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  1. This was the first drag car we built. It started life as a 1974 VW Type 4. We built a complete tube chassis, ford 9", 355cu SBC on alky, powerglide Transmission, Ron's Flying Toilet, MSD 6al ignition and full aluminum interior. My brother and I ended up working at the drag strips more than racing the car. (one of two jobs thru college) Back then we had a friend that let us borrow a JD2 tubing bender and I was in college learning how to run Lathes and mills so if we needed anything made I just had to supply the material.
  2. This is the throttle pedal I have been working on. I'm switching over to a mechanical linkage for safety reasons. I'm really not into my old hobbies I use to be. I hope to sale all of this stuff, I don't want my wife to be stuck with this if something happens to me. I keep telling myself to just finish the truck and get some enjoyment out of it but I'm having a hard time getting myself out in the shop. We had to sell my Dailey Driver so until I get this thing running I don't have a vehicle! That's unless my wife is off work.
  3. I'm new here but have been into vehicles and racing my entire life. Thought I would share some pictures and spec's of my current on going project. I have built a couple of drag cars and engines. I really only know how to build 385 series Fords. I use to run 460ford and 429-460ford forum for the longest. Current project: 1984 Ford F150, regular cab, 4x4. It came with a inline 6 cylinder and NP435 manual transmission. I am currently performing a engine and transmission swap. Engine: light 528cu BBF 680hp680ftlb on 91octane Transmission: C6, manual valve body, fully rollerized, transbrake (rated for 1,200hp) Transfer case: Billet aluminum quick change Gear ratios: 4;30 Tires: 31x10.5r15 I built the engine back in 2015 but started working a new job that kept me away from life and now I regret spending the money. My goal right now is to complete the project so I can get a little something out of it. (Its been a pain working on things since I lost one of my eyes!! I hit my head a lot and have zero depth perception. I use to be able to just look at the head of a bolt and know what size wrench or socket I needed. Fabrication is a lot harder as well, I use to be able to hold something with one hand and figure how big a bracket would need to be!! NOT NO MORE!! LoL I have been working on a throttle pedal bracket for weeks now. I just get so dang frustrated!
  4. I was drawn to the Fusion360 software because of the subscription price as the typical software I have used is 2x-4x the cost and for someone in my position I was extremely hesitant to throw down big bucks on the off chance I can make something work. (A lot of uncertainty) Since then I have been hit with a lot of realities and slowly submitting to the fact that I'm done. I just wanted to share my experience with purchasing this MacBook Pro 16" and the downfalls. I will probably get all embarrassed for my poor choices and go quiet for a while and lick my wounds.
  5. This is the current software I am attempting to use but I'm finding things about it that I don't like. https://www.autodesk.com/products/fusion-360/overview
  6. You would think that would be a option like running a VM but something about the macOS, Fusion360, external monitor, key board and mouse is a poor combination. The software on the 2012 13 MacBook Pro didn't start crashing until I started creating a model. It did ok if I stuck with just the laptop until I started creating a model and then it depends on what command I asked it to do. The 16" won't automatically crash when attached to the external monitor and I can use a Apple 2 mouse but I don't know if it is me trying to figure out this software and asking too much of it. Or if it is due to my poor Internet service it would crash the software or just be real slow. FYI If your going to sell a MacBook with all USB-c ports and advertise that your mouse will work with said laptop, at least add the right cable in the purchase process somewhere! You have to connect the mouse to the laptop for the first time in order to use it! I have already loaded Fusion360 onto my new PC build and it works flawless. No weirdness, no crashing etc.. I just feel like a fool for spending the money on a 16" MacBook Pro. Don't get me wrong, I probably would have eventually bought another MacBook for web surfing but it would have been a much cheaper version. The 2012 13" with Retina display is still going strong, I have noticed some odd screen tearing.
  7. I'm going to try to keep this on topic and short. If something doesn't make sense, don't worry,,,, it did in my head at the time!! LoL Here we go, Outside of work my home computer has been a 2012 13" MacBook Pro Retina and has been spectacular for a home computer. Since I lost the vision in one of my eyes I haven't been employable as a 'Steel Detailer / BIM Modeler / CAD Operator' and trying to figure out what I am going to do for employment. Best idea I could come up with was to become my own boss and start my own business doing contract drafting and specialized product design. Just something I could do to leverage my 20 years in the Engineering field's. The software that I have used through the years is really expensive and if you follow their "Recommended System Requirements" it will get really expensive! But there is hope, I found this software called Fusion360 and from everything I have read it sounds like a magic wand! It only cost in the mid $400's for a single seat a year plus it will run on macOS. I tried running it on my old 13" and it's nothing but a crash fest! I learn that the software relies heavily on internet service. Being that I have lost my job we had to make a lot of financial changes and I sold some things to help fund my endeavor. I know I need a new computer to run this software but what should I get, a Mac or PC. I had always used a PC at my day job but we always had a IT Department and we kept them busy. So after months of debate I decided to go with the new MacBook Pro 16" as follows: Processor: 2.3Ghz 8-Core Intel Core i9 Memory: 64GB 2667 MHz DDR4 Graphics: AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8GB Cost: just north of $4,000 Loaded the software and managed to get it work with my BenQ monitor after fighting some scaling issues but the software still crashes especially if I attach an external keyboard and mouse. Add the fact that the lingo is different and it depends heavily on Internet service it turned out to be a flop. Talk about making me feel like an idiot / fool / stupid / maker of poor choices and just another dark cloud in my fight out of depression. I know there are people out there that from their experiences would read this and see all kinds flaws in the logic. If you are one of those people I would greatly appreciate any knowledge you would care to share. Thus leading me to build my own PC and LTT We could go into all sorts of details, like how software providers "System Requirements" if followed could lead to a $$$$$ PC. macOS vs Windows not running background app's Etc.. Keep in mind, I grew up around computers but after 1995 I did nothing more than turn a computer on everyday and use the software. Up til this year when I'm faced with my world turning upside down and scrambling to figure out what I'm going to do to pay the bills!
  8. I know there are people out there that genuinely want to help but you also have those stalkers that only want to cause chaos. Right now I'm in that awkward position of needing help but not knowing what should and shouldn't be exposed.
  9. Look,,,, I have had some weird stuff going on with my computers. One more reason why I have started trying to educate myself on this stuff.
  10. No,,, this was a $4,000 machine that turns out to only be good for web browsing! ( I will start another topic about this in a proper place. ) Forgetting the networks seemed to have worked. It was just crazy the way it showed I had full Wifi service and saying I was connected but as soon as I hit Submit it went Black and say's 'not connected'.
  11. I'm using macOS Catalina Version 10.15.3 on a MacBook Pro 16-inch 2019 for surfing the web. ( seems to be all it's good for ) That must have fixed the issue, is this a common issue and I just didn't have a clue? Kinda like needing to clear your RAM sometimes even though the software is showing and telling everything correctly? ( The old 'Ghost in the Machine' rearing it's head! )
  12. I went into network settings and deleted the previous networks to see if it was some how having a issue with using the same network name but different password? If this fixes the issue doesn't that mean that some where in the Mac OS it didn't change the old password?
  13. Ever since I changed my default password to my Wifi it has made it almost impossible to post on this forum. I have to copy what I type before I hit the submit button. Even though my computer says I am connected and have full service. I wonder if it is getting passwords confused as I haven't changed the gateway name?
  14. I see what you did there!
  15. I used Photobucket for the longest but they kept lowering the amount of free storage until I basically had to go back and delete all my images. But it is ok to directly upload images to the forum?