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  1. I believe this has actually been answered here before. If i recall, it has something to do with the max output of DVI at a certain resolution (probably 1080p). That explanation would kind of make the "standard" antiquated at this point, I suppose.
  2. Do points only go up after finishing a WU? I'm running a similar project as OP, but I don't have any points listed. Just started a few hours ago. Thanks,
  3. I know LTT is mostly for troubleshooting custom builds, but I'm having a problem with my mom's off-the-shelf laptop, and am hoping someone with much more experience than I has seen this issue before. I've been trying to research this through google searches for the last few weeks, but so far none of the solutions have worked for me. It's been a long journey so far, so sorry about the post length. But I am essentially out of my depth and desperate at this point.Below are the pertinents: Model: Asus Zenbook 13" UX331UN BIOS: American Megatrends BIOS Version: 309 VBIOS Version: 1051.I021UX331UA.002 Processor: Core i5-8250U 1.60GHz Windows 10 64-bit Nature of the problem: The initial problem was, upon turning on the computer, at the Windows login screen, when pressing a button to bring up the login in prompt (when the background goes blurry behind the prompt), the background would go blurry--but no login prompt would pop up. There was no way to get to Windows. Several restarts didn't resolve the issue. I entered the Windows Recovery Environment, and after finally getting through the BitLocker system, I was able to begin a system restore, with the option to install a fresh copy of Windows. Mid-way through the fresh install of Windows, some sort of error occurred. and got the "did not complete successfully, no files were changed error". The system restarted, and that is when it got locked up at the Asus manufacturer screen. The following occurs: The computer starts up, goes to the manufacturer screen, A circle of white dots starts spinning below the manufacturer logo begins (as if its working) The screen goes black The manufacturer logo comes back up with the spinning white dots The word "restarting" briefly appears under the spinning white dots, and then the screen goes black again The cycle restarts infinitely Things I've tried: The only thing I have access to at this point is the BIOS. I can no longer enter the Windows Recovery Environment via the "hard reset 3 times" method recommended by Asus. The BIOS is the latest version, as far as I could find. I created a bootable USB with a copy of Windows on it. I went into the BIOS and enabled CSM Support (I don't know what this is, but that was one of the recommended steps I found in google searches). I reset the boot order to boot from the USB. The only change is when booting from the USB, i get past the Asus manufacturer screen to a black screen that says something to the effect of "no operating system found" and repeats itself on any key press. I have double checked that a full copy of Windows is on the USB. I opened up the computer and verified that the M.2 SSD was properly seated. I removed it and reinstalled it for good measure. I thought about trying that with the RAM, but that would require removing and reinstalling the entire battery/motherboard/fans, and I wasn't sure if that would even be an issue so I wanted to check here before getting that far into the guts. I appreciate any help or input. Thanks for looking.
  4. I remember having a typing class in 5th grade (1991) using an Apple IIe. Really had no idea what the application would be or why I was doing it. After learning how to touch type that year, I didn't touch a computer again until several years later, but the ability to type stuck. Also was learning cursive writing the same year. The school said "you'll need to know both of these in the future". Hey, one out of two ain't bad.