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  1. Now I'd like this for multiple reasons 1. The thread for video suggestions is already 119 pages long. Navigating through all that to find suggestions is probably a real pain. And there doesn't appear to ve a way to mark off suggestions that have already been fulfilled. 2. It would enable other users to expand the original topic with further suggestions.
  2. So I got an Asus FX505DY, and it has Mcafee Antivirus pre-installed. I decided to download some demos from Steam, and of all things it could've blocked, it's F-ing Pac-man. So before I try to run it again, I have to ask, is the demo for Pac-man championship edition from Steam a Virus, or is Mcafee just really stupid?
  3. Just found this concerning installing linux on this particular laptop. https://forum.artixlinux.org/index.php/topic,951.0.html
  4. Tried kubuntu in both iso image and dd image mode. Both froze on boot. So it's not a problem with linux, or the drives. Which leaves the etching software (rufus 3.11), the bios, or the pre-existing os, windows 10. Considering the other problems I have had with it, along with the numerous issues other people have had, I'm guessing that windows 10 is probably the problem. In about two months, I'll be replacing the standard 256GB Drive with a 1TB drive, along with a 2TB HDD and an extra Stick of RAM. I Will not be reinstalling windows 10.
  5. My current os in the pre-installed windows 10. This laptop is brand new, other than installing steam and gog. I've attempted changing physical usbs to no effect, I'm going to try booting a kubuntu drive this time.
  6. Just tried to boot into Manjaro architect. It froze just like kde.
  7. Asus Tuf FX505DY Ryzen 5 3550H Radeon 560 8GB RAM 256GB storage Always at 31 seconds. Completely frozen.
  8. So I bought minecraft for ps4 and got the norse mythology pack. Moving to pc, I'm wondering if there's any way to install these packs to java and windows edition of minecraft.
  9. So I'm trying to boot up Manjaro KDE 20 on my new laptop, and it keeps freezing. I don't k ow what's wrong with it.
  10. Well, I'm finally getting a half-decent gaming laptop, an Asus Tuf FX505DY (AMD Ryzen 5 3550H, Radeon RX 560). The laptop apparently comes with only a 256GB nvme, which is less than my phone right now (128GB internal+400GB microSD), so I'm thinking of replacing the drive with a 1TB nvme, as well as a 2TB HDD. Considering that These newer laptops don't have easy-access to internal replaceable hardware, I'd like to get it in all at once, and I'm wondering if there would be any problems if you Install a Linux distro rather than reinstalling windows.
  11. Now those of you who use Linux probably already know what Wine is. And from what i could see from their website, Wine is not an emulator, my best understanding is that it takes the native windows code and translates it into code that your operating system, in Wine's case linux, can understand. This seems to enable your system to run programs with 100% of your system resources available. And I'm starting to wonder why game console emulators don't take the same route to emulating old console games. If this method were applied to console emulation, mobile phones could run up to ps3 and XBox360, maybe higher, and they could also run Nintendo's entire console and handheld library, including the Switch. So what's preventing programmers from doing so?
  12. Now that we've got a native Citra emulator on Android, plus a few decent controllers like the 8bitdo controllers and the Razer Kishi, I was wondering what the best capacitive stylus is. What's the thinnest or most comfortable, and what's the deal with these styluses with little discs on the end?
  13. So I got Dark Souls Remastered for the PS4 and... Eh? It's enjoyable, however a few nitpicks here and there that I'd like to see if I could fix in a PC playthrough. Now I'd like to be notified if these mods already exist, otherwise I'd actually like to try my hand at modding the game myself, so I'm ordering these from seemingly the least difficult to make to the most difficult and complex. 1. An F-ing pause button Just Imagine being halfway through a boss fight when you suddenly realize, you really gotta pee. Or something else. Real life doesn't wait for your game. Unfortunately there's also a lot of video games that don't wait for real life. So as long as you're playing in offline mode, there needs to be a way to actually pause the game. 2. Better archery gameplay I looked up gameplay of both Demon's souls and Dark Souls 2 to see how they did with archery gameplay. As it turns out, they both do it way better. They have an actual targeting reticule. So what happened with From software on DS1? My hope is to be able to just import the archery gameplay from DS2 on PC directly into DS1. Creating a whole new archery system would be far more difficult. 3. Easier covenant advancement for offline players It is considerably more difficult for offline players to advance in covenants. The least difficult the ones that simply require humanity to asvance. So I'm looking for a way to earn Covenant specific items easier during offline play, and I've thought of a way to do that: 4. Boss Rush mode This is probably my most gleshed out mod Idea. Teleporting from any bonfire to a new cell giving you access to weapon Buy/sell/forge shops, and a boss rush mode that'll give you access to exclusive rewards, on top of the normal rewards you get from defeating those bosses normally. Now, you can only "boss rush" up to the last boss you defeated normally, however New Game Plus players can play against any of the defeated bosses of any past iteration, (meaning you can fight the first boss of a fresh game using a NG+6 character) I've thought about trying to reverse engineer the architecture of firelink shrine to make this Boss Rush area, creating the firelink shrine before it became a ruin.
  14. So I think I've decided what laptop I'm going to get, however now I need to know if my chosen flavor of linux will work with my laptop. I'm thinking about getting either Kubuntu or Manjaro KDE. The laptop I'm looking at right now has an AMD Ryzen 5 3550H and either Radeon RX 560X (I think that's it) or a GTX 1650. Now I'm wondering is there a website that has reported whether or not youre config has been proven to work with certain versions of linux?
  15. So I'm trying my best to test out Manjaro KDE on this old Dell Inspiron laptop. Right now my problem is an admin password set on the Bios, preventing me from booting from a USB. However while I was looking I noticed something odd about the RAM placement. According to the settings, we have a total of 6GB of RAM, one 4GB stick by Micron, and one 2GB stick from Hynix. And this hasn't been modified in any way, this was how it was when we bought this laptop almost 8 years ago. Now I'm wondering, is having these mismatched RAM sticks in here a problem for the computer?