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  1. Aptitude. I'm good at it, the money's good, and I'm treated very well by my employers because of my skillset Help design changes, help plan major initiatives in our company, actually implement the former, and help my colleagues do the same Sorta? It's rather soul-sucking, boring work, but the pay can't be beat and it leaves me plenty of free time to follow my own passions software My team is the team making all of the changes to our system and is the final line of support for any issues that come out of our production environment. If something is changed or fixed, ch
  2. The air inside the case is not so saturated with heat by the time it passes over the radiator that it can't do its job. So long as air is moving through the system, it's unlikely to ever get that hot, either. Your current configuration is fine.
  3. If third party sellers were going to damage amazon, the damage is already done. The place is littered with hijacked product listings where there are 20,000 positive reviews for a desk lamp, but the product is a surgical mask or something. If you can filter by prime, that's the only effective way to use amazon, IMO. If you can't, then you're right: you probably should use a more reputable source.
  4. If the past 10 years have indicated anything, it's to buy and hold bitcoin. When it was pennies per bitcoin, nobody thought anything of it. Then it went to a few bucks per bitcoin and people thought they missed out. Then it went to a few hundred bucks per bitcoin and people thought they missed out. Then it went to a few thousand bucks per bitcoin and people thought they missed out. Now it's at tens of thousands of bucks per bitcoin and people are thinking they missed out. See a trend? Be willing to lose the money, but just buy some and forget about it. In 10 year
  5. Oops. Completely missed this sprint. Fortunately my "auto pilot" folding allowed me to join in spirit. I'd have liked to bring my main card to bear, but I was on vacation that week anyways, so it just wasn't meant to be... In any case, note to self: check the F@H forum regularly for new events.
  6. They allow it because they like free money. Just list the product and send any orders to the third party. The marginal cost of customer support is negligible in most cases. If you don't want to deal with it, many major sellers (Amazon and NewEgg, to name a few) allow you to filter by fulfillment source. Keep in mind there's also the scenario where ecommerce sites consign goods from third parties. That is, the third party ships a pallet of goods to, say, Amazon, and Amazon sells and ships the goods without ever actually owning them. Dunno how you feel about that, but I don't t
  7. As far as I know, options 1 and 2 are effectively identical. Within a channel, I don't think having 16 gigs on 1 sticks or 2 sticks makes a huge difference. One thing to keep an eye out for is memory density -- the number of chips on the actual stick. You want lower density -- more chips. Here's an LTT video discussing the issue (it mostly applies to laptops, but if you get cheap full sized ram, you might run into this problem):
  8. Oooo, mag fed semi auto shotty. I hear mixed things about mag fed shotguns -- that they tend to have feeding issues, which makes sense given the geometry of a shotgun shell. Have you had a chance to fire it yet?
  9. Nope. I don't feel safe depending on custom water cooling for my main, mainly because swapping the water block onto the graphics card is typically a pretty rough operation. I don't want to mess up my main card. So I mainly use this for folding@home (plus my roommate games on it from time to time).
  10. For the most part I cleaned up the cable management substantially: added RGB and fan hubs to get that monstrosity under control, got a basic cable mod kit for cleaner PSU cables, and generally ran things with more of an eye toward cleanliness. While I was in there, I threw in a few sticks of gucci ram (cuz why not) and finally flipped a set of fans to be intakes so, y'know, there'll actually be some airflow across the motherboard. Also I learned G.SKILL is incompatible with Mystic Lights, so I'm pretty sure my ram will reset to unicorn vomit every time the computer restarts, but
  11. There's definitely plenty of room for the people at the top of the best colleges to succeed, but unless you're there, there's more fruit to be sewn outside of college. There's a massive shortage of skilled labor in the country -- plumbers, electricians, roofers, contractors, etc, and plenty of people who've got work to do. The ones you can even get to answer their phone basically turn down any job that isn't worth 5 figures to them.
  12. Out of curiosity, what's the deal with the distinct lack of flooding on your property? Looks like one of the photos is of your neighborhood being underwater, but your house/land is bone dry. Also, glad to hear you're getting by ok and keeping your priorities in order (PC + TV > air conditioning. Plus the booze)
  13. OLD BOOK READERS!? The last book only came out....8...years ago.... Crap, getting old happens fast. Also: I'm very skeptical. Book translations to visual media frequently run into problems, and a universe as expansive as WoT needs a LOT of time to develop. It might get the time it needs, but I think the drive to make profit will push them to prematurely drive the plot forward.
  14. Software engineer here. The best software engineers I know took these paths to University: 1) Philosophy degree 2) Another philosophy degree 3) Dropped out 4) Computer science degree. In short, unless you're going into a very specialized STEM field, college does nothing more than prove you're smart enough to learn new things. (Note that not attending college does not prove the negative -- i.e., not going to college doesn't prove you're not smart)