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  1. ive got my pc for like 2 months now and ive been kinda bothered by my ram unable to clock at 2666mhz im using the geil evo potenza 2666mhz 1x8 stick of ram and an asrock h310cm-dvs mobo(2 dimms) i checked out the website of the motherboard and it says it supports up to 2666mhz ram the ram also clearly 2666mhz (on the package and on the website) i also tried playing with the bios settings but nothing works also checked cpu z and it says its clocked at 2400 is there any way to fix this,if not,i wont return the ram since its too much of a hassle for just 233mhz of a difference thx in advance
  2. Hi,i just bought an rgb fan for exhaust on my pc and turns out,it only had 1 molex for connections,sure enough when i plugged the connectors and turned on the pc,the rgb on the fan didnt turn on,but the fans are spinning,i asked the seller about this and he said i needed an rgb header in my mobo,the thing is: 1.there is no rgb header connected anywhere in the fan 2.and if there is my mobo apparently does NOT have an rgb header the fan is an "automatic flowing" rgb so you cant control it i also tried different molex cables from my psu,still doesnt work to sum it up : just got an rgb fan,rgb not working,fan spinning,only comes with 1 molex cable,other reviews have their rgb on,is there any way to fix it or should i return it thx in return