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  1. I could use it with TRS to RCA cable, I already use it like that on my Audio Kontrol 1 which I want to change because its malfunctioning. I don't even use a mic, I will just use monitor and headphones, if I ever need a mic I will only use 1 mic at once. I have 600 ohm beyerdynamics so Magni 3 helps driving them on HI mode.
  2. im trapped forever trying to decide this
  3. Im considering buying one of these two: https://www.thomann.de/gb/steinberg_ur24c.htm https://www.thomann.de/gb/focusrite_scarlett_4i4_3rd_gen.htm I like the UR24C better because of how it looks and probably they both sound the same, however, for some reason they are using RCA for the other 2 outs, wereas 4i4 uses 6.3 for all outs. Does it matter? Im going to be pluging a pair of monitors and a Magni 3 Schiit. Im concerned because I put the DAC and headphone amp on top of my case and this guy says balanced is better because it doesn't pick up interferences: And there's this guy in the comments section: So yeah, wtf do I do?
  4. It sounds different compared to my DAC box. The panning is weird. I guaranteed there wasn't any "monitor speakers room" emulation thing going on.
  5. Must be wired and circumaural. Why it doesn't exsist? I just want a cheap one that isolates noise to watch stuff while im on the treadmill but all I find is too expensive or is wireless. Also I hate in-ear ones.
  6. I installed VidIQ Vision for Chrome and it said something like "some bullshit background service is now running even if.... (it was cut, thats why I clicked) Im using 125% font size so the full text isn't even show sometimes. And there is no log left of notifications? this OS is so retarded
  7. When you click on a notification it disappeared. I clicked on one without reading what it was and now I can't find it.
  8. Disabled Firewall just in case and same thing. Is it down?
  9. MS-DOS

    Magni 3 + AKG k371?

    Which impedance setting should I select in the Magni 3? HI or LO? The k371 is supposed to be 32ohm. I have a 600ohm DT770 which stopped working from one side, so im going to buy a k371 as a replacement for closed cans, I've heard they have a neutral sound good for producing. Do I use HI or LO? For earbuds obviously I use LO, but not sure for a 32ohm cans. I don't want the thing to blow up or something.
  10. that sort of tries to emulate monitor positioning. Something like Sonarworks. I mean, I can clearly see the difference plugging my headphones on my Audio Kontrol 1 vs on the frontal jack. The Audio Kontrol 1 has a raw signal, the stereo is classic headphone stereo were you hear things panned a lot to the sides. If I put it on the frontal jack (on the motherboard basically) then I get this weird feel that it has some inbuilt algorithm that is not raw stereo signal... its hard to describe if you are not familiar with audio. I have looked at Realtek options and apparently all post processing is disabled. The problem is the Audio Kontrol 1 is old af and its breaking so I need to buy a new DAC if I cant fix the sound on the motherboard.
  11. how do i launch it borderless windowed? i will try this but still need to get the colors right
  12. Ive tried some recommended settings and it just doesnt look as it should.