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  1. this is not my problem, the vga works on my motherboard but it is limited to 1024x768.
  2. i have tryed it on java and it does the same thing, the reason i use bedrock is because we have old 10 year old laptops and they can't run java. because of the programming overhead.
  3. does not work, will not output unless drivers or if i set it as the primary display device!
  4. i fixed it, it was because we were both on the same Microsoft account on different computers.
  5. i will restart and reinstall it, i think that might help?
  6. i can't it is the default from my ISP.
  7. what does that mean, i am not that good with my terminology. if you want to know my router is a fritz box 3550 with cloud-flare dns.
  8. yes we are both connected to the same network and same frequency.
  9. she does but it says there are one player available. but it does not show up!
  10. i have looked and there is no option!
  11. i have tried this, it just does the opposite