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  1. except of enabling xmp and doing the steps i told u about before ,,, nn i did not change anything else
  2. the voltage was quite stupid im not gonna lie in gigabyte motherboards u dont set a set number, but u add voltage like +0.05 +0.075
  3. set a clock speed and reasonably up the voltage
  4. **interested** im having a similar problem ... especially in gta
  5. hi guys i have a quick question here. i wanna do an overclock to my 2600x. i dialed a really good one, but there is one problem. when im not using the pc for any heavy load i like to put it in power save mode. it reduces the power consumption and my cooler appreciate that too. however, i noticed that when i diel the overclock in, it seems like it overwrites the power plans, i dont see the power cons going down nor the fans speed and the noise level. also, in the task manager, i see the clock speed stays the same no matter what power plan im using. so is there a way i can fi
  6. it shows here that it is 16gb but in device info or in adobe apps for example it just shows me 8 to use !! and i use them a loot !! plus my stuff are really memory demanding !!
  7. indeed it doesnt make any sense but this is the pic from device proprieties ! i did all kinds of shit and it is still there
  8. yup i did !! i have 4 slots ... and 2 sticks of ram ... i have tried them all and btw i have tried this trick too ... i saw it on ytb !! it did nothing that's why im wondering ... if it is not software neither a hardware issue ... so what it could be ?! imma try linux and see !! the one when everything fails u btw i see 16gb in the bios !! idk what the f is going on
  9. actually i have tried all of that !! i have pulled and reinstall them ! tried one by one tried the other slots nothing btw it is showing as 16bg in the pc !! it is just not all usable do u have any other idea and thanks for the reply
  10. hi guys i have a little problem here i have a pc with 16gb of ram. everything was working fine ... til yesterday i noticed the ram on my computer shows up as 8gb in the task manager btw it was 16 before idk what happened i really need to fix it ... cause my work depends really heavily on the memory i installed a fresh version of windows 10 + rest the bios .. and that did nothing ! any help plz ?
  11. all good man thank u soo much for ur try to help really appreciate it
  12. about that here is the video https://l.top4top.io/m_17062kcqr0.mp4?fbclid=IwAR2QhyfKdpfMs_amrj4hjq3uIxRdR7lNyU7wZyqhYAEky2TsiNLDPJ5HqVs