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  1. all good man thank u soo much for ur try to help really appreciate it
  2. about that here is the video https://l.top4top.io/m_17062kcqr0.mp4?fbclid=IwAR2QhyfKdpfMs_amrj4hjq3uIxRdR7lNyU7wZyqhYAEky2TsiNLDPJ5HqVs
  3. or could be the cpu cache it self went bye bye u see ... i cant be sure at all and that's what is bothering the hell out of me cause i cant do a damn thing if i could point with 100 percent confident that that is causing the issue mow i wish i was living in another country
  4. but why when i do both the cpu and gpu test it doesnt turn off !! even though it is delivering 200w (120w for the gpu and 80w for the cpu) but in the other hand when i do the cache test which sips only 120w it turns off !! it doesnt make much sense !! im sorry i may seem paranoid or something ... but i just wanna be sure read the message above and u will see why !
  5. im not from the us .... the prices here are x2 to x3 .... so we buy everything from outside .... and u know what is returning a product from outside the country !! a hassle so it is not an option at all thats why i want to be 100 percent sure
  6. if i were u i would buy the pc without the gpu .... and buy an old and used gpu for soo little just to use the pc since ur cpu deosnt have a egpu after u see the reviews sell that card and buy what ever u want ... or buy it and then sell the old one
  7. im sorry i forgot "not" ... im not overclocking about the rams ... they are in stock freq this is a screenshot from the task manager
  8. i told u an immediate shut down no messages no blue screens unfortunately i dont have any spare parts !! + i have my monitor in the same outlit as my pc .... and the monitor doesnt turn off + i tried another outlit ... the same results
  9. yup i did rest my bios as well as updating it to latest one and yeh it is still under warranty but i gotta send it outside the country and u know the hassle specially with covid !! im gonna see about the "beep speaker" ... even though my pc turns off and back onn without any message or blue screen ... just a clean shut down and booting back on and yes i did test it with Memtest86 and aida64 !! but not with prime what is different about it ??
  10. hi guys im having a problem with my pc where it turns off every time i put it to high load ... like playing or editing ... and i really dont know what is causing this issue ... im suspecting almost every component in my build and im gonna tell u why so the problem started like this (btw my pc was fine for a year and half, i never had any problems with it) : my pc started turning off after an hour and half of playing ,,, and it started getting worse and worse, all the way to it turning off as soon as i lunch a game i did test it with aida64 and it rubs through all the tests witho
  11. i really dont know what im looking at ... is this what are u talking about adn im soo sorry about the disturb cause i really dont know how to use this software
  12. nn the pc behaves normal ... cause how i told u the problem start gradually ... i will have to do the test for the first time multiple time for a very long piriod and then it will start showing after and hour then 30min then ... cause u see how the problem is showing ! btw how to see that windows eventviewer plz ??
  13. So guys im having a problem with my pc and i don't know what the hell im suppose to do Soo i started experiencing this problem a month ago and it started like this : the pc shuts off after 2 hours of playing gtav , and it shrunk down to 1.5 hours . And then 30 min ... all the way to 1min , so as soon as i start the game the pc shuts off and boots back again I did an fps limit to get around this issue, so back again the pc started shutting off after an hour of playing gtav ... aaaand u know the rest (to one minute) In desktop i dont experience any issues at all .. just in gta I did fo
  14. buddy .... im having the same problem as u .... in fact the exact one + the problem started at the same time for both of use !! and im still having it till this day !! i cant play anything on my computer and it sucks btw i made a post about it before , but ... i think we should get in touch buddy and lets both see what we have done and what not to see if we could find a solution cause everything u said happened exactly the same to me ... even the way it started weird
  15. ok ok im gonna try with cooler master ... they have their official distributor here in my country (not in the same city but still ..) they are very cool dudes ... i hope they could help me out !! i heared that gigabyte's support team is the worst !! is that true ?
  16. ooooh man what should i do !! this is stressing me out like crazy !! i contacted gigabyte !! but they didnt answer !! this is too much for me guys how about the logs that i put there ?? is it showing something about this mobo or psu issue ??
  17. is there like a test that i could do ?? anything except swapping parts ... cause i dont have any
  18. is there a way to be 100 percent sure ... sure that it is the problem ... and after changing it the problem will just vanish (like how my dad did after he said he is going to get milk) cause buddy i need to justify the cost ... my budget is soo tight !!
  19. hi buddy i was doing a test where i pulled off one of my rams ... to ended up with one in my setup (8gb) the weird thing is that with one ram stick the pc i manages to play + an hour before it turned off again (compare to 5-10min using two ram sticks) and it doesnt matter which ram stick it is, or which ram slot that im using !! they behave the same way does that point to something ?? is it the motherboard ?? or still the psu ?? cause im afraid it could be the mb and i would change the psu like a dummy dumb ! this is doesnt make any sense for me
  20. nn buddy dont disrespect my vrms !! they are like a father to me ... i love them like a son look at the vid https://k.top4top.io/m_1680w3as51.mp4 they are not vrm , they are ice cubes !! cold AF
  21. i dont think mine is having any problems when comes to that !! u see in the vid it was chilling there while i was gaming btw im doing some tests right now ... and i think we have another player !! the mother flipping dipping rams !! im still doing my test though .... idk know what to say ... im lost !
  22. btw thank u soo much buddy for trying to help .... and im sorry for the delay i was swapping rams ... trying Snowarch's method to see if it going to work !!