty. As far as user data every tech company is guilty until proven innocent as far as the end user is concerned and the general public should treat them that way.
  3. lol, advice to who? LTT? what qualifies you to give LTT advice? is your youtube channel more successful than LTT?
  4. these are catchy titles, not clickbait. those titles are directly related to whats going on in the video. a clickbait title would be something like "I overclock my cpu till it blows up" and then the video is just a couple BSODs while overclocking... as far as them being "more like a dying youtube prank channel using clickbait titles in a futile attempt to stay relevant" you can thank the youtube algorithms for that. cause it is an attempt to stay relevant, just not futile, cause thats the way youtube works. if they made boring titles the view counts would drop along with their b
  5. I'm more annoyed at Honey ads than Raid Shadow Legends... at least those ads don't lie about anything (other than maybe the person doing the ad read actually playing the game)
  6. lol, I meant 1 coupon for every 100 purchases...
  7. for everyone saying its an american thing, I'm in the US and I was the one that started this thread.
  8. Alexa EULA said it didn't listen to your conversations... just cause somethings not in there or there are privacy claims in the EULA doesn't make that actually the case.
  9. I spend 5 figures a year on amazon, the only thing it has ever gotten me is price history. Do both of you have an account with them? Has it ever gotten you anything before you made an account?
  10. So Honey has bought a ton of ad space from LTT and I'm tired of hearing the company line over and over. Has Honey actually worked for anyone? Anytime I buy anything online its just "searching for coupons" for like a full minute to make it seem like it's doing something and then it comes back with unable to find anything. There was one time it "found" a coupon code, the same code I had already put in before Honey did its pretend search. On the rare occasion that it does have a coupon it give me the "sign in with your email to use coupon". Which brings me to my second point, the
  11. ultrawide but go for a 3440x1440 resolution
  12. I'm so jealous of this thing... although my ideal Honda engine for this would be a J32 or J35 built to about 320whp (easily done). that engine is tiny, so if the rear of the engine is at the same place the front would be further back, so closer to centralizing weight. and I'm not sure if its lighter than a K20 but its definitely lighter than a K20 with a turbo and intercooler. and no intercooler means less weight hanging out in front of the wheels. but this is still awesome.
  13. I test drove a 2.7 turbo F150 when I was shopping for a truck, it made boost pretty much as soon as you were on the gas. After my dad's ecodiesel ram (which was dead off boost and took a while to start building boost) this was something I paid particular attention to. I mean it's no V8, V8 is still definitely better off idle. But there isn't a significant no boost from idle to whatever rpm to start building boost. That being said, I'm pretty sure they were limiting boost at lower rpm with the tune so that soccer mom's aren't lighting up their tires at every stop light. however,