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  1. Has anyone in the community run into this problem with Ryzen Master? When in manual OC mode using profile 1 (my gaming profile) loading certain games kicks me out of my manual OC and puts me in PBO mode. Once this happens I can not apply my manual OC. Nothing happens. (Whether a game is loaded or not) I have to restart my PC to get it to work. The work around for this is to load my manual OC only after the games having fully loaded, but changing games will cause it to happen again and I have to restart my PC. I find this incredibly annoying and have scoured the internet, but seem to be the only person with this problem. Does anyone have any ideas? I have already uninstalled and Reinstalled Ryzen Master a couple of times.
  2. Do you have a spare HDD or SSD? Most people have one lying around. Take your boot drive out or clone it. See what a fresh Windows install does for you. Is your PSU modular? If so change the cable. Is your GPU OCed? Set it to factory and see what happens. Try those in any order you like one at a time.
  3. I'm not saying it won't work. I'm just saying you are likely to run into stability issues and it will also run in single channel and that will effect your speed effecting your FPS. Games like Warzone give you a competitive edge the higher FPS you go. That of course is all dependent on the refresh rate of your monitor.
  4. Diffrent size Ram sticks will not run in dual channel. Ram sticks will always default to the slower speed. It is best practice to use two of the exact same Ram sticks for better stability. Also you should Benchmark your GPU OC with software to determine truly if it is indeed stable. Still some games can handle an aggressive OC better then others. That's one of the reasons MSI Afterburner has diffrent profiles to save on.
  5. Not all GPU overclocks work with all games. For example I can't run an OC when playing Control at all. That might not be the issue though. What kind of PSU do you have? Wattage and Rating? Also take that random 4gb stick of ram out. Even if it is working properly you will be in single channel not dual channel. You need use the exact same Ram stick as your other one.
  6. MSI X570 Carbon Ryzen 3900x MSI 2070 super 16gb 3600mhz G-skills Ram Corsair 850 watt Gold PSU So I'm not sure what's happening with my All Core OC. Maybe I did something wrong or maybe there is something wrong with Ryzen Master or my CPU. I am very new to this. About three weeks ago I worked on a profile using Ryzen Master to give me an all core OC for gaming. I did my research and through trial and error I was able to achieve a stable OC of 4425mhz with SMT off at 1.35 volts. I tested it throughly and it stayed stable and temps never go above 78c with my AIO. As of yesterday something has went wrong. My auto OC seems to not be working and instead Ryzen Master seems to be stuck on PBO mode. No matter how many time I switch profiles it stays in PBO mode. I know this because when I switch to basic view it says as much plus the cpu mhz fluctuates as if it is. Also max mhz says 4600mhz (should say 4425) as if it's in default or PBO mode. I have uninstalled Ryzen Master and Reinstalled to no avail. Is it Ryzen Master, hardware, or user error?
  7. Uninstall Dragon Center and Uninstall MSI SDK. Reboot and reinstall. If it doesn't work rinse and repeat. Dragon Center is garbage. I have to reinstall the software constantly. I'm on my longest run without a reinstall of three weeks. Maybe one day they will update it, but for now you're stuck with garbage. The only reason I use it is for Mystic Light. (Also Garbage) MSI x570 Carbon Ryzen 3900x MSI 2070 super 16gb 3600mhz G-skills Corsair 850 watt Gold PSU
  8. Are you planning on sticking with 1080p and keeping your monitor?
  9. Tried last night at 1.4v couldn't go any higher then 4425. Dropped it back down to 1.3v and kept it at 4425 and it's stable at that frequency. Probably gonna have to test each core individually. I'm just gonna wait for 1usmus's software to be released soon that promises to do all that work for me automatically.
  10. I'm using a Thermtake Floe DX 240. Not sure if that's sufficient. I didn't try 1.4v. I was so elated to get 4.4 and I'm not sure if 1.4v is safe.
  11. Coil whine is an unfortunate normality with GPUs. It usual happens at high FPS. Is it a new card? If so run a looping benchmark like heaven all night. New cards need to be broken in and this usually quiets the whine. My 2070 super had bad coil whine when new, but it has all but disappeared. Also you can cap you framerate to the mhz of your monitor. So if you have a 144mhz monitor cap your framerate to 144 considering you won't see anything above that anyway.
  12. AMD has came a long way over the years and I have high hopes for Big Navi 2. Obviously the smartest thing to do is wait for the reviews and benchmarks, but if it even comes close to the performance of the 3080 then Nvidia is in trouble considering the $549 price tag. We shall wait and see. I'm buying one or the other.
  13. I noticed such a big difference going from 1080p to 1440p at 144hz. The hit to my FPS was minimal with my 2070 super
  14. So from my reading I may have hit the silicon lottery with my 3900x, but I wanted to check with the community to make sure I'm doing it right or I don't potentially break my pc down the road. I have finally taken the plunge and built my first high end pc from scratch. My bios is set to auto for everything except CPU voltage at 1.35 and xmp is on profile 1 Using Ryzen Master I have achieved a stable 4.4 ghz on all cores. I changed the Voltage limit to 1.3 and bumped up all cores starting at 3900 until it crashed at 4500 and then I backed it down to 4400. I used Cinebench R20 for all testing in a loop. If I leave Cinebench running for too long it WILL thermal throttle, but that doesn't seem to be a real world scenario and with hours of gaming my temps never got over 72c with my aio. I made two identical profiles with Ryzen master one for Workstation and one for gaming. The only difference is simultaneous multithreading is off with the gaming profile which greatly helps with temps that now hover in the mid 60c's while gaming. So did I hit the silicon lottery? I read that most people can't get above 4.2. Or am I doing something wrong and potentially about to break my $3000 pc?
  15. Looking to the community for help with this weird issue I have. I'm building my friend a low end gaming pc with spare parts I have lying around and what I can scrounge up from friends. I was given two identical Dell Optiplex 9010's with a i7 3770. Pulled the Ram from one to give it 16gb of Ram upgraded to a 600w PSU and put an GTX 770 4gb in. Here's the problem. The 770 blocks the PCIEx1 slot so to install the wifi card I have to install it in the PCEI x16 bottom slot at x4 speed. This should be no problem, but it does not work. Black screen. No post. I believe the slot is somehow designated display only. When I put the 770 in the bottom x4 slot and put the wifi card in the x1 slot everything works, but I want PCIE x16 speed so this is unacceptable. Any ideas? I know I can buy a PCIE x1 riser, but they are kind of expensive right now and with everything going on it would take a month to get here. I'm hoping maybe there is something in the bios that I'm missing that needs to changed. Update: To make thing weirder the PCIE x1 card works fine in the top PCIE x16 top slot , but that would mean by GPU would have to be in the bottom PCIE x4 slot at slower speed with fans directly against the bottom of the case.