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About Snowarch


  • CPU
    8086-k @ 4.00ghz
  • Motherboard
    Z390 taichi ultimate
  • RAM
    2x8gb corsair vengence 2400 @2133
  • GPU
    P106-100 6gb 385-418/30 drivers
  • Case
    Focus G
  • Storage
    1tb 860 evo
  • PSU
    750 corsair gold psu
  • Cooling
    Mugen 5 rev B
  • Keyboard
    Reii/steel series keyboards and wireless keyboard.
  • Mouse
    Evga gaming mouse
  • Sound
  • Operating System
    Ubuntu 16.04
  • Laptop
    Vivobook max asus 1.1ghz quadcore

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  1. what do you mean screens? using one display. also i saw alternate frame rendering was a thing on linux. wanted to try that varient of sli. and what do you mean locking me out? sorry if this is all basic stuff not nesr a linux pro level @Electronics Wizardy
  2. oh yeah lspci shows both. driver 418.56, is used. only shows one card in driver, so second must not be seen. @Electronics Wizardy
  3. what is ispci? if you mean the command hwinfo --short, then yes. only place i see it as p106 shows twice @Electronics Wizardy
  4. I tried the command below and nothing happens. nvdis driver only sees my single p106 even tho the second is in the system. i want to sli like the 1060 sli hack. figured step one is making the driver see card number two. both cards are 6gb vram. only diffrence is one is passive cooled. i think changing the setting to make the card run at x8 may help, but no way in bios. nvidia-xconfig -sli=on -multigpu=on
  5. any idea how to make the nvdia driver see my second p106?
  6. oh so if not main card it is not as good as should be.
  7. im confused. are you saying that a 970 would beat my frames?
  8. i do not have a p102 or 104 to try only a 6 i've used.
  9. so i think something is seriously crippled with windows version drivers of the card only.