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  1. all good man thank u soo much for ur try to help really appreciate it
  2. about that here is the video https://l.top4top.io/m_17062kcqr0.mp4?fbclid=IwAR2QhyfKdpfMs_amrj4hjq3uIxRdR7lNyU7wZyqhYAEky2TsiNLDPJ5HqVs
  3. or could be the cpu cache it self went bye bye u see ... i cant be sure at all and that's what is bothering the hell out of me cause i cant do a damn thing if i could point with 100 percent confident that that is causing the issue mow i wish i was living in another country
  4. but why when i do both the cpu and gpu test it doesnt turn off !! even though it is delivering 200w (120w for the gpu and 80w for the cpu) but in the other hand when i do the cache test which sips only 120w it turns off !! it doesnt make much sense !! im sorry i may seem paranoid or something ... but i just wanna be sure read the message above and u will see why !
  5. im not from the us .... the prices here are x2 to x3 .... so we buy everything from outside .... and u know what is returning a product from outside the country !! a hassle so it is not an option at all thats why i want to be 100 percent sure
  6. if i were u i would buy the pc without the gpu .... and buy an old and used gpu for soo little just to use the pc since ur cpu deosnt have a egpu after u see the reviews sell that card and buy what ever u want ... or buy it and then sell the old one
  7. im sorry i forgot "not" ... im not overclocking about the rams ... they are in stock freq this is a screenshot from the task manager
  8. i told u an immediate shut down no messages no blue screens unfortunately i dont have any spare parts !! + i have my monitor in the same outlit as my pc .... and the monitor doesnt turn off + i tried another outlit ... the same results
  9. yup i did rest my bios as well as updating it to latest one and yeh it is still under warranty but i gotta send it outside the country and u know the hassle specially with covid !! im gonna see about the "beep speaker" ... even though my pc turns off and back onn without any message or blue screen ... just a clean shut down and booting back on and yes i did test it with Memtest86 and aida64 !! but not with prime what is different about it ??
  10. hi guys im having a problem with my pc where it turns off every time i put it to high load ... like playing or editing ... and i really dont know what is causing this issue ... im suspecting almost every component in my build and im gonna tell u why so the problem started like this (btw my pc was fine for a year and half, i never had any problems with it) : my pc started turning off after an hour and half of playing ,,, and it started getting worse and worse, all the way to it turning off as soon as i lunch a game i did test it with aida64 and it rubs through all the tests without breaking a sweat, except the cache test ... as soon as i lunch it my pc turns off and back on (the way it does when i try to run a game) **and im suspecting the cpu because : the problem is coming from the cpu cache (the strange thing is that i could run the cpu test for an hour without a problem) **im suspecting the rams because : as soon as i turn on xmp the pc will not boot the windows but in the normal situation it runs the memory test flawlessly and i heared that cache got a lot to do with the ram **im suspecting the psu because : the only time the cpu tried to get more that 120w is when i ran the cache test (in the cpu test is sips in the neighborhoods of 80w)... and i think the psu is not able to provide all of that over the 8pin cpu (the only thing is that it could run both the cpu and gpu in the same time 80w+120w) **im suspecting the mb because : when i was looking at the motherboard it self i saw an oily spot near the vrms but it could be just the oil coming from the thermal pads that are used there this is the pic in the first reply no thermal issues at all + im not overclocking + i tried reinstalling a fresh windows and all the drivers btw i know that i trow a lot of suff up there but i just want everything to be clear and not include an important piece of information ... cause i had this problem for over a month and it is giving me headaches also i cant swap anything ... i dont have any extra parts ... and i dont have any friends with a pc build Spects: R5 2600x (water cooled not overclocked) Trident z 16GB ram 2x8gb (not overclocked) Gigabyte ax370 gaming k5 Gigabyte Rtx 2060 oc edition Coolermaster mwe 650w gold and because it is the thing that got to do with both the cpu and ram and because the xmp problem that i told u about
  11. i really dont know what im looking at ... is this what are u talking about adn im soo sorry about the disturb cause i really dont know how to use this software
  12. nn the pc behaves normal ... cause how i told u the problem start gradually ... i will have to do the test for the first time multiple time for a very long piriod and then it will start showing after and hour then 30min then ... cause u see how the problem is showing ! btw how to see that windows eventviewer plz ??