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    Snowarch got a reaction from himanshusharmazzzz in Hacking Nvidia's Drivers!   
    well, can you use linux? since your gpu is normal, it should work better than a p102. just leave the hdmi or whatever on onboard. 
    for ubuntu boot from usb and install. use these commands
    sudo apt-get add ppa:graphics-team" && sudo apt-get update
    then click dash and search additional drivers and choose most recent one. 450 is beta, 440 is stable. shutdown reboot after the drivers installed, and it should work fine. assuming 20.04/ most recent version. also can't, as far as i know, overclock on 440. i have driver 418 xconfig for intel igpu prime, that can oc, but even less gaming compatability.
    would recommend duelboot or dueldrive if possible. incase this fails. 
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    Snowarch got a reaction from kirashi in nvme is vary slow   
    Is there some setting needed? my nvme is much slower than sata ssd
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    Snowarch got a reaction from Jabin in New To Linix, POP!_OS, Will games like Valorant and Fortnite ever be in Linux?   
    i don't know if its helpful, but blizzard launcher(battle.net) through ubuntu wine seamed to work and warzone downloads. i didn't get to test the game but that and overwatch should have a shot good luck.. 
    as for eac/epic's anti-cheat not likely
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    Snowarch reacted to Skiiwee29 in Does Intel WANT people to hate them??   
    This was one of the more serious rants I have seen Linus go on.. I mean, hell... he couldnt even say lttstore.com 
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    Snowarch got a reaction from ShrimpBrime in FPS gradually lowers for no apparent reason.   
    assuming its an nvidia card, if its amd please ignore the green with envy part.
    use afterburner and change your fancurve, or if on linux, mangohud + green with envy to check for downclocking, and in driver settings make sure its set to maximum performance. could be a powersaving thing. try taskmanager to make sure no igpu is being swapped to as well. 9fps consistant sounds like an igpu. i am kinda taking a shot in the dark here so if youre using something like a threadripper that lacks an igpu, sorry. 
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    Snowarch got a reaction from lairiak in Erratic and unnatural GPU usage on RTX 2060 Super, please help   
    gpuz check that. and check for throttle. your driver settings may be set to adaptive clocking where it down and up clocks the gpu. mines like that on linux at high resolutions. supposedly 100% usage at desktop in 4k gwe(like gpu afterburner), yet games work fine. 
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    Snowarch got a reaction from mahyar in Strange issue FPS   
    Can you confirm the games not using igpu? sounds way too low fps to be throttle.
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    Snowarch got a reaction from MKSanic in is there any way to play mobile games on pc without bluestacks?   
    depends on os. theres anbox for ubuntu.
    for windows theres 
    android x86 in a virtual machine, ld player, Nox emulator(if you can find the lagit site) and ko player, and andydroid those are just a few diffrent android emulators i've heard of,
    but asside from android x86 and anbox, the rest i've not personally tried .
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    Snowarch reacted to lab4 in Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!   
    Web workstation, haters are gonna love the miss-match of monitors.
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    Snowarch got a reaction from ichbins in Hacking Nvidia's Drivers!   
    got 8fps in quake 2 rtx with this card. good?
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    Snowarch got a reaction from hoover15 in Question A front USB port is broken, now entire PC won't start up   
    try running with only cpu, cooler, and a single ram stick in. and when you clesr coms, remove the battery for awhile, 30 minutes maybe. and make sure the pc is unplugged.
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    Snowarch got a reaction from idh1oi12jkl31jk2bgve3jk12b in What's the deal with package managers? Snap, Flatpak?   
    appimige: Like a windows app after download. you right click, make executable, and can click from there. then itd integrsted to system.
    snap: like windows app store's netflix. web apps, but they're built into your system's core meaning they update with os and have loops on file system.
    flatpak: you can use it for system utilities, like Gpu overclock tool.(may be wrong on this one) and they take more steps to integrate into your system, as they don't loop like the snaps. 
    Usually apps in ubuntu, can't speak for mint, are in .deb formats. meaning you download a .deb file, then the data in the file will then give a front end/gui to install it. think of the .deb as a " box" for the snap, and the click as a tape remover. or you type "sudo apt install " appname" and it'll do the .deb stuff in one command.
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    Snowarch got a reaction from Shibly in Hacking Nvidia's Drivers!   
    @cgexe the f in your cpu name means it lacks an igpu. without that you can't make the card work.
    i saw the 1050 and 1030 cards in your system. you could try passthrough with kvm and linux, but its vary difficult. i think theres a guide how to do that somewhere. i've never successfully done it tho. 
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    Snowarch got a reaction from 5x5 in Any way to know if windows is lowering my performance?   
    agreed, vary nice temps. i guess compare ingame settings, and do what @5x5 suggested.
    something like better grass or aa can tank fps. 
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    Snowarch reacted to jj9987 in where to get device, and bus ids for gpu passthrough?   
    lspci or look into /proc/bus/pci/devices
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    Snowarch got a reaction from mineblaster in Minecraft Server   
    well, im on linux(ubuntu, with gui), and would recommend it, uses less idle/ on fresh boot resources
    you need a static ip. the server itself plain vanilla uses about 120-ish mb before a player joins, maybe 50mb per player. mods can use 500mb easily before a player joins.
    i host on a quadcore celeron  with quadcore 1.1ghz, and sodimm ddr3 so yes should be okay.
    • download the minecraft server.jar file, and openjdk. i use jdk 8 but any version should do.
    •put it where you want the server file to be stored. 
    •cd into where the file is: in my case its
    cd ~/Documents/mc2
     then start the server with some ram. 
    • use /stop in the server gui, then add the server ip to server properties folder.
    ••The server must be stopped when you edit the properties.
    for security, you could let your friends join/who you want, add them to whitelist, and then enable whitelist. 
    ° my server specs and ram estimate
    i give 6gb of ram and get about 2% usage on vanilla 1.12.2 , so overkill but something like this should be a good estimate
    120mb + (50mb*number of players) + some extra ram for varience.
    my net speed is about 29 on speed test, and blocks respawn a second then break, so little faster than that. 
    if you have the wrong ip the server will insta crash. you can change it in properties if this happens. host pc can't join the server in my expirence.
    you need to right clock the .jar file and make it executable as program in properies. also theres a command you need to start the server with custom ram ammount. when i say cd and commands all thats done in terminal. leave the no gui out of the command. /stop in a linux terminal causes issues.
    edit: 25565 is traditionally the minecraft port. 
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    Snowarch got a reaction from papajo in linux friendly benchmark thread(windows users welcome with Opengl mode benchmarks)   
    the ingame benchmarks tend to be inaccurate, at least for me, (60 fps in gta benchmark on old card, 40 fps ingame) but alright I'll change it to "unengine opengl benchmarking thread" 
    and will add a number behind the score by page number of the thread so all this can be seen in the screenshot/format. @papajo
    so scores on main thread will look like this, but since page is known, easier to find.
    gpu: p104-100 s: 1993 Engine: h (1)
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    Snowarch got a reaction from kirashi in Please Help   
    change your monitor's settings. even tvs have them. my tv has the os sides missing (offscreen) so i found a "fit display" or similsr setting.
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    Snowarch got a reaction from Eigenvektor in how to allocate more ram to minecraft server on laptop   
    o okay i coppied the command i used to start the server from my desktop, and must of removed that by mistake. thanks. server starts correctly now.
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    Snowarch reacted to Eigenvektor in how to allocate more ram to minecraft server on laptop   
    You have a typo in your command line
    -Xmx6144 - This tells java it can use a maximum of 6144 byte of memory
    -Xms6144M - This tells java to reserve an initial amount of 6144 Megabyte of memory
    That is a contradiction In other words you need to add the "M" at the end of Xmx as well.
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    Snowarch reacted to i_build_nanosuits in would my system be bottlenecked?   
    8086K is plenty for ANY graphics cards...it's still one of the best CPU available for gaming and it will handle even high refresh rate gaming and VR with ease.
    You can go balls out on GPU, monitors and VR headset.
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    Snowarch reacted to Firewrath9 in how to put a fan on a passively cooled gpu?   
    yes you can zip tie a fan on
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    Snowarch reacted to fpo in what language to start?   
    have fun! 
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    Snowarch got a reaction from Excalibur20 in Low FPS on Minecraft with shaders (GPU useage only 30%) Help!   
    can someone please help here? i am having a similar issue with those shaders(bsl) my gtx1060 gets 100% usage while running minecraft with shaders, and cpu is no where near 100%, but...
    30-19 fps with bsl, 60-70 with seus. i like bsl a lot better, so some help here? bsl runs teh same frame rate 4k or 1080p for me as well. feels smooth, but those frames. is there something programmed in the shader to limit its frames to 30 like a console?
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    Snowarch reacted to Xiopop in Boot times   
    Brilliant thank you. I will have a look into all this when my PC stops folding for a bit.