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  1. they also said that they only included it as an extra and that it was just incase they were just being ignorant!!
  2. i have done that and they say "we did not put that it came with a keyboard in the listing"
  3. no nothing happens(when u shut it off). when u shut it it turns off (so that works!!)
  4. i bought a surface rt and touch keyboard for cheap and when i tried the keyboard it did not work, the tablet works fine but what ever i do it does not work!
  5. we have managed! my family has used the same one being passed around for 10 years i had it for the (first 4 years)
  6. i have been looking at the zepherus g14, its upgradeable ram and storage
  7. i am looking for a upgradeable ryzen laptop under 14" i am going to use it for word processing and web browsing i keep my laptop for 10 years or longer hope people can find a good option!
  8. minecraft windows 10 edition not letting me join a lan game we are both on the latest minecraft 1.16.1 i have a r3 2200g, vega 8 gpu, i am joining toshiba portege r700 1st gen i5 igpu C_Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_Local_Packages_Microsoft.SkypeApp_kzf8qxf38zg5c_TempState_video_message.mp4
  9. this is not my problem, the vga works on my motherboard but it is limited to 1024x768.
  10. i have tryed it on java and it does the same thing, the reason i use bedrock is because we have old 10 year old laptops and they can't run java. because of the programming overhead.
  11. does not work, will not output unless drivers or if i set it as the primary display device!
  12. i fixed it, it was because we were both on the same Microsoft account on different computers.
  13. i will restart and reinstall it, i think that might help?