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  1. I don't want to go into specifics either, but you're wrong. See? Not productive. There's plenty to be said for not engaging if you don't feel like arguing it out. Lord knows I do it all the time! US Healthcare had been turned into a caste system by then, and honestly, I don't know if drug introductions are a good proxy for medical innovation writ large. Lastly, of course a government funded system will have successes -- only demagogues claim that one system is a categorical failure versus other options. I'm arguing that the private market by its nature will focus limite
  2. There's a problem with that. We're currently in a spot where we can fight cancer. It's ridiculously expensive to do it, but it can be done in many cases. Without piles of money in R&D, cancer treatments just don't get developed, much less cancer cures. Doubly so for increasingly rare diseases. Where does this money come from? People increasing the prices of stupid stuff such as medicines and treatments to fund their research. Yes, you can have a situation where the government sets prices and also picks where to invest R&D money. We have that now in the US military: it rep
  3. You may not believe me, but I was literally going to recommend the same in my post, but I figured I'd keep it simple.
  4. PC building chaps -- for those of us who don't have a desk to work on and must instead use the floor/knee approach.
  5. A 5 year old's dream food, judging by the 5 year olds I know.
  6. I agree with @RONOTHAN##. I'll add that you might want to use the search feature if you're just looking for answers to a question. In this case, there's an identical post to yours that's still on the Topics panel.
  7. I'd say more important in your case is getting air flowing through your case -- notably over your graphics card. For that, I'd put the AIO on the top and move the top fans to intake in the front. That way the air going over the graphics card isn't being constricted through the radiator/isn't slightly warmer for having done so. Whether your AIO is generating positive (pulling air in) or negative (pushing air out) pressure...is up to you.
  8. I was not aware of this thing (I'm still not, honestly....), but it is amazing -- whatever it is. You know you're on the right track when you get a government organization to go BRRRRT!
  9. I believe both CPUs have integrated graphics. Plug the card in, plug the monitor straight into the motherboard, and see what your system reports about the card.
  10. That's the funny thing about mossberg heavy barrels: they are gently curved toward the chamber. The gun actually ships with a bead sight. That curve is so extreme that I can't even use the bead to aim, though: if I can see the bead, I'm shooting about 3-4 inches high at 10 yards. So any front sight has to rise probably 1/4 inch to have any utility, and it looks like those things are pretty flush with the barrel. Another issue with them is that they look pretty long. They would almost definitely interfere with the curve of the barrel. It is a neat concept, though.
  11. I've had bad riser experiences, but I bet Magpul's will be better. I'll probably end up getting one. For a backup sight, only a front sight is really necessary. For whatever reason, shotguns seem to be typically designed for you to simply track the front sight in relation to the receiver. I don't like that as a primary, but it definitely works as a backup.
  12. I can't get a cheek weld at all with the sight that high -- I literally can't rest my head on the gun at all or else I can't see the sight. I'm willing to stretch a bit (even with the plate, I'll have to leave my head higher than usual), but that's a bit too far
  13. *drools* I'm in the process of trying to get a plate manufactured so I can mount my Holosun reflex sight to my Mossberg Shockwave (converted to a SBS!) I don't think I could have ever predicted how such a mainstream shotgun could have such a dearth of sight options. All because it's the shockwave -- which apparently ships with the heavy barrel, not the plain barrel. There is literally not a single front and rear sight combo in existence for the heavy barrel. It's astounding. Here it is with my original attempt at jerry-rigging a sight onto it (rear sight didn't work out, but the front si