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  1. So i just got my 1650 super and inserted it on the motherboard, the thing is there is not much space between the graphics card fans and the open air since i have a small case, i just wanna make sure it doesnt suffocate of fresh air
  2. Pog thanks guys i just got a full refund lol, i just bought an evga 1650 super for like $50 more,i was almost ready to just give in and take the 1060
  3. Thanks,i've sent some benchmarks through their gmail hope they read it tommorow. Also if i do get the 1060 is gainward a good brand?
  4. ++i RMA'd my card due to it overheating 85 degs+ under load and it went artifacting cus i didnt know 85 degs is not nornal lol, i just want a cool card that performs similar to the rx 570
  5. I may also add that i got the rx570 for $135
  6. So i've RMA'd my rx 570 graphics card and the store i bought it from told me that they cant replace it since they have no stock,they offered me an upgrade for +$30 to a Gainward Phoenix GTX 1060 6GB card, now i've personally never heard of that brand,now i have 2 options A.Take the upgrade and pay $30 for a 1060 6gb B.Wait for the rx570 to come back on stock (god knows how long i've been waiting for the rma for 3 weeks) I've seen benchmarks on the rx570 vs the gtx 1060 6gb and the rx 570 4gb seems to be winning lol, i honestly wished they'd offer me a 1650 super but oh well
  7. Update: i check and yeah apparently its my graphics card artifacting, idk how i just got it brand new 8 months ago,thankfully the warranty is still active and im gonna get a new one in 1-2 weeks,also any tips on how to avoid having artifacts on your gpu? thanks
  8. Update:now it doesnt only affect games it also white screens / flickers when using chrome/visiting any website RIP
  9. Hi, today i've been having issues with my pc,everytime i try to enter start a game it either crashes or it completely freezes and the monitors flickers like hell (similar to the grey screen of death just more extreme flickering),ive tried looking at my temps and usage,they are all normal (msi afterburner) when the screen flickers i cant even turn off my pc using the power button,i have to unplug the power cable to do so,ive also tried updating drivers,cleaning out the dust from my pc and checking the cables,but it still doesnt work.suggestions/help would be much appreciated Oh and
  10. ive got my pc for like 2 months now and ive been kinda bothered by my ram unable to clock at 2666mhz im using the geil evo potenza 2666mhz 1x8 stick of ram and an asrock h310cm-dvs mobo(2 dimms) i checked out the website of the motherboard and it says it supports up to 2666mhz ram the ram also clearly 2666mhz (on the package and on the website) i also tried playing with the bios settings but nothing works also checked cpu z and it says its clocked at 2400 is there any way to fix this,if not,i wont return the ram since its too much of a hassle for ju
  11. Hi,i just bought an rgb fan for exhaust on my pc and turns out,it only had 1 molex for connections,sure enough when i plugged the connectors and turned on the pc,the rgb on the fan didnt turn on,but the fans are spinning,i asked the seller about this and he said i needed an rgb header in my mobo,the thing is: 1.there is no rgb header connected anywhere in the fan 2.and if there is my mobo apparently does NOT have an rgb header the fan is an "automatic flowing" rgb so you cant control it i also tried different molex cables from my psu,still doesnt work